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Lacey is unaware of her tiny parents, one lost in her sock, the other on her bagel.
Chapter 1

She was beginning to get worried.  Her parents didn’t typically stay out this late…hell, it wasn’t late anymore, it was early.  8 a.m., and she still hadn’t even heard from them.  But what confused Lacey the most was that both of their cars were still in the garage.  For now, she wouldn’t worry about it.  The longer they were gone, the better, she figured, it meant she had the whole place to herself.  Crossing her long, slender legs, she began to bounce her sock-clad foot idly, reaching for her cinnamon-raisin bagel.

Frank, however, was much more confused than his daughter.  Mainly, because he didn’t understand how he’d gone from escorting his wife to her car door, to screaming for his life.  As Lacey, his tall, blonde daughter silently ate breakfast, he found himself lost within the confines of her sock, clinging desperately to the telephone pole-thick rungs of cotton fiber that intertwined all around him, just in front of her toes.  The middle-aged husband desperately struggled to avoid being tossed away from his safety net of sock, deathly afraid of finding himself lodged between the titanic, teenaged toes.  They were easily the most immense, fleshy structures he’d ever seen, yet to Lacey, they were gentle and petite, painted a cute blue color.  With each quick bounce and twist of her slim ankle and model-worthy calves, Lacey threatened to toss her poor father away from the relative safety of her toes, and closer towards the murderous sole, should she decide to set her foot down. 
                Meanwhile, Anita was having a similarly frightening experience.  Though comparatively dangerous, her situation was much different.  The landscape was rocky and craterous, with huge valleys that seem liter the ground everywhere she looked.  There was hardly a step she could take without finding herself tripping.  She’d abandoned her heels long ago; there was no sense in trying to walk through all of this, knowing full well that she would end up breaking her ankle.  She hadn’t the slightest clue where she was, unlike Frank, until a shadow cast over her.  One would think that she might have considered the smell of cinnamon in the environment, and the softness of the ground below her, but it all became too clear, when she looked up to find the source of the shadow, finding a huge, rippling plain, with five, long protruding digits…a hand.  Lacey’s hand.  She was on a breakfast pastry, helplessly waiting to be consumed by her nineteen year old daughter.
                The thumb and fore finger went on either side of her, the thumb being the closest, and she barely had a chance to breathe, before the entire bagel shook violently, as Lacey’s delicate fingers embraced the pastry, and began to lift it, obviously to take her first bite.  However, Anita was not too far from her thumb…and though the bagel’s ascent to her daughter’s face was swift, she arrived at the massive thumb just as the bagel reached the height of its climb. 
                “Lacey, it’s your mother, don’t eat the bagel!”  She screamed, beating harshly against the pink skin of the thumb, her fist fitting easily into the thumbprint.  Her answer came quickly though, as she was harassed by a foul, warm wind, that knocked her to her feet.  She looked back to Lacey’s face, hoping to see the beautiful girl’s bright blue eyes gazing down at her, but instead, saw what she expected.  Pink lips, easily half a mile wide, and a quarter mile tall each, had parted, exposing those pristine white teeth, protecting the entrance to the mouth that surely intended to trap the forty-two year old woman within it’s hot, wet cavern.  “Oh Gosh…oh gosh….”  She could only say, as tears quickly began to spring forth from Anita’s eyes, as she watched the yawning cavern of her daughters mouth open wide enough to accept the first bite of the bagel, the pink, oceanic tongue glistening with moisture.  It was dark inside, apart from the occasional strand of saliva, extending from one area of the mouth to the next, catching bits of the natural sunlight from the window Lacey sat next to.

Screaming once again, Anita attempted to get to her feet, but only fell again as the bagel was ushered forward towards the mouth’s entrance, but the stay-at-home mom realized quickly, and to her delight, that Lacey’s petite mouth would hardly fit a large enough bite to reach her.  She had time…and wasn’t far from the edge of the bagel.  But no sooner had she realized this, would Lacey begin her breakfast, the gigantic ivory structures of devastation impacting with the soft, untoasted bagel, jarring Anita harshly, and giving her a front-row seat to it all.  The teeth tore harshly through the pastry, pulling away a large chunk of landscape.  The lips followed to assist the teeth by capturing any lingering crumbs that managed to escape their wrath, just briefly glancing over the surface of the bagel.  Anita whimpered in fear, as she expected to be set down, along with the bagel, back on the plate…but had no such long.  Lacey began the chewing process, without setting the bagel down.  The bagel hovered just in front of her soft lips as she chewed.  Anita could only watch in horror as her daughter masticated part of her world, and as close as she was, every gnashing, chewing, grinding sound that resonated from within the blonde’s mouth, was amplified, as the lips hardly stayed sealed, occasionally giving her Lacey’s mother a very clear view of the inside of the mouth, while she carelessly ate.

His fingers began to burn from attempting to avoid the dangerous toes of his beautiful daughter.  Frank was about to give up hope, hoping to land directly on top of the toes, instead of between them, when to his luck, As she took her first bite of bagel, the rocking stopped, and Frank’s world was still...for a moment.  He got a great, detailed look at the murderous toes, no longer even wiggling…but this pause was not very long, in fact, the world shook with a vengeance, as Lacey curled her toes at the sweet taste of breakfast.  The knuckles of each toe exposing itself briefly, and Frank could only watch, as he embraced himself for what was, essentially, an explosion of power from the, delicate, yet powerful toes…stretching the fabric of the cotton as they temporarily spread and wiggled, sending Frank spiraling desperately towards the even softer cavern of flesh between Lacey’s toes.
                And Lacey had no clue of the torture she was putting her parents through, at the expense of warm feet, and sweet breakfast.  She gave a tiny sigh, as she bit the bagel, eyes rolling in the back of her head, partially out of boredom, mostly out of contempt for the idea of her parents walking in and fussing at her for sitting at the breakfast table with the shades lifted, and wearing only her bra, panties, and an open, silken night robe.  Well, what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

Chapter 2

“Ugh…it’s just so dry…”  Lacey spoke, dropping her bagel for a moment, as she stood and walked over to the refrigerator.  She wouldn’t be able to stomach this bagel alone without some sort of condiment, even if it meant skipping dessert later, or having water with all of her meals.  She had to do something to manage the calories she was putting into her body, unaware that calories weren’t the only thing she was about to consume.

“Lacey, baby!” Anita screamed, watching her daughter’s massive lips, as they acted as a veil to hide the atrocities that were being committed within the confines of her mouth, other than the occasional moment where the lips would part just barely enough to allow Anita to get a brief glance within that horrible cave of wonders, that she would be witnessing first hand.  Well, she would witness it, if she didn’t quickly see refuge somewhere other than her daughter’s bagel.  As she ran, she turned to get a glance at the mouth, just in time to see Lacey as she allowed her bagel to fall.  A second later, the bagel crashed to the plate, rocking Anita’s entire world, and she stumbled forward harshly, her foot getting caught in one of the many cracks in the bagel, before she fell forward, her ankle twisting out of place.  She couldn’t walk.

Frank was lucky to be alive, tangled up in a few cotton fibers between Lacey’s toes.  He’d managed to avoid being completely crushed as the aspiring teen model had wiggled and splayed her toes, much to his despair, but was now in the relative safety, in the dark cavern between the two biggest toes.  She’d stopped bouncing her foot, briefly at one point, and he’d secured himself deep in the ridges of the toes, but his relief was short lived.  The blonde’s massive leg had shifted position, and he felt the entire foot declining…looks like her feet were headed to the floor.  He braced for impact, which came quickly, jarring the forty six year old account to his bones, as the massive, feminine foot landed harshly on the floor, hopping down from the stool-like chair to grab some cream cheese.  The menacing toes that surrounded him wiggled barely as they secured their places on the floor, within the white cotton sock, and then squeezed together briefly, to push off the rest leg off of the floor.  Frank, witnessing all of this first hand, could only scream, barely able to see any of the monumental first step of his baby girl, who was only trying to feed herself breakfast.

He continued to hold on, her toes already beginning to emit a minimal amount of perspiration, the socks were fairly thick, and it was summer.  After eating the bagel, he figured she’d probably remove the socks, which meant freedom for him.  There was brief sensation of weightlessness, as the foot sailed hundreds of miles into the air, a simple step for the skinny teen, and the swung forward to complete the first step.  He found himself losing grip on the moist surface of his daughters toe flesh, and before he was able to adjust it, was falling.  It was only a brief freefall, however, as he landed on the bottom of the thick cotton sock under Lacey’s toes.  His ride did not end there, as the foot continued to propel forward, and he found himself sliding backwards, her toes wiggling once again as if to say goodbye.  Tumbling end over end over the duration of her step, he found himself no longer looking up at her soft, warm toes, but at the sole of her foot.  It was no longer the soft bit of flesh he used to tickle when she was a little girl, but now, an incomprehensible, vast sky of wrinkled flesh.  Each wrinkle created a valley within the warm teenager’s flesh that easily could have made the Grand Canyon seem pathetic.  He had no time to register this though, as he further slid across the sock, staring up at the sole of the foot, until it eventually became her heel, and he was caught behind it, stuck between it, and the back of her sock.  He’d stay there, for the duration of her walk to the refridgerator, and back to her seat.  Once sitting again, she innocently crossed her legs and began bouncing that same foot again, subjecting her father to the torture of enduring each little shake and wiggle of her ankle, spreading the strawberry cream cheese over her breakfast.

Anita had begun to cry desperately, clawing at the bagel to pull herself the 10-15 feet to the edge of the bagel before her daughter returned.  If she could get there, she could toss herself off the edge, onto the plate, and find her husband.  The gasped with each pull, as her ankle throbbed, daring her to try to put any pressure on it.  As she passed the five feet mark…an ominous shadow raised over her hand, covering most of the bagel.  It was Lacey’s hand. 
                “No!  No!  Lacey don’t eat me!”  She screamed, unaware that her daughter’s first priority was to cover the bagel in sweet, sticky cream cheese.  Anita felt the bagel shake and Lacey gripped it, allowing it to hover above the plate.  Turning around briefly, her face went pale with fear.  A butter knife, easily able to slice her into bits, was coming down towards her.  And worse, it was covered in a thick-gooey pink substance.

                ‘She’s going to cover me in cream cheese before she eats me…’ Thought Anita, the color returning to her face as her eyes filled with tears again, and she fought the idea of trying to take her own life before her daughter did.  A few more weak crawling attempts were made by the woman, before the bagel shook again, as the knife impacted it.  Desperate to reach Lacey’s thumb, she cried out again, but in vain, as the knife spread the cream cheese smoothly over the untoasted bagel.  Anita was covered in the first go-round, coughing and spitting out the strawberry-flavored topping, and struggling to move, which had become increasingly more difficult.  She was now not only injured, but stuck in the cream cheese, on the bagel her daughter was about to eat.

Anita was, in her daughter’s words, screwed.

Lacey, after coating the entire bagel in cream cheese, set the knife down, licked her thumb free of excess cheese, and brought the bagel, and her mother, to her part lips, ready to give them both a one way trip to her tight, toned stomach.

Chapter 3

Frank was on the verge of falling unconscious.  He’d never been a person much for thrill rides in the first place, and now his daughter was subjecting him to the most intense roller coaster he’d ever been on.  However, this ride came with no seatbelts, no attendant checking that all the guests adhered to safety guidelines, and no anticipation of escaping soon.  Lacey’s toes were astonishingly huge, and equally devastating, and the poor man could do little to escape their wrath.

With each wiggle the goddess-like blonde made of her toes, Frank found himself smothered in her flesh, his face buried between the ridges of Lacey’s toe prints.  His fists beat and flailed wildly at the pale skin, and it seemed that for each pound of his miniscule fists against Lacey’s big toe, she would only reply by squeezing her toes together again, darkening Frank’s world again.  The light had already been lightly veiled due to the shading of the thick cotton sock adorned on the captor’s foot, but when she squeezed them together, Franks world was pitch black.

In addition to the threat of being crushed, or suffocating between the petite toes of his daughter, there was the constant rolling and tapping of the entire foot, some of the motion restricted to only that slender ankle, other motions as large as the calf and shin bouncing at the knee against the opposite knee.  Frank had noticed by now that the larger motions were the most tolerable, feeling more like large shifts in motion, like a cruise ship turning a little too quickly. They were powerful and intimidating, but providing little danger.  Her ankle, however, provided terrible stress to the girl’s father, the motions more harshly attempting to toss the tiny man from his relatively secure location between Lacey’s two largest toes.

Though the toes were not the most pleasant of places to be, Frank preferred there above anywhere else in the sock; if he were to slip under foot, he was certain that he would be reduced to little more than paste under blonde’s dramatic sole, or treated to a very bumpy ride on the desert plain of her in-step.  The choices were few and daunting, but they were all he had.  He’d given up screaming, there was no way Lacey would hear her toe jam calling for help inside her sock.  It chilled him.  Frank was no longer a father, but toe jam, fit to do nothing but pray for freedom from this torture.

Miles above, Anita had began to silently weep.  At the beginning of this whole thing, when she found herself struggle across the top of Lacey’s bagel, the mother was struggling to fight thoughts about how she would punish her daughter for putting her through all of this, even if she did survive.  But now, Anita had become more resigned to her fate.  Lacey was doing very little wrong, other than taking one of Anita’s bagels without permission, and even in that, there was minimal fault.

She’d already witnessed a first bite, and it had changed her whole consideration on just how violent an act this whole situation of eating breakfast was.  Now covered in fruit-flavored cream cheese, Anita was unable to free herself from the tasty pastry’s grasp, and even if she could, would not be able to get far on her damaged ankle.  Being something of a writer and artist, Anita had found a sort of beauty in the thought of being consumed by her precious daughter.  Lacey had come out of Anita’s womb almost two decades ago, and now that she was on the cusp of adulthood, Anita could think of no better way to serve her daughter in death, as to sustain her energy for another few hours.

If she was going to be eaten, she was going to be the healthiest, most beneficial breakfast Lacey had ever seen.  Her only hope was that Frank was safe somewhere.  Maybe he’d been consumed already, and they could meet for a final time inside of their unknowing daughter’s stomach.  A tear shed from her eye, she loved her family more than anything.

No more time for romantic thoughts of poetic demise.  The bagel’s ascent to Lacey’s lips had finally reached its culmination, and across the horizon of untoasted and lightly garnished bagel, Anita could see the soft pink lips of the goddess’ face appear.  Though she’d seen them hundreds of thousands of times, the sweet, soft lips that she used to kiss when Lacey was a little girl, there was something different now, even apart from the her first encounter with those lips.  Though relatively small in comparison to the rest of the face, they commanded an authority like no other.  Beyond them was the beginning of a terrible fate.  Teeth, tongue, saliva, gullet, and possibly the scariest of them all, the absolute darkness, all working together to create an atmosphere of ruin and destruction.

Reflecting on all of these things, Anita’s train of thought was derailed; that pink monster that previously sat dormant inside of the mouth introduced itself, barely slipping out to moisten the parched lips that kept it hidden and safe.  But now, it was awake.  Ending its sojourn across the titanic teens lips, those same lips responded by parting from each other slowly, and widening the passageway to Lacey’s inner-workings, the first step to digestion.

Anita began to shake, watching the events take place, the pain in her ankle both reminding her that all of this was real, and keeping her from fainting.  Just as the lips parted, a familiar, oppressive wind rolled over the bagel, and had she not been so permanently pasted to the bagel, would have sent her sprawling off of it.  As the hot, moist cavern unleashed a heavy dose of morning breath onto the miniscule woman about to become its prey, Anita also began to take note of the more intricate detail of Lacey’s mouth, as it opened wide enough to accept her.

Though her incisors were only barely visible, the tips of them on both bottom and top rows exposing themselves like a mountain range, she could see that they were not as pristine and white as she once believed them to be.  There was the slightly, most undetectable hint of imperfect color from plaque buildup.  Anita surmised that it was only because of her predicament that she was able to notice this, and quickly dismissed the idea that she hadn’t educated her daughter well enough in the dental arts.

Next, beyond those teeth, was the moist, fearsome tongue that had shown itself only a moment ago.  It rested patiently for her now, covered in saliva and ominously still.  It was mostly hidden by the darkness.  It then struck Anita that she would not get to witness her own death.  There was no light inside of Lacey’s mouth, nor was there any in her stomach, or anywhere else inside the nineteen year olds digestive system.

Those lips parted farther still, until those powerful jaws were spread just barely wide enough for the teeth to pass over the top and bottom surfaces of the bagel.  Anita had gone virtually silent now; she could only hear the sound of her own breathing, even in the midst of Lacey’s.  The closer she got to Lacey’s mouth, the more detailed it became, until her lips moved out of her peripheral vision.  There was nothing left but to watch as the bagel continued forward hundreds of feet per second.  Above, the incisors loomed overhead, and the darkness of the mouth began to overtake the light of the kitchen.  No turning back or trying to escape now.  Anita turned to get a quick glance at the outside world again, now framed by Lacey’s teeth, and farther, her lips.  She noticed the fern planted in the corner of the kitchen, she had planned to water it today…maybe Lacey would get to it after breakfast.

Finally, that terrifying darkness had taken over completely, and those destructive incisors went into action, descending rapidly onto, and through the bagel.  Anita yelped in fear, and almost tried to move, but quickly remembered her inability to do that.  The teeth had gone several yards past her, and she could see thin slivers of light shining from between the teeth as they settled together, but even that only lasted for a moment, before the lips sealed Anita inside her daughter’s mouth.

A moment of stillness, tranquility, and peace.  Nothing moved, not that she would have seen it.  The mother could only hear the gentle sound of saliva dripping or splashing from one place to another inside the cavernous mouth.  She knew it would only last a moment.

And only a moment it lasted.  The blue-eyed blonde’s jaw shifted down, and the tongue, previously dormant until now, lifted from its still position, raising the bagel, and the mother atop it, and shifting to move them between the separated rows over massive teeth.  Though she couldn’t quite make out what was happening, Anita didn’t need to see it.  She hadn’t considered the thought of being chewed to death, like food, before being swallowed.  This was a whole new dynamic, and a scary one.

But she wasn’t food…she was a woman, a human being, a mother, a wife, a sister, among other things.  No matter how poetic it would have been to die as a victim of Lacey’s digestive system, it was not her fate.  She had to escape this place…for her daughter’s sake.

Chapter 4:

It is thought that a mother, in a moment of desperation for the safety of their child, can display superhuman abilities.  There are documented cases of women single-handedly moving cars off of children trapped by them, who could not repeat the action after their child was safe.

If you asked Anita, Lacey was in more danger now, than ever.  Anita’s death would mean the pretty blonde would go to college, get married, raise her children, and live the rest of her life, without her mother’s influence.  That, in itself, was a tragedy.  But what if Lacey ever found out that she had eaten her mother for breakfast?  It would send the young woman into such a state that Anita doubted Lacey would ever be the same again.  She couldn’t let that happen.  Frank was a great father, but a father could never replace a mother, and there was no way in hell she’d die and let Frank remarry to have some other woman finish raising her child.  No, Anita was going to survive.

These thoughts had all crossed Anita’s mind in a matter of seconds.  Or maybe even less than that, it had only been long enough for Lacey to shift her mouthful of bagel, mother included, from her wet, pink tongue, onto her molars, as her jaw lowered to begin the chewing process.  Luckily, as the jaws separated, Lacey’s feminine lips had also parted, though only slightly.  It was enough to send a ray of sunshine into the cavernous recesses of the mouth, and give Anita a chance to see those terrible, white teeth above her, as the lower jaw rose to meet with the upper jaw.

Whether or not this was Anita’s pure strength of will, or some super-mom ability for the sake of her daughter, the pain in the poor woman’s ankle had numbed to the point of non-existence. Anita, covered in cream cheese and saliva, dove out of the way just in time to watch the bagel she had been a passenger of be crushed under the blonde bombshells powerful teeth, and those lips pursed together again, sealing off the light.  Anita, gasping for breath, lay on the tongue, trying not to cry.  She hadn’t dared look behind her, into that evil chasm of her daughter’s throat.  She only looked ahead at the back of those terrible teeth, trying to regain her composure, she started crawling on hands and knees, fist over fist towards the entrance to the mouth, hoping it would provide another ray of light to guide her path, and grant her freedom.

Frank, on the other hand, had devised a plan, and was enacting it.  Though a majority of his clothes had been torn and ripped, his pockets were still intact, as were his keys.  Lacey’s movements had begun to settle, and Frank, still lodged between her toes, had pulled out his keys found the old switch blade.  The His first reaction was to try to cut away at the sock, to escape those menacing toes, but upon further review of the plan, decided to contact Lacey directly.  The thought of causing any injury to his daughter made him wince, but, like Anita, the thought of losing his right to raise his daughter took prevalence.  With a sigh, he turned and adjusted himself to face the wall of flesh between the toes, reared back, and jammed that blade into his Lacey’s flesh as deep as he could make it.


He tried again.


“For fucks sake!”  He screamed, and took a look around.  The skin between those toes was just too thick.  As he scanned the fleshy, musky surroundings, Frank got another idea.  He could try again, on top of the toe, closer to the toenail.  Then skin was not as dense there, and he’d have a chance to get her attention again.  To his left, her big toenail rested, slightly bobbing, and covered in ladder-like rings of indentions; the toe prints.  Sighing, he placed his hand against the toe, and began climbing.

It was a humbling experience, to be small enough to not only be lost inside his daughter’s sock like lint, but also have to climb from between her toes like some deep valley.  It took him longer than he would have appreciated, especially since both he and the toe had begun to perspire some, but eventually, he tumbled over the flesh, and onto the hard surface of Lacey’s toenail, the blue-painted surface making the toenail seem near oceanic in proportions. Above him, just a few inches on his scale, the cotton sock lay above him, obviously the sock had been a tad too large for the girl, and was hardly tight against her foot.

He crawled along the surface of the toenail for only a few minutes, luckily having positioned himself close to the cuticle as he climbed the mountainous toe, and once there, retrieved that switch blade again, and repeated the same action a few feet from the toenail’s cuticle, driving the blade deep into the flesh.


Again he tried, with more fervor.


“No, this has to work!  Please!  Please Lacey!”  Frank began to pummel the flesh with fist and blade alike with all abandon.  He was desperate at this point, nothing else had worked, and he knew if this didn’t, he’d never escape until he was dead, or tossed off of her foot along with the sock, probably into an endless maze of dirty clothes and trapped for days.  But as he continued, he noticed just beneath the surface of the flesh, a light blushing to the skin.  “Yes!”  He screamed, and continued to beat at the sky flesh, and dig away at it, until finally, his blade broke through the skin, and an eruption of blood, hardly even noticeable to the giantess, exploded from the skin, knocking Frank back.  Just as he landed on his butt, he heard something, muffled and indistinct, but if he didn’t know better, it sounded like Lacey’s response to his attempt to gain her attention.

“…Ow!”  Lacey muttered, though it hadn’t really hurt, but got her attention.  Dropping her bagel, she stopped chewing her first bite, and reached down towards her foot, dangling in the air.

That ceaseless swaying that had discouraged frank for so long had finally come to a complete halt, and Frank waited for something to happen.  From his position on her toes, Frank looked up at the slope of flesh on top of Lacey’s foot, arching high up into the air.  As his eyes followed the foot higher and higher, he saw that, just below her ankle, the sock reached its cuff, and he could see no higher.  Lacey’s foot was the single largest thing he’d ever encountered, rivaled by nothing, until his world began to move in unexpected ways.

His eyes stayed focused as high as possible, where her skin met the sock through all of this, and his jaw nearly went slack at the next sight.  The entire sock began to shift and as it did, another flesh colored object separated it from the skin of the foot…Lacey’s finger.

He’d done it!  She’d felt him, and was removing her sock!

“Yes, Lacey, sweetheart, get me out of here! “  He cried out, trying to stand up, and even attempted to start climbing up the foot towards the light that had been exposed by Lacey’s finger.  Frank began to grin…until something unexpected happened.

Instead of digging further into the sock to begin pulling it off, the finger only squeezed tight against the fabric of the sock, pinching it against another finger out of sight, and began to pull the sock tighter onto her foot.

“No, Lacey!  Stop!”  He screamed, now more quickly trying to reach the top of her petite foot, but as he attempt to climb to inclined surface, the foot began to move again, adjusting to the sock being pulled tighter.  Frank tripped and tumbled back down the warm foot, and right back to Lacey’s toes, where he fell right back between where he had been, between her two largest toes. 

He was about to curse his luck and try again, being persistent, when the sock, final wrapping itself fully around the length of the foot, pulled right around the toes, pushing them a little closer together.  Frank was squeezed tighter between his daughter’s long, warm toes more harshly than ever, but could still breathe.  It was until those toes began to wiggle together that Frank felt his lung beginning to collapse.

He couldn’t yell or scream, there was no breath support to do so, and try as he might, her toes, pummeling him over and over, were too strong.  His vision began to darken for a moment, until finally the toes relented, spreading apart again, and Frank breathed what would be his last breath.

Lacey, finally comfortable with her sock’s position again, curled tight against each other, as she sat back up to reach for her bagel again.  Frank stood no chance, and his daughter’s toes entombed him, compressing him tighter than ever before, and even if he could have stayed conscious, he wouldn’t have for long, as his tiny body finally gave up, and caved in on itself.

Anita, during all of this, had managed to fight through the chewing process inside Lacey’s mouth to reach her  teeth, and was banging wildly against her lower incisors.  She kept beating as harshly as she could, despite the overwhelming maelstrom of spit, pastry, and cream cheese that surrounded her.  She’d almost taken refuge under the tongue, but kept finding herself being pressed against the gum line when she tried. 

During one of her attempts at freedom, everything had stopped, and she heard something being generated in Lacey’s throat.  At nearly the same time, the mouth opened, and a powerful force erupted from behind the mother.  It would have sounded like ‘Ow!’, if Anita hadn’t immediately gone deaf.  The light had nearly blinded her, but with a lost ability to hear, she was disoriented and confused, tumbling away from the teeth and back onto the tongue. 

She lay there for a moment, staring up into the darkness towards the roof of Lacey’s mouth.  Her ability to fight had been wiped out by Lacey’s tongue and torn asunder, just like the bagel had been.  The time passed slowly, and though Lacey had paused in her chewing, it was anything but peaceful.

Moments later, the world was thrown back into chaos, and Anita, struggling inside the terrible maw of destruction, did nothing to prevent herself from sliding when the tongue began to ascend towards the roof of the mouth.

She only closed her eyes.  The super human in her had lost the fight, and given way to the poetic side of her mind, submitted to the poetry of serving her daughter in the greatest sacrifice she could come up with, as her breakfast.  The torrent of chewed pastry surrendered to the throat, and Lacey’s gullet opened wide, welcoming Anita and the rest of the chewed waste of bagel resting on the tongue.  Anita cried mentally, but did not allow herself to shed a tear; it was time to be brave.  Curling up in the mess of masticated breakfast, Anita allowed herself to slide over the precipice of the throat, and into the awaiting darkness of the esophagus.

Lacey uncaringly adjusted her sock, annoyed at the fabric for disturbing her meal and squeezed her toes together so that her toes would be comfortable.  Once she sat up straight again, she lifted a hand to her head and ran her fingers through her hair, and swallowed her mouthful with a heavy gulp.  Even with the cream cheese, it was entirely too dry.  She couldn’t imagine why her mother enjoyed them so much, but she knew she wouldn’t be getting anymore.  Deciding to move this whole breakfast situation to another room, the tall blonde picked up her bagel and headed for her bedroom, to watch television.
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