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Does Megan see the Lochness Monster?
The next morning, Megan woke up first. She was getting used to living in the past. She decided to look out her port hole window. She saw a big, green creature that looked like a dinosaur. She panicked. It was looking right in at her. Megan screamed"Yikes! What is that?"

Jennifer was just waking up. "What is what? Megan, are you yelling at a spider?"

"No! I see a dinosaur!"

"Wake up! Stop dreaming! You don't believe in dinosaurs."

"Jennifer! There is a dinosaur!" Just then the creature put it's nose against the port hole window.

Megan got calmer. "It's you. Nessie! The Lochness Monster." Megan opened her port hole window and touched the creature. "You're beautiful!"

Jennifer was awake by now and saw the creature. "Oh crap! How in the world did a dinosaur get here?"

"It's Nessie." Megan was all excited. The creature loved to be petted.

"Nessie! She doesn't exist." Jennifer stated.

"Look. We have seen vampires, a werewolf, Rainey, the time traveler, whales and a gypsy medium bought us back to the past. Now, you doubt Nessie?"

"Sorry. This is weird. I just woke up, woman." Jennifer kept looking at the creature.

Just then Nessie started to leave. "Nessie! Come back! We believe in you!" The creature left.

Megan and Jennifer got out of bed to get dressed.

"Megan, don't tell our boyfriends that we saw the Lochness Monster. I don't think they would believe it."

"I won't say anything. She is beautiful." Megan giggled.

Megan wore a pink colored dress with ribbons and a sash. Jennifer chose a blue one with a high waist that was slightly low cut with pearls across the top. The women walked to breakfast. Quentin was walking around and he came up to Megan.

"I heard you fell into the ocean but a whale saved you. I heard my pirate friends were here and blew up the whaling ship." His eyes twinkled.

"You heard right. How are you.?" Megan asked.

"The captain is really nice. I want to thank you for all you have done for me." Quentin lifted up Megan's hand and kissed it.

Just then Miles and Bradley showed up. Miles frowned. Quentin wished them a good day and left.

"We should have let the captain throw that kid overboard!" Miles could be jealous at times.

"Miles. He is just a young man. He was being polite." Megan loved Miles dearly but he got jealous easily.

"Let's go to breakfast." Miles took a hold of Megan's arm.

"How did you sleep?" Bradley asked Jennifer.


Bradley kissed Jennifer.

Megan looked at them and Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

They got to the dining room. They sat down. They had bacon, eggs, waffles, toast and tea.

"How long until we get to France? I feel like we have been on this ship forever." Jennifer sighed.

"Two weeks, my Dear." Bradley ate some more waffles.

"Look at all the fun you have had. Seeing whales, a pirate attack, saving a man's life and birthing a baby. You haven't had a boring trip." Miles seemed over being jealous.

"It is fun but I want to be on dry land." Megan made a face when she drank her tea.

They were done eating and decided to walk around. The skies were over cast. This meant rain. It thundered and the winds came up. The men took the ladies to their rooms. The men sat on the couch.

It was raining but seemed like a mild storm.

"If there were planes in this time era, we would have been to France. The cruise ships are twice and three times as fast as this." Jennifer sometimes felt like she was on a toy ship.

"We will get there. Man gets smarter over the years and from all you have told us, the world advances and life is easier."

"It is so fast paced. The presidents get worse. I wish all presidents were like Washington and Lincoln." Megan jumped as it thundered again.

"Lincoln? Oh! The president during the Civil War, you told us about." Miles liked politics.

"Here you have the King and Queen. I wish we were in our time in England. I always want to meet Queen Elizabeth." Megan smiled.

"You will meet King Edward and his wife when Jennifer and I get married." Bradley smiled at Jennifer.

Just then the rain stopped. The ship quit rocking.

"Shall we go back on deck, my Dear? Miles asked.

Miles, Megan, Bradley and Jennifer went to walk on deck. Everyone was looking across the water. There was the green creature again.

"It's Nessie!" Megan was excited.

"The Lochness Monster?" Miles asked.

"Of course. She is beautiful." Megan had stars in her eyes.

"Do you believe in the Lochness Monster?" Miles asked Bradley.

"We see her. Don't we?" Bradley answered.

Other passengers were commenting about the creature. "Nessie" was swimming away.

Just then a shabby looking man ran past them and some woman yelled that he had stolen her necklace. Bradley and Miles knocked him to the ground and grabbed the necklace and gave it back to the woman and she thanked them. Bradley put the guy's hands behind his back to take him to the captain. He told Jeninifer he would be back later.

"Never a dull moment." Megan was hoping Nessie would have stayed longer.

Megan, Jennifer and Miles sat on the bench.

"Are you done being jealous? I love you and wouldn't flirt with other men." Megan put her head on Miles shoulder.

"Quentin has a thing for you as you modern Americans say and you are spoken for. I love you and Quentin or no other man has a right to flirt with you." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"Trust me. I am engaged to be married to you." Miles and Megan kissed.

Two more weeks and then thry would be in France. Megan and Jennifer couldn't wait. This ship was taking forever. Times like this, Megan and Jennifer missed the present.

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