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by acookk
Rated: E · Short Story · Friendship · #1868234
A friendship between a Dragon and a Leprechaun.

There is a town named Brown. The town has a forest on three sides and a grassland on one side. It is miles and miles from other towns. The people who live there are call Brownies. It is a poor town but it was not always that way. People use to come to Brown to buy the things the Brownies made and grew. The town was not rich or poor it was just a nice place to live.

One day a big storm came and destroyed the road to Brown.  People could not come to Brown, so the Brownies saved their money to build another road.  The person in charge of the money stole it and took off. The people did not have  the money to build the road. So people could not come to Brown. The people of Brown became poor.

In the town Brown lives a Dragon name Wagon. Wagon is a Trice Dragon. Trice Dragons are not as big as most Dragons. They get six to eight feet tall. Wagon is six feet tall . He is purple with green eyes, yellow nails and a blue tongue. Trice fingers and toes nails are not long and sharp like other Dragons. Their nails are short and round like people’s nails. Since Trice Dragons like people and are not that tall people also like the Dragons. The end of Wagon’s tail look like a arrowhead. It’s not sharp so it can not hurt people.

Wagon did not have many friends. Not because he is a bad Dragon. The reason is unlike most Trice Dragons when Wagon sneezes  or coughs, fire would comes out of his nose or mouth. The people are afraid that they or their home will get burned. When Wagon did sneeze or cough he would point his head in the air and never did burn anyone or their home. The people were afraid of him because he was different. He spend most of his time in the nearby forest.

In the town named Brown also lives a leprechaun name Leonard. Leonard is a Cay Leprechauns. Cay Leprechauns’ are three to four feet tall. Unlike a lot of Leprechauns, they are not naughty or mean.  Leonard is four feet tall. He has reddish brown hair. He wears black shoes with a buckle on each on. He wears a green hat. He does not have a beard.

Leonard does not have many friends just like Wagon. The reason is that like, all Leprechauns, Leonard has a pot of gold and a lot of people were trying to take it away. Leonard spent most of his time hiding and watching his pot of gold. People was trying to take what was not theirs so Leonard did not have many friends.

Wagon and Leonard are friends. The reason is because Leonard knew that Wagon could not burn him. Leonard, like all Leprechauns can do some magic. When he was young he put some magic on him ,so Wagon could not burn him.

Wagon like all Dragons have no use for money and since Leonard could not can get burned they became friends. Wagon did not want what Leonard had and Leonard did not care that Wagon was different. That is way they became friends.

Wagon and Leonard spent a lot of their time in the forest. One day they were talking and Leonard said to “Wagon , “I wish they could build another road. That way people could come here and buy things. The town would sell the things that they make and grow. Then they would be nicer. That way they would not want my gold like before and I would not spend time hiding my gold.”

Wagon said to Leonard. “ Why don’t we make a road?” Leonard answered. “ How can we build a road?” You have all that gold. I could melt it with my fire and you can make bricks from them. Then you can paint the gold bricks red. That way the people will think that they are regular bricks.

“ We can tell the people of the town that you bought the bricks with your gold that way the people can build a new road with them. Other people could come back and buy the things the town people build and grow. Then the people will be happy again, not sad like they are now. The people would be after you for your gold. You wouldn’t be spending all day burying and watching your gold.” Wagon said. Leonard said ,“ That sounds like a good Ideal lets do it.”

Wagon and Leonard built the bricks and gave them to the people in the town. The people asked where did you gets the bricks?  Wagon said that Leonard got the bricks with his gold. The people built the road and the people came and the people were happy again.

The people became friends of Wagon and Leonard. Then were no longer afraid of Wagon because Leonard put a little magic on the town so Wagon would not burn the people or their home. They thought that Leonard did not have and gold so they did not chase him any more.

The Moral of the story is. What do you think the Moral of the story is?

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