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More random adventure of some weird kids
The worst story that me and my brother could possibly come up with part 3

What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the evening and three legs at night?

"ewww, are you sure you need to use chicken blood, I thot that was voodoo" mark grimaced. Willy nodded and passed mark the container of chicken blood, "well these are voodoo dolls I'm making" Willy stared drawing a circle on the floor with chicken blood using his bare hands. (That's eewy!) "Ok hand me the dolls" Willy said to mark. Mark grabbed up 12 straw voodoo dolls (wow Willy must hate a lot of people) off the couch and handed them to Willy. Willy pulled out 12 envelopes; each one had strands of hair and bits of clothes. A couple had finger and toenail clippings (how'd he get those I wonder) Willy started tying the various items to different dolls and started laying them out in a circle. Willy then set the candles on fire with his magic. Mark wondered if what they were doing was evil, then he remembered how he and Que had killed 7 guys, then he wondered if any of them would come and haunt him, then he got scared and gave up. "Is this evil?" mark asked just to be on the safe side. "It is black magic" Willy answered. Willy started chanting, so mark leaned closer to get a better look. The box ghost popped out of the wall and said "I am the box ghost, beware!" mark shrieked and accidentally kicked one of the candles over. It caught fire immediately. Willy started yelling "fire fire fire!" and ran to go get help. Mark started looking around for something to put it out with but they had cleared the living room to give Willy room to work. Willy came running back into the room, dragging Toby behind him. When Toby saw the fire, he flicked his hand sideways and a mini tornado swirled around the fire, suffocating it until it was gone. Mac Kayla came in there. "OMG, what did you do!?" Mac Kayla said in a VERY loud voice, which attracted the attention of Monica and Billy. "ooo, you in trouble now boy" Monica said. Billy grinned and said "it's not the worst you've every done" Willy glared at Billy "I remember the last time one of your robots went haywire, it set an entire neighborhood on fire" (ooo, you got served) mark noticed the voodoo dolls lying in the corner, one of them had been burned. "I hope you didn't complete that spell Willy" mark said and pointed at the voodoo dolls. Willy turned around and shouted "oh no!" willy picked the doll up and sighed in relief "its only his leg, he'll live" mark thot the other ones looked a little charred but Willy assured him those people would only get bad sunburns. Que came running down the stairs. "I heard the messy, I mean Willy yell, oh crap" Que looked around the room, then turned and ran back up the stairs. "Where're you going?!" mark yelled jokingly. "I'm not getting blamed for this!" was Que's response. Everyone seemed to realize that Tommy would hit the roof when he saw this, so they did the smart thing and hid. When Tommy got home he started yelling "it was one of you twins I know it!" Mark felt guilty so he told Tommy it was his fault. Tommy looked apocalyptically angry "I know one of the twins helped you" then Tommy paused for a minute "or maybe Que" "you leave me out of this! I was using your computer I have an alibi!" Que yelled from some random part of the house "and you weren't supposed to be on that!" Tommy yelled. Que came down the stairs "I figured it was the lesser of two evils" Que went out the front door without saying anything else. Tommy made mark scrub the floor until bedtime. The next day at school mark heard about a teacher who had instantaneously combusted. He was alive but his leg looked like bacon. The teacher was the green goblin and he taught how to build doomsday weapons at the elementary school. That made the cops come to school and question students again. Mark tried to sneak past the cops, cause he knew that he'd have trouble outright lying. It was sorta his fault. Of course, they noticed him and surrounded him. They bombarded mark with questions until mark saw Paul. "Hey Paul!" yelled. Paul grinned real big and came running forward pushing past all the other cops (he's not a very good cop) "hey mark! It's so good to see you! Officer Charlie's not here" Paul looked really happy. Mark was starting to regret calling Paul over, when he saw a leprechaun running across the street "hey look! That leprechaun looks suspicious!" mark pointed after the leprechaun. Paul took off after the leprechaun and started fire his weapon after it. Mark hurried into the school before Paul could find him. After school Mac Kayla started complaining for some unknown reason so they went to the mall without telling anyone. It was the first time mark had ever been to the mall without his brother. When they got there they got to witness a real thief getting captured by security officers. The security officers were all these stripped dinosaurs who were about the size of a person and ran super fast. After that Mac Kayla took off toward some store that had lots of pink and purple things in the window, and Que headed for a book store. Mark wasn't sure what he was supposed to do so he wandered around until he came upon a game store. Mark played video games until he got kicked out. Mark realized the mall was closing so he ran home. When mark got to the house it was dark outside. Que was sitting in the living room reading some comic books (where did he get money from?) and Tommy was watching TV. Tommy looked up "is Mac Kayla with you?" mark shook his head "those two abandoned me at the mall" mark said. Tommy stood up "you think she's at the mall still?" mark shook his head again "they were closing when I left" Angela came down the stairs and yawned "what are you doing up?" she asked in an extremely evil sounding little girl voice. It was the first time mark had ever heard her talk so he was surprised, so was Que. "Mac Kayla is missing" Tommy said. They heard a victorious shout from the basement. Then Billy came running into the living room. "I've done it! I've made a flux capacitor!" Billy shouted. Tommy frowned "from back to the future?" "What's that?" mark asked. (What a sheltered life) They all stared at him. "a movie from the 80's about this guy who invents a time machine out of a car, the thing that makes time travel possible is the flux capacitor." Billy said. "Did you just make a flux capacitor or the whole time machine?" Tommy asked. "The whole time machine of course." Billy answered. "Where did you get a car?" Tommy asked. Billy kind of ducked down "um, on the side of the road." Tommy jumped up and looked out the window, "where's my car?" Billy looked everywhere but at Tommy, "I don't know" Tommy stomped off to Billy's lab. Everyone followed him. When they got down there they saw wires and machinery coming off of Tommy's car. "What did you do to my car!?" Tommy yelled. "Does it work?" Que asked Billy. "Only one way to find out" Billy pressed a button on the wall and the basement opened up. Everyone piled into the car, and Billy started tampering with a machine with numbers on it. Mark was a little scared that the whole thing would blow up. "Is it exactly like from the movie?" Tommy asked. "No, you only have to go 60 mph." Billy said. "Where should we go?" Que asked. "Hey lets go back 4 hrs and get Mac Kayla from the mall so that she doesn't go missing" mark suggested. "That's a great idea" Tommy said. Angela hopped out the car and went inside. "What's up with her?" mark asked. "It's still daylight 4 hrs ago, vampires don't do sunlight" Tommy said. "Ok, its ready" Billy said excitedly. When Tommy hit 60 the car lit up and they heard a whoosh sound. Then they were just driving down the same road, only it was daytime now. "Yes! It worked!" Billy yelled. When Tommy stopped, Billy jumped out of the car for a victory dance (dude, I wish I was smart) "common! We have to go get Mac Kayla" Que told them. They went to the mall and started searching for her. Mark found her in that frilly store he'd seen her go in earlier. "Hey! Billy built a time machine don't you want to see it?" she put down the clothes she was holding and started jumping up and down, then ran out the store. They went out to Tommy's car and then they all climbed in and turned the time machine on. When they all got home and walked in the house mark figured something out. "Well no wonder Mac Kayla went missing, we kidnapped her" they all looked at each other and then everyone started laughing. The next day, when everyone was getting dressed for school, mark heard a huge crash. He ran outside as fast as he could. Ronald's car was hanging out of the neighbors trees (how'd he do that) Tommy and Que came outside a second later. They both rolled their eyes and started going back inside. "Shouldn't we help him? Maybe call an ambulance." Mark asked. "Why? He'll never learn his lesson if we call the hospital" Que said. "He does this all the time" Tommy explained. The box ghost floated over and hid behind a chair. Tommy grabbed marks arm and led him back inside. Mark didn't understand what was going on, and his confusion must have shown on his face. "We're probably getting a new person, it's less embarrassing if no ones around in case you wet yourself when you meet the box ghost" Tommy said. That didn't help me though, mark thot. A few minutes later they heard a yell and the sound of lasers going off. Then this really creepy laugh. The box ghost fled into the house and disappeared into the floor. Ronald peeked into the house with an exaggerated and very fake frown on his face. "You guys didn't come help me; I had to call a toe truck all buy myself. Oh yeah this is Zim, catch you later." Ronald walked back over to his car leaving behind a little green kid. "I am Zim, I will rule over all of you earth cretins, you will bow down before me" Zim stated. A really fake looking green dog climbed out of Zim's backpack. "I want nachos!" the fake dog screamed in a demented voice. "Not now Ger" Zim told it, pushing it away. Ger ran to the living room and turned on the TV. "We have a new kid!" Tommy shouted. "Yes, that's what you think, little do you know, I'm actually an alien, invading your planet" Zim appeared to be talking to himself. "What?" mark asked him. "Oh, nothing" Zim said with an evil smile. Everyone came down and introduced themselves. Zim said threats under his breathe after each person introduced themselves. It was like he thot we couldn't hear him or something. (How sad) the next day Willy was talking about how useless magic is around Christmas time. "Its only August Christmas isn't for months" Billy said. "What about Santa Claus?" mark asked. "hmph! You still believe in Santa?" Billy asked. "Oh he's real all right. " Zim said after appearing from nowhere. We all stared at him. "He's not human or elf, like you fools believe, he is from another planet far away. His 'reindeer' are not in anyway related to earth deer; they are actually reptilian and eat human hair. His reindeer eat some of you're hair and he leaves presents as payment" Zim said(so that's how it works). That got him more stares. The next day they made Zim go to school. They weren't sure what grade he was supposed to be in, so they just put him in Billy and Willy's classes, cause he was about their height. Ger followed mark, Mac Kayla, and Que to school. It seemed to really like Mac Kayla. It tried to eat Mrs. Puff, threw tacos at snoop dog, and openly challenged the crimson chins authority then it set the school on fire, whilst singing Christmas carols. On the way home it chattered on about squirrels. When they got home they found out that Zim had gotten in a laser fight with some creepy Goth kid and fried a teacher, and half the school. (Wish he'd come to my school) a week went by with immense destruction to various parts of the town. The town's people and that Goth kid proceeded to chase Zim out of town. Ger tried to stay behind so that he could chill with his lady friend, but she got bored with him a day later and he left. There was basically no school for a while, which should have been awesome if most of the town weren't destroyed. So everyone stayed home. One day mark woke up feeling funny. He felt kinda bad and he threw Toby's book bag out the window when Willy came to wake him up. On the way down stairs he tripped and fell the rest of the way, which made him feel worse. When he got to the kitchen he ducked just in time when a plate came whizzing by then shattered against the wall. "I'm not gonna eat this crap!" monica shouted at Tommy. "Yeah, who taught you how to cook! A middle aged couch patato?" Mac Kayla shouted too. Tommy looked kinda hurt at that. "Hey cut him some slack he's just a guy!" mark yelled at them. "As if you'd know" Monica sneered. "Leave him alone! Sometimes I wonder if you're even a girl at all!" Que yelled coming into the room. Monica growled and threw a plate at Que. He unfortunately didn't get out of the way in time. "argh!" Que sat there for a moment clenching his head in his hands doing that hiss thing that peter griffon does. Finally Tommy went over and started checking his head. Monica randomly burst into tears. While Tommy was busy helping Que, Mac Kayla started putting the food in the trash. (I'd a done the same thing, do it while his backs turned) Mark slumped in a chair. A few minutes later Toby came and slumped in the chair next to mark. Willy and Billy came in and kinda stared at everybody for a second before they both said "what happened here?" mark turned and groggily said "I think everyone's feeling emotional today" Tommy had put an ice pack on Que's head, and was then trying to make more food. Que glared at Monica who was still crying "she threw a plate at me" "what did you do to her?" Billy asked. "I called her a man" Que said like it was no big deal. "Why did you do that? Girls are sensitive" Willy asked him. "She was questioning marks sexual orientation, and he's too much of a wuss to defend himself. Plus she's been all uppity since I got here" Que said while glaring at Monica. Tommy gave up on the gray goop he was stirring in a bowl "I tried to cook again" he said. Mac Kayla jumped up and threw the goop in the trash can "And this is my normal response to your cooking, so I don't know why you weren't expecting it" Mac Kayla said. Willy and Billy both got this Sigmund Freud look (ps, that's a famous psychiatrist for those who don't know) and turned to look at mark. Oh no not me too, mark thot. "And what is your problem today?" Willy asked. Mark sat there for a moment looking at them blearily "I don't feel good, I think I'm sick" everyone but Toby, who was asleep at the table, backed up a step. Monica sniffled, which brought the twins attention to her. "What is wrong with you Monica? We've never seen you cry like this" Billy said. Willy nodded as if he and Billy were both thinking the same thing. (Who knows they might be) Monica looked at both of them, "my head hurts, I wanna go back to sleep" she said. That made everyone but Toby and mark back up, mark figured that since he was already sick I didn't matter. Que had this, the plague! The plague! Look on his face, but everyone else just looked concerned. Tommy made mark and Monica go back to bed. Toby snuck back into their bedroom and was about to lie down on his bed, when he finally noticed his book bag out on the front lawn. He started yelling at mark, but mark was too tired to deal with it so he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep. He didn't wake up until sunset. Mark felt really hyper for some reason and thot, maybe I'm better and it was just some bug or something. Mark came into the hall the same time Monica did. They both went down the stairs and went in the living room. Angela came up from where ever it is she hides during the day. She took one look at them then did this creepy vampire hiss thing and ran from the room. What was that? Mark thot. Monica looked just as confused. Tommy walked by and saw them in there so he came walking in. "how are you guys doing?" he asked. "I feel better" mark said. "I feel great" Monica said at the same time. Toby came up and noticed mark sitting there, so he came in and started yelling at him again about the stupid book bag. "Well its not like you use it" Tommy said. Mac Kayla came running at the sound of arguing voices "fight! Fight! Fight! Awww no fight" Mac Kayla looked disappointed for a moment then she grinned this creepy grin "lets go shoot some hoops!" she squealed. They played for about an hour before mark started feeling feverish. He tried to get the ball from Tommy, but his eyes wouldn't focus. Mark concentrated on the ball. He wanted the ball. He chased the ball back and forth between Tommy and Que. He didn't even notice how they had stopped playing and were watching him fumble back and forth (and thinking like a simpleton) they finally just let him have the ball. He tried to throw it through the hoop but it bounced off. One of the twins started laughing. Mark turned around and faced everybody. They were staring again, except Monica, who kinda swayed a bit, then fell over. Tommy went over too her to see if she was ok. Mark wanted to help, but he couldn't make his feet move. Mark felt dizzy, the world started spinning, and he fell over. Mark heard someone shout his name and then he blacked out. Mark woke up the next morning feeling absolutely normal. He sat up and was surprised to see that everyone but Angela (big surprise there) was asleep on the floor and in Toby's bed. Tommy stirred and then sat up stretching. He blinked then seemed confused for a moment then he jumped up and looked at Monica, then turned to look back at mark. Seeing him awake he climbed over one of the twins and Que and came to sit beside mark on his bed. "Did you have fun last night" was what Tommy said. "What?" Mark asked. "Don't you remember what happened last night?" Tommy asked. "Monica fell over and I fainted, like a wuss" mark said. Aw man they are gonna pick on me when they wake up mark thot. Tommy shook his head looking surprised "I was sure you would have remembered at least some of last night, we couldn't catch you until the sun came up" Mark was highly confused "what happened?" he asked. Tommy seemed surprised. "Was that you're first time changing?" he asked. Marks eyes got big "are you serious! I changed!" Tommy nodded. "So did Monica" mark glanced over at her and finally noticed that she was kinda hog tied and wearing only a bath robe. "Apparently last night was a full moon, neither Willy or Billy remembered that and the fact that you were both sick most of the day as symptoms of your 'condition', until Monica was trying to eat Mac Kayla and you were halfway to china" Tommy seemed to find the whole situation humorous. Then Monica woke up. "Let me out of this! I'm going to kill you Tommy!" then she realized she was only in a bathrobe, Mac Kayla's bathrobe. "What did you do, why am I dressed like this!" she yelled. That woke everyone up. They all looked confused then seemed to remember last night at the same time. They all looked warily a Monica and mark. Monica glared at everyone, "why am I in here?" she asked. Everyone but Tommy seemed a little surprised at this, Mac Kayla was the first one to get over it. "You tried to eat me! I thot we were friends!" Monica looked confused until Tommy cut to the chase, "you and mark both changed last night and wreaked havoc on us poor unsuspecting people" Monica looked really happy, "finally! I thot I'd never change!" she tried to jump for joy but she was currently tied down. "Untie me!" she yelled, until Billy set her loose. Then she ran for her room. Mac Kayla went after her. Mark kinda sat there in a daze until Tommy turned back to him "hey you wanna see a picture? I know its a little blurry but it shows what color you are." Tommy whipped out his phone and for some reason everyone crowded around, as if they hadn't already seen, mark thot. Mark looked at the picture, Tommy lied, it wasn't just a little blurry. I look like a blue-gray blob, mark thot. "At least you aren't some girly color" Que finally said. Everyone but mark started laughing at that.
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