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I don't know anymore
The worst story that me and my brother could come up with. Part 5

Where there is light there are shadows. Even in bikinibottom.

Mark shivered in his cold damp clothes, when he woke up. He looked at his surroundings; it was dark, freezing, and musty smelling. (Just like my school) And he was in a cell. Well more like a dungeon really. Mark heard the sound of someone crying. He squinted his eyes and peered around the room outside his cell, and that's when he noticed that there were other ppl in the other cells. The crying was coming from the cell right next to his. There were two people in the cell, a white cat with a pink bow and clothes, and a small girl with reddish brown hair and this big straw hat covered in strawberries. They were both crying their eyes out. Are they hurt, mark wondered. Then he started getting scared, what if that creepy dude tortures me? (Yummy! I gots peanut butter m&ms!) The white cat thing noticed mark looking at it and it tapped the little girls shoulder. The little girl whirled around and looked at mark with big brown eyes. The little girl and the cat thing rushed over and stared at him, then the little girl said, "hello, my name is strawberry shortcake, this is hello kitty, are you a fiend?" what? Mark thot. "I'm mark, I'm not a fiend, I'm just imprisoned against my will" mark said. "Meow! Meow moew moew moew moew, mew!" hello kitty said. "She says that we need to escape" said strawberry shortcake. "Why didn't you try to escape before?" mark asked. "All the other ppl in here have had their souls sucked out and me and hello kitty's powerz were locked. The only way to unlock our powers is with a unicorns tear. Sigh. How will we find a unicorn in here?" strawberry shortcake said. Mark burst out laughing. "What? Why are you laughing at us?" mark calmed down and grinned at them, "well I guess it's our lucky day, cause I'm a unicorn" mark said. They both blinked at him. "Meow!" "That's not possible, you look nothing like a unicorn!" they were yelling. "Well, I'm actually a were-unicorn but, I have unicorn blood, so it should work, unless I havta wait for a full moon" mark said. Both of them looked hopeful, and stuck their hands thru the bars into marks cell, "now you havta cry, do you need help? Cause I know how guyz-""no I can cry" mark started thinking about his brother, that always made him cry. Mark felt tears streaming down his face (what a wimp, he will be a great actor someday if he can cry that fast) so he leaned over the hands. A second later a drop hit each of their hands and they both started glowing pink. They both gave each other hi fives (well hello kitty and strawberry shortcake are both the same size, 1foot 3inches) then they both got serious. Strawberry short cake closed her eyes, and then made vines come tearing up thru the floor; the vines ripped open the cells. They ran up the dungeon stairs to this big heavy door. It took all three of them to get it opened. (I made peanut butter squares, they didn't taste good.) There were Anubis guards marching back and forth. At the sound of the door creaking, their black jackel heads whipped around to face them. They did that scary roar thing that the mummies off of The Mummy do. Then they raised their scepters and ran at them. Hello kitty shot magical rainbows out of her hands that were acidic and made the Undead Anubis guards melt. The Anubis near the exit let out a scary howl before Strawberry shortcake shot him with her strawberry gun. Strawberry shortcakes gun left the room smelling strongly of strawberries. The group hurried down a long dark corridor, glancing out the windows on the right side. They reach another large door (this guy must hav sum munny) that was so heavy; they had to use strawberry shortcake's strawberry vine attack again. Then they started running sum more, even tho no one knew where the exit was. Hello kitty suddenly stoped outside of a room "meow! Meow, mew, reow!" she said, then she hissed. Mark and strawberry shortcake turned back and peeked around hello kitty, to see what was in the room. In the room tied to the wall, was a blue monster. He saw them and shouted "cookiez!" he was obviously delirious from torture. Mark, being the tallest of the group, reached up and untied . . . . It. The blue monster fell to the floor in a heap, then it stood up and said "cookie?" Mark wasn't sure how to respond to that so he said "common lets go, we havta escape" the monster didn't appear to understand, but he followed them when they started running again. They ended up in this large room that had a huge fire place in one wall and a floor to ceiling book case against another, but there sitting in a chair in the middle of the room was the creepy super villain dude. He looked astonished to see them out of their cells but he got over it quickly, then he stood up and moved toward them "how did you escape!" he yelled at them. He glared at strawberry shortcake and hello kitty "I took your powers how did you get them back?" he roared, both hello kitty and strawberry shortcake jumped and looked like they were gonna burst into tears (bless their mushy little hearts) then strawberry shortcake stuck out her bottom lip and said "we found us a unicorn" the villain dude roared into the air then shot a laser from a gun he whipped from his belt. Strawberry shortcake burst into ashes. Hello kitty screeched a piercing sound that echoed so loud that everyone had to hold their ears. A burst of light shot from her body and bolted thru the villain dudes heart. He collapsed on the ground while a pool of green blood gathered around him (eww, what was he?) then his body turned into a pile of cookies (now I'm really scared) "cookies!" the blue monster shouted. That's when mark realized that the blue monster wasn't tortured mad, he was just stupid, or krazy, you pick. "Hey you there with the cookies, yes you, what is your name?" mark asked. "Me is cookie monster." Cookie monster said in a garbled voice. Then cookie monster went back to feasting on the cookie remains of the villain dude. After about 2 minutes, it was done eating, then they walked out the front door. They were surprised to see that they were in an old colony town, like visiting Jamestown or a Salem reenactment. The kinda stood there in shock. Well mark and hello kitty did. Mark walked up to a woman in a black dress with a bonnet on her head, and asked her "what town is this? Can you tell me what year this is?" the woman looked him up and down then said "thee are unfortunately in the lost colony" she said. When they continued to look confused she said "this is Roanoke Island, I know that thee hail from the new colonies. Those of thine kind sometimes cometh here." She answered. In that instant mark remembered a history class years ago, and story about the first settlement England ever tried to make in the Americas. The Queen had left the duty of checking up on the colony to see if they needed anything, to a lazy noble who didn't do anything. The colonies leader went north to find better land for settling. He was gone for two years. When he returned every trace of the colony was gone, no buildings, no bodies, no farms, nothing, just one word carved into a tree, Croatoan. The leader thot that it ment the colonists had escaped native american attack by going to the island nextdoor, which was called Croatoan. They didn't find anything. Mark nodded to show that he understood. The woman led them to a house with a whitish picket fence. She walked up to the front door and knocked. After a second, the door was opened to an old man. The old man looked directly at mark, then at hello kitty (yeah, id stare too) "what have ye brought upon me?" he asked the woman. "good mayor, I have new colonists with thee." She said. That got the mayors attention. "ah! Pray tell young man, what year do ye hail?" the mayor asked mark. "2009" mark said. The mayors eyes got big "ah! It hath been 50 years since we last recived new colonists, pray tell hath flying horsele-automobiles, automobiles, have flying automobiles been invented as of yet?" he asked. mark shook his head, no. "how did thee arrive, thru the indians spell, like all of roanoke, or perhaps thee entered thru the mayan temple." Mark started at that, so that was what happened to all the mayans. "a mad man brought us here, sir" mark said to him. Mark glanced down at hello kitty and noticed how she was following something with her eyes. Mark turned around and saw a fish person walking by, they waved at the mayor. "good day chief Zaria" the mayor said. Mark turned back to the mayor, "who is that?" he asked. the mayor smiled, "that is chief Zaria, of the atlantian empire" he said. So they also have atlantis, mark thot. Random ewok attack! Mark hides behind the mayor. The ewoks havnt transformed yet but they are close. They all run past mark and the mayor and bunker down in his living room, and go into their cocoons. Mark is kinda scared of them cause they looked like hobo ferbies, and mark has always had a secret fear of ferbies.

Mark and hello kitty and a drooling cookie monster head over to the mayan temple to see if their portal is still working. They get to the edge of the old puriten village, and step into a tropical jungle. It was muggy, and there were insects the size of chihuahuas. And there was quick sand. And gators. Mark wonderd why people were so crazy about saving rainforests if they were all like this. Right after mark had that thot, cookiemonster grabbed a bright blue frog off of a tree and cramed it into his mouth. Then he started gaging. This made hello kitty upset "meow! Moew! Moew!" [omg!](ok, im tired of trying to guess wats shes saying because her translater was vaporized , so rite after she sayz something im gonna put these thingys [ ]) cookiemonster fell on the ground hacking . his eyes rooled into his head and he stopped moving. Mark tried to find a pulse, but he wasn't sure where to look. He vilently shook cookie monster, and when he didn't move, mark decided he must be dead. hello kitty sobbbed silently, causeing mark to feel tears on his own face even tho mark didn't like cookie monster, (poor kitty). After a few minutes, they started on, leaving cookie monsters carcus for a pack of hungry leapords. They eventualy got to the temple. The mayans were going about their daily buisness, farming , ect. A fat mayan guy with lots of peircing walked up to mark, he had a younger guy with him who spoke at mark in spanish. "¿está usted de la colonia inglesa?" [are you of the English colony?] mark stood there for a moment, then looked at hello kitty, then looked back at the dude, "what?" the Mayan guy tried English, "you must be of the English colony, I am kooza" mark stared at the young dude. "Um, no I'm not from the colony, I'm from the future" the young guy appeared to be the fat guys translator. "Boy of the future, our grand priest, malooka, would like to know, if you would be our human sacrifice?" mark was terrified now, oh god, their gonna rip my heart out and feed it to their sun god, mark thot. Mark shoot his head and said "my name is mark, and no I do not want to be ur human sacrifice, I um don't believe, in that kinda thing" kooza translated what mark said, to malooka. Malooka, appeared to get angry. He shouted something at mark and waved his arms. Kooza translated "he says that he curses you, in the name of the sun god, he will bring great misfortune upon you." Mark started backing up slowly. (I don't blame him) Hello kitty went, "meow, meow mew meow?" [Wait, what about the portal] mark was halfway across the clearing by now so he shouted, "hey! Malooka! Can we use your portal?" kooza translated, "he says that you are not welcome here, therefore you may not use our portal" mark sighed, then turned to leave, "mew!" [Look out mark, their coming for us!] Mark turned to see a bunch of Mayan warriors running at him. He screamed like a girl and ran for the jungle, with hello kitty on his heels. They made a mad dash back to Roanoke. Once they crossed the boarder, the Mayans stopped chasing them. They went back to mayor's house to ask him about another portal. He was being eaten by ewoks. (They hatched, bright light, bright light!) Hello kitty got her flamethrower of happy cheerfulness and torched them. The mayor was badly injured so they asked this other dude and he told them that there wasn't another portal, but there was a wise man that lived in the forest (American forest not jungle) so mark and hello kitty went in search of the wise man. They found him a few days later (I would love to tell you all about their treacherous journey to find the wise man, but I got bored after 1 sentence) (my cat tried to eat some fish sticks my mom cooked so I threw a pencil at him) they walked into the clearing to see an old man with lots of wrinkles. He was mixing suspicious concoctions in a bowl. Mark said "hello sir, I'm from the future, I was wondering if you could send me back" the wise man sat his bowl down and faced mark, "there is no such thing as future in this place, the people never die of natural causes, time has stopped for the ppl here, this place exists outside the flow of time, you must be from the original dimension" the wise man said. Mark thot about that for a moment. Hello kitty said, "Meow, meow, meow, meow, mew, reow, meow, and meow!" [Impossible!] the wise man nodded, and said "it is possible" mark said "could you send us back?" the wise man said "no, but you do know some one, some ones who could help you, all you have to do is stay still so they can find you" mark had no clue what he was talking about, but he agreed that in order to be rescued he should stay in one spot, so he asked "can I stay here with you until I'm rescued" the wise man nodded "yes, but what about you companion, is it to be left behind?" mark glanced at hello kitty, "of course not, how do I bring her too?" mark asked. "All you have to do is hold its hand until u are rescued and it will go with you, because I certainly don't want that thing to stay here in this dimension with me" said the wise man. "Meow!" [I take offense to that!] Said hello kitty.

Mark and hello kitty sat next to the fire holding hands and waiting. After about 5 hrs mark started feeling like an idiot. The sun was sinking behind the horizon and the moon was rising, it looked really big. The full moon must be a couple of days away, mark thot, that's why I've been so agitated lately. Right after mark had that thot he felt a tug on his arm and then his arm felt like it was on fire, just like when he connected with Qui. Then there was a blinding light. When mark opened his eyes he was in the basement of the orphanage. Hello kitty was gripping his hand so hard that he thot it would break. A second later something jumped on top of him. "ow get off of me!" he yelled. Then he heard Willy say "it worked!" Willy was squeezing the crap out of him (aw it missed him, it thinks its ppl) mark looked up and saw Qui and Billy leaning over him. Billy had his medical scanner thingy, and was waving it around. Qui helped mark and looked down at both their arms. Their mark tattoo thingy was lit up again, mark hopped he hadn't killed anyone again. "Qui sent out this signal thing, and he couldn't find you for along time, but when he found you, I used my magic to bring you back." Willy was so happy to see him. Everyone else came running down the stairs. "Oh shit what happened ta u" Latavia said. "omg! I thot u were dead! Where did you go? Did that man do unmentionable things to you? Who is that? What is that?" Mac Kayla said. That was when mark remembered hello kitty. "Meow, meow, meow!" [I'm not an it!] Hello kitty said. "this is hello kitty, she helped me a lot, her and her best friend who died named strawberry shortcake, you should be sensitive" mark said. At the mention of strawberry shortcake hello kitty burst into tears. "Hey she cries as much as you, mark" Tommy said.
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