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They get kidnapped by Nazi's
The worst story that me and my brother could come up with part 4

Spongebob is my guru. My new word is lady-like (my brother burps and I go, that ain't very lady-like) I detest school.

Que was sitting in his desk doodling pictures of the various people around him. Mac Kayla kept leaning over his shoulder and snickering at everything he drew. The teacher, that puff lady, started staring daggers at Que. (the yellow kid, had to work, and that means that he is still in middle school even tho he's gotta job, *snicker*) the bell rang, and all the people started dragging themselves to the next class. Que got his stuff in his bag and was walking to the door when this girl, that sits a few seats in front of him, came up to him and pulled out a picture. "Hey, um Que is it? I heard that you could draw and I was wondering if you could draw a picture of my dog for me." The girl handed Que a picture of a beagle. "Oh! My names Andrew by the way" the girl, Andrew said. Que lifted an eyebrow at that. Out of nowhere this extremely ghetto chick came over there and shoved a picture in Que's hand "I herd datchu draw, you draw dis picture a me?" Que looked down at the picture, and kind of gaped at it (it was very obscene) "my name be Latavia, who is you?" Latavia said. Que blinked at her "I'm Que" Que focused on both of them. Andrew seemed to be a regular human, and Latavia was a pixie. Baby bock ran down the hall screaming "fire! Fire!" so they all got to go home early. Que drew both pictures that night, even tho Tommy scolded him and Mark laughed at him. Mark seemed to do that a lot lately, Que thot that it was because they hadn't been attacked recently, but Que was kinda bored. The next day they found out that the school had burned down, again. Nobody knew why. Mark, Tommy and the messy twin, went to some magic store out of town and were gonna be gone all day. Toby kind of disappeared for a while, and Monica and Mac Kayla went shopping or something. It was just Que and the clean twin, who sat there tinkering with some random device. Que put the final touches on Andrew's picture. About lunch time someone knocked on the door. Que looked at the clean twin, but he seemed busy with his . . . . Object. Que opened the door to see Andrew and Latavia standing there. "You finish my drawin?" Latavia demanded. Que invited them in. the floor still had some burn marks on it. "What happened there" Andrew asked. "A voodoo ritual gone wrong" the clean twin explained, not even looking up from his . . . Thing. Que ran upstairs and got his folder, he kept all his latest work plus the dragon in it.

(I'm eatn ravioli, this stuff is gooood, Im not sharing) both girls and the clean twin, huddled around the pictures in Que's hand. (Ouch burned my tongue) then suddenly this freak in these gay super hero clothes randomly appeared and shot some gun thing at them. Then there was a bright purple light and Andrew screamed. When Que opened his eyes, all he saw was white. Oh no I went blind, Que thot, and then he realized that it was snow. Que looked around and saw that the twin, Andrew and Latavia, were all still with him. They all kind of stared at each other, and then they heard the sound of guns going off. "Oh, shit! Wat was dat!" Latavia yelled. A second later a bomber airplane flew over head, still firing its weapons. "It's a WWII bomber plane! What is that doing here?" The clean twin yelled. "Where are we?" Qui shouted. (From this day forward Ques name will be spelled Qui, it's pronounced the same but, Qui means who and being called who is so much cooler than being called that) No one had an answer. The group wandered around for a bit until they saw someone. This big guy came over there and said "was sind Sie die Kinder, die hier tun?" [What are you children doing here?] (When some one speaks a different lingo, I'll put what their sayin in English between these thingys [ ]) Qui had no clue what the guy said, but he did notice that the guy had a swastika on his sleeve. Oh no a Nazi, Qui thot. "Be careful, he's a Nazi" Qui warned them. "No duh." Latavia said. "sprechen Sie französisch?" [Do you speak French?] Qui was surprised that Latavia knew another language. The guy nodded and said "oui, je parle français" [yes, I speak French] "he speaks French" Latavia told Qui. "Tell him we come in peace" Qui said. "il a dit qu'il allait pulvériser votre maison." [He said he gonna spray yo house] for some reason the German looked confused. Qui said "tell him that we have nothing against Hitler, but we would like to be left alone." "il a dit qu'il a eu l'amusement avec votre épouse et que votre fille est une prostituée.' [he said he had fun witch yo wife and dat yo daughter is be a hoe] Now the German looked at Qui with a murderess look. And then the German said "dites à cet imbécile que je le tuerai » [tell this fool that I will kill him] « he say he don't like you" Latavia told Qui. "What did you say to him, and don't lie ok, tell him we don't want trouble" "Nous tuerons Hitler, vous porc horrible." [We gonna shoot Hitler, you pig] the German whipped out a gun and pointed it at Qui's head. "De quel pays faites-vous venez-vous?" [What country do you come from] the German growled. "nous sommes des Américains" [we be Americans] Latavia said. The German gave an evil grin that Qui didn't trust. Then he pulled out a hand radio "ich habe eine Gruppe Amerikaner gefangen genommen" [I have captured a group of Americans] The German kept his gun pointed at Qui until his Nazi buddies came. They heard the sound of guns being cocked all around them, and one of the Germans came and stood in front of Qui. He said in a heavy German accent "poot your hands ova your heads end drop your veapons" Qui remembered that he was holding his folder in his hands. He reluctantly placed it on the ground and became upset when the German stepped on it and smashed it into the snow. Qui kept glancing back at his folder which by the way was getting wet and ruining everything inside. The twin leaned closer to Qui and whispered "get ready to fight, on my sign-"one of the Germans slapped the twin. "Ruhe!" [Silence] the twin's nose was bleeding and he started crying. That made Qui remember that the twins were 8 or 9 years old, no matter how mature they acted. Baby bock came running thru screaming "Barney!" but no one cared. (Lemon pound cake is good) The Nazi's started laughing at the twin, and then one of them grabbed Latavia. She cussed at him and flew up into the air. The Nazis stared in shock at her. "Come get me, bitches!" Latavia yelled at them. One of the Germans turned and shot Andrew in the leg. Then turned his gun on the clean twi-Billy. Qui saw red and he snatched up his notebook, and turned it to the first page he could find. The page started glowing and a monstrous sized beagle pulled itself out of the picture. It saw Andrew on the ground injured and it went crazy. It grabbed up the German with the gun and it started shaking him violently until the man was dead. Some of the other Nazis started firing at the dog. The dog snarled at them and started attacking them. Billy pulled a laser gun out of his back pocket (yes every child should carry a laser) and started shooting at them with a vengeance. Latavia randomly shot fire balls from her hands at the Germans (It's just like them tinker belle pixies). After all the Germans had either fled or been slaughtered (hey look the word laughter is in the word slaughter) the Beagle let out a baying howl and went back into the picture. The page fluttered down and landed in Qui's hand. After that everyone turned their attention back to Andrew (she was basically no help in that fight) "owie my leg hurts" she complained. Qui didn't like her anymore. Billy pulled out his scanner thing and said "it looks like the bullet went strait thru, she doesn't have any broken bones, and the bullet basically skimmed the skin" "so what do we do?" Qui asked. "I don't know, man I wish Willy was here, he could have healed her right up." Billy said looking forlorn. "I cans burnd her skin close" Latavia said, then she did that. Andrew screamed. "Well she's not bleeding anymore" Billy said. "We are in the 1940's, in some part of Europe, how do we get home?" Qui asked Billy. Billy said "I wonder if I could build another time machine, these Germans invented the VW didn't they, so we need to "acquire" one" "leave dat up ta me" Latavia said. "What's a VW?" Andrew asked.

They snuck into a German town and "acquired" some clothes from the locals, and then they went searchin for a VW. They were in luck. They found a VW Thing with the keys still in the ignition. Latavia hoped into the driver's seat and drove the car expertly, even tho it was obvious that she was not 16. When they got to a patch of woods they hid the car in some bushes. "Okay now I wish we were in America, but beggars can't be choosers, alright I need plutonium" Billy said. "You do know that it was a German dude who made the formula for the bomb" Qui said. "Yeah E=MC^2, Albert Einstein." "Ok he was one of the dudes workin on the bomb for Germany, but he was Jewish so he fled to America and gave the Americans all his German secrets." Qui hinted. "I'm still not following you" Billy said. "The Americans invented the atomic bomb because they thot the axis powers where making the atomic bomb." Qui explained. "Oh! We just need to find a bomb factory. I can attune my scanner to pick up traces of plutonium, let's go!" Billy said. So they pulled the car back out and cruised around in circles until they found plutonium. They got Latavia to blow up all the Nazis and they stole the plutonium. Then Billy some how found all the other parts they need to make another flux capacitor, and he made a time machine. They arrived on the day they had gone back in time, but they were still in Germany. Latavia mugged this rich lookin dude and they snuck thru security at the airport and hopped on an airplane. They were back in the states in only 8 hrs. They got back to the orphanage at around midnight. They dropped Andrew at the hospital on the way there. The box ghost and Tommy were both furious when they got in. Latavia picked that moment to go "can I chill at your crib?" Qui and Billy told everyone what had happened. "You made another picture come to life?" Mark asked suspiciously. "Yes he did, me and Latavia were both there" Billy defended Qui. Then Qui remembered something "Hey Tommy can you shoot flames out of your hands?" he asked. Tommy shook his head "No why do you ask?" "Latavia can" that seemed to excite everyone for a little while. Then the other twin asked "what about that guy who sent you back in time?" right after he said that they heard an evil laugh. "mwa ha ha ha ha! I vill destroy all of you, zere eez no eescape." The creepy dude in the suit said with his German accent. Both the other twin and Latavia shot fire at him, but it had no effect. The dude laughed and grabbed Mark "I have vot I have come ere for!" then he and mark disappeared. "Oh crap" Tommy said.

Note from the not author: ok I no this was bad and ppl are pro'ly offended. I got some of Latavia lingo from the shanaynay videos by Shane Dawson and the rest I got from the girls in my art class. I got the German and French stuff from Babel fish, which is a language dictionary for those who don't know. Again the next one will be from marks pov
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