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Qui has no where left to go but there, where he meets Mark. Is it fate?
The worst story that me and my brother could possibly come up with part 2

Shank: a shank is the metal strip that is found in the rubber part of outdoor boots, to shank someone is to stab them with that. Sometimes people in prison do that.

"That's it Que! That's the last straw, I can't take this anymore!" Tracey yelled. Not another one, Que thot. "Your attitude is unbearable; you don't even try to fit in, not even with me and the rest of this family" she yelled. "You aren't my mom" Que said quietly. "Tomorrow you are gone, I don't want you in my house anymore!" Tracey screamed.

The next day McDonald came and got him from her house. "I'm very disappointed, Que, this is the third house this year. We don't have anywhere else to put you so you're going to the local orphanage for a while, just until we can find another home for you." This was the first time in his life Que had ever seen McDonald frown. McDonald actually made it into the parking space, this disturbed Que very much. McDonald knocked on the door and frowned when a tall blonde pixie answered the door; the boy seemed shocked to see a frown on McDonalds face. (I didn't think Ronald knew how to frown, oh well) "Where is the box ghost?" he asked. The pixie said "he got captured again" "ok, bye then" McDonald gave a blinding and very freaky smile and left.

Que walked into the house and plopped down on a chair with his backpack in his lap. Here we go again, he thot. The pixie seemed a little surprised, but Que had been in dozens of orphanages, so he wasn't exactly new to this. "Welcome, I'm Tommy; our "guardian" isn't here so I'm in charge until they can find him" "I'm Que, I'm not new to this, so I hope you don't try to baby me" Tommy shook his hand then yelled "we've got another one!" a bunch of kids came running from different parts of the house and kind of gawked at him until Tommy said "ok guys this is Kay" "its pronounced Key" "yo Que, I'm Monica" a dark skinned were-wolf waved two fingers. A red headed fairy came forward and shook his hand up and down with both of hers "I'm Mac Kayla, how old are you? Are you a fairy? What are you?" "12, no, and a manga ka" she frowned and lookd confused so Que handed her his drawing notebook and went on to the next person, persons. It was a set of twin boys who had these wicked purple eyes. They were wizards, he could tell. "I'm Willy" said the one with the dusty clothes. "And I'm Billy" said the one with a freakishly clean . . . person. A tiny goth looking little girl came after. She's a vampire, a strong one to; I should stay away from her he thot. A boy with green hair just walked out of the room without saying anything. "Don't mind Toby, he's just antisocial" Que turned back to see the last person he hadn't met yet. The guy had white hair, but normal toned skin and brown eyes. Weird, it's probably died Que thot. Que focused on the boy. He frowned when he couldn't tell what he was. "I'm mark by the way, I'm a were-unicorn" he smiled lightly and came forward to shake his hand.

The moment they touched Que felt a painful shock, and a burning on his right arm, then he passed out. (What a loser) when Que woke up he felt terrible, like he'd been pushed down some stairs or beaten up by teletubbies. He sat up and looked around. Everyone in the room was leaning over him; he figured he'd only been out a few minutes. Que looked over and saw that the other boy, mark, was sitting up from right beside him. "What happened?" mark asked looking around. "omg! I thot you guys died!" Mac Kayla was bouncing around the room. One of those twins, Billy, was waving some freaky gizmo over Que's head. Tommy came and tried to help Que up, but when Tommy touched his right arm he felt a sting like bad sunburn and let out a yelp. A second later mark let out a funny eek, sound when Monica tried to help him up. (What a girl. I take offence to that comment. Whatever.) Que pulled up his sleeve and saw a weird symbol burned into his arm. He glanced over and saw that mark had a similar one.

Que stared at both symbols for a moment then put his arm next to marks "they match" Que said. That caught everyone's attention. They all stared at it for a second before mark said "they do don't they" Tommy crouched down next to mark "you think this is the tattoo that Toby kept claiming he saw on your arm?" "Could be" mark answered absently. Que scanned the room for the green haired weirdo, (oh yeah he left.) "Toby! You were right!" Tommy shouted. Toby came storming down the stairs and looked at Tommy suspiciously "about what?" "This" mark pointed at his right arm. Toby's eyes got big, "you can see it now? How'd that happen?" mark shrugged and pointed at Que's arm "he's got one too" Toby walked over and examined it. I feel like a science experiment, Que thot. Toby put Que's arm against marks. "They complete a picture/symbol thing, see?" "Huh that's kinda cool, I wonder what it means" mark mumbled. "So that's why we couldn't find your symbol on google, we only had half of it" Tommy pulled out a cell phone and snapped a picture and ran away. "You think maybe you guys are like long lost brothers or cusins or something" Mac Kayla babbled. Que had dark brown hair green eyes and was freakishly white (it wasn't his fault, for some reason he didn't tan or burn or freckle, the sun had no effect on him, It freaked ppl out) he was marks total opposite. "I highly doubt that" Que said. Picking himself up off the floor. He reached down and started helping mark when a ghost came thru the wall and shouted "I am the box ghost! Who are you?!" Que let mark plop back on the floor and went into a defensive stance. Que relaxed an instant later, this ghost didn't appear threatening. Que walked to stand in front of the ghost and said "I'm new here, you must be legal guardian" "beware!" the ghost said.

Tommy said "its ok the box ghost won't hurt you, you don't have to be scared" Que glared at Tommy "you idiot do I look scared?" Tommy smirked "no, but you're the first person who wasn't scared, mark here screamed like a girl" mark stood up "how do you know, you weren't there" "you screamed so loud we could hear you inside" Tommy answered cheerfully. The next day they made Que go to school. Que hated school; it was nothing but a place to keep kids so their parents didn't havta watch them. The teachers didn't want to be there the students didn't want to be there so what was the point? Que was in Mark and Mac Kayla's classes. He didn't really care for any of his teachers; he noted that Mrs. Puff would be good for pranks so would luigi. The crimson chin would probably try and beat him up, if he tried anything. The other teachers gave him no amusement whatsoever; he couldn't remember their names or what they taught. After school, a group of bullies started taunting Que, mark and Mac Kayla. Mac Kayla flew away and mark took off down the road like a bullet. (Jerks) one of the bullies, a goblin, grabbed Ques notebook (what's the point of carrying a book bag if I don't even care about class) and started flipping thru it. Another bully, a purple fey (*snicker*), grabbed Ques arm. "What do you losers want" Que asked bored. "You're new and we're the welcoming committee, we just want to welcome you, whitey" the ring leader, a wizard, stated, and grabbed Que's other arm. They both slammed Que against a wall.

The goblin started laughing "looks like we got us a artist" the ring leader let go of Que and grabbed the notebook, "aww, look at the cute little kitty" the ringleader pointed to a picture of a tiger. Then the ringleader tore the page out, ripping it in half. Que decided he needed to be punched, so he punched the ringleader. The ringleader looked shocked (ha ha not so tuff when the wimp fights back huh?) the ringleader had blood pouring out of his nose (I hope it's broken) he glared at Que and said "I think we need to show whitey here a lesson" the fey punched Que in the stomach, making him double over. The goblin shoved Que knocking him off balance. Que fell on his butt. The goblin smirked and started kicking Que. "how do you like that whitey?" the ringleader opened Ques note book and started ripping out pages and commenting on how wimpy they were. The ringleader stopped and stared at a picture for a moment "hey look guys he tried to draw a dragon, isn't that sweet?" Not the dragon, Que thot, I drew that just for Anna. Que had loved Anna like a sister, she had been 4 years younger than Que and he had always tried to take care of her. He drew that dragon to chase away the monsters; to bad not even a dragon could chase away cancer. Que shouted "stop!" the ringleader turned and laughed at him and started to rip the page.

Que felt something snap inside of him and the picture started to glow. A dragon pulled itself out of the picture and grew in size until it was the size of the school. It set the goblin kid on fire and ate the other two. Then it turned and bowed its head to Que. It turned back into the picture. The picture landed in Que's hand. What the heck was that? Que gaped at the picture in his hand. How did I do that, Que thot. A second later Tommy and the rest of the kids came climbing out of Tommy's car. "Are you ok!" Mac Kayla shouted. Tommy came over and started checking him for injury, Que shook him off. "What do you care" Que told Mac Kayla coldly. "I went for help" she said like she wanted a cookie or something. "Don't feel bad she did the same thing to me when we got mugged" mark said. "And where did you go?" Que asked. Mark got quiet after that. Tommy tapped Que on the shoulder "so why is there a charred corpse on the ground over there? And where did the bullies go?" "My dragon got them" they all kind of stared at him. Then the twins and Mac Kayla started laughing at him. "I'm serious" Que said. Toby eyed him "well where is this "dragon" Que looked at the picture in his hand, the dragon had changed position. Que handed the picture to Toby. Toby looked at it "this is a picture" Mac Kayla came and looked at it. "Hey! You drew another dragon!" "That's the same one; see it's got the same label at the bottom." The label said a dragon to protect a princess. Mac Kayla frowned, and then bluntly asked "who's your princess?" that got laughs out of everyone including Toby. "My sister" Que said stiffly. "Where's she at?" the clean twin, Billy, asked. "She died" Que snatched the picture back from Mac Kayla and walked back to the car. He turned back and they were all staring at him (they seem to stare a lot don't they?)

The next day Mac Kayla kept trying to ask questions about what happened the night before, but Que just ignored her. She went away eventually. Que spent most of the day drawing random pictures. A little after sunset that vampire girl, Angela came in there. She didn't say anything, she just sat there. It freaked Que out so he left the living room (it's a joke see, wow we are lame) Que went strait to the room that he shared with Tommy. When he walked in Tommy was on the computer. "Haven't found anything yet" Tommy glanced over his shoulder "oh its you" you must be so thrilled to see me, Que thot sarcastically.

That night Que woke up suddenly. He wasn't sure what woke him. He left the room and ran into mark in the hallway. "Couldn't sleep?" Que guessed. Mark shook his head "I thot I heard a noise down stairs" Que noticed the heavy looking book bag that had Toby written across it in big letters. Que started for the stairs. Mark grabbed his arm "last time someone broke in here, they tried to kill me" mark whispered. Que nodded, showing that he'd heard then quietly went down the stairs. Mark followed really closely behind. Went they got down stairs they saw a shadowy figure moving around. Mark screamed like a girl and threw the book bag, then hid behind Que (Wuss). Que flicked the light switch then demanded "who are you!" it turned out to be woman with long black hair orange eyes and super white skin. Que had never sensed anything like her, he wasn't sure what she was. The woman looked a little confused. "We picked up an energy signal coming from this area" she said looking around. Tommy came storming down the stairs, followed by everyone else. "I heard mark scream-" mark glared at that "who is she?" the woman looked at all of them "I am Chia" (that helped sooo much) "why are you here?" Tommy asked. "We picked up an energy signal" she answered. "Well we have two wizards living here" Tommy said pointing at the twins she shook her head "not from wizards we picked up the signal of one of our own" "and you are . . ." Tommy asked. "An Interan" she answered like it was obvious. "What are those? Are you an alien? Did you come from far away?" Mac Kayla asked. "I'm from the planet Intera" Chia said. "You said you picked up energy signals from an Interan?" Tommy asked. Chia pulled out some gizmo and started waving it around. Que saw Billy perk up at that. Chia stopped in front of Que and frowned. "It's coming from you, that can't be right" Que got mad at that (so he wasn't invited how unfair) "why not?" he asked. She looked at him closely. "Your skin is right, but the rest of your features are earthling" she looked really confused, and stupid. "Maybe I'm mixed" Que offered. She thot about that for a moment "Do you have any powers that normally humans don't have?" she asked. At that question everyone in the room leaned in to listen (nosey, dey iz so nosey) looking at the other kids reactions Que started to tell her. "I can normally tell what species someone is, and how powerful they are" Chia nodded "yes there are some Interans who can do that" Que continued "I can bring a drawing to life" Chia shook her head "I have never heard of that power before" Que showed her his arm "I have this thing, so does he" Que said pointing his thumb at mark. Chia stared at the symbol for a minute. Mark came over and put his beside Que's. Chia stared at the symbol, and then started waving her gizmo over marks head. "You are not part Interan, you are a were-unicorn" Qua concentrated really hard on mark, but he still got nothing. "I can't sense mark, I've never been able to" Chia frowned "that's very peculiar"

The next morning when they got up for school, Chia wasn't there. Out in the front yard they had this weird crop circle thing going on. The neighbors were all staring at it. When they got to school they noticed police tape everywhere. (Wow it took them all weekend to find the corpse, or did they just want to put on a show for the kids) the cops were asking students if they'd seen anything suspicious. Most of the kids just shook their heads and went on their way. Que put on a bored face and shook his head then continued on. Mac Kayla had a huge frown on her face and shrieked out "OMG! Somebody died!" really convincingly. Mark stared at the cops for a minute, before saying "no, officer" one of the cops look suspicious. Another one jumped at the sound of his voice and came running up to him. (Uh oh busted) "Hey! Mark! It's me Paul, don't you remember me!? Hey Officer Charlie its mark!" the cop, Paul shouted. A griffon turned around and looked at Paul then rolled his eyes and went back to work. Mark just kinda stood their with a help look on his face, while Paul continued to blabber on about something. Que sighed and went back to rescue the poor buy. "Mark, ya gotta hurry we're gonna be late!" Que said in his best innocent little boy voice. "Oh! You gotta go to class, see you later!" Paul shouted. They fled into the school.

In English class, the crimson chin started demonstrating fighting moves to use against criminals. (hey, that's not what you do in English class) the crimson chin made some of the students participate(hiss! It's the evil p word!) Mac Kayla kicked a boy twice her sizes butt. Que was mad that she actually knew how to fight and didn't help him with the bullies. They had a surprise guest in the green guy, um, squidwards, class, that's art? Yeah that's art. It was the num num lady (Julia from cooking with Julia, she goes, oh num num num! every time she eats something) she sat there and tried to show them how to make scones, and other pastries Que had never heard of, her ger, um pol, um European accent was getting on his nerves. She looked like 100 years old. Mac Kayla had to stay after school cause she broke that kids ribs, so Que and mark walked home together.

They were in sight of the house, when a group of dudes in black robes appeared. Que and mark stopped walking and stared at them (staring is impolite, so you shouldn't do it too often) the robe dudes surrounded them. Mark started running and tried to cut across the neighbor's yard, but grass monsters grabbed him and drug him down. Mark started yelling "let me go!" Que ran up and punched the closest one, then ran to mark. Que tried to release his dragon picture again, but he didn't have it with him. So he concentrated on the whole notebook and tried to feel rage like he had the first time. It wasn't working. The robe dudes started closing in on them. "What should we do!" mark asked. Que turned to mark and grabbed his hand "here, lets get you loose" Que pulled as hard as he could. But the grass was too strong (wimps) some of the robe dudes were wizards and their hands lit up in various colors. The robe dude Que had punched came forward. He whipped out a knife and cut Que's face before he could react. Que could already feel his face healing. The robe dude grabbed his face and stared at the cut. "So it's true, you are the other one who is marked, how fortunate for us" the robe dude laughed evilly and started cutting shapes into Que's face. Que winced and tried to back up. Mark gripped his hand and started trying to pulling him away from the robe dude. "No!" mark screamed, "Leave him alone!" Que shut his eyes and tried to summon a picture one more time. Surely that was the only thing that would save them. A blinding light flashed, and then Que felt his arm burning intensely.

Both Que and mark yelped when they heard the sound of an explosion. Que opened his eyes and was shocked to see that everything within a 5 yard radius of him and mark was burned and charred. The tree in the neighbor's yard was on fire. All the robe dudes were piles of ashes. "What happened?" Que asked mark. Mark looked a little dazed "we blew'em up" they both looked down and saw that their symbols glowing blue. (Id be freaking out) Tommy pulled up in the driveway of the orphanage. He got out his car and seemed to notice Que and mark sitting dazed in the neighbor's burned up yard for the first time. Tommy came running over "what did you guys do?!" "We were attacked by robe dudes" Que answered. "Why do people keep attacking you 2, we never had people attacking until you got here." Que stood up and showed Tommy his arm "we kinda blew them up" Tommy looked at his and marks arms "your symbols turned blue!" Que grabbed marks right hand and both symbols started glowing bright blue. "That's creepy" Tommy said. Tommy saw the neighbor's car turn the corner onto their block. "Oh shoot, run for the house!"
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