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by Archie
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Have we become a nation of non-thinkers?
There are so many people in society holding diverse opinions and gathering together in demonstrations against all matter of things.  Everyone wants "the good life," but no one wants to pay for "the good life." 

Here are a few mob-induced, no-rational "battle cries" of the peasants, or should I call them minions?  I call these the battle cries of the inane:

No new taxes!

No to Light Rail!

No tolls!

Unions, Yes!

Lock 'em up; throw away the key!

Right Wing Fascists!

Left Wing Communists!

Throw the Bums Out!

Love it or leave it!

Those are the sounds of freedom!

It's for the children!

There are many more such inane, or nonsensical battle cries of the clueless mobs who gather to denigrate one thing or another.  What is so sad about these phrases of the inane are that they establish a "black & white" thought pattern; there is no intermeidate grey, nor is there a chance of diversity of color, and depth.  It is either "Yay" or "Nay."  There is no middle ground.

Notice that such mobs of minions are never for something, always against, nor do they ever offer solutions to the problems their leaders have perceived and foisted upon them.  Such herds of humanity never allow opposing voices to speak.  To do so would be dangerous, perhaps force them to think of other points of view, of real solutions, if there even is a problem.

There is no thinking involved when one takes a stance with such strident thoughtlessness.  What little thougth that takes place occurs outside the minion minds; the "thinking," and that term is used loosely, takes place withing the executive committees of unions, political parties, and special interest groups.  They, the executive committees, come up with the black & white slogans, the thoughtless, albeit cute, sayings, and they feed this inanity to the minion masses who await word regarding what they think.  They, the people who fear original thought, who support special interest groups, who support unions, who support political paqrties unthinkingly, cherish the opportunity to carry signs someone else has made and shout slogans someone else has thought up.  Such are the diversely deficient thinkers.

There is no more "voice of the people."  Instead, we have the many voices of left-wing and right-wing pundits; we have the authoritative, though under-informed voices of news anchors.  Our real leaders come from the ranks of talking heads, from the lips of talk-radio hosts, and from grass-roots organizations which are really national, sometimes multi-national organizations posing as the voice of the people.

How can this be true?

It is true because we have stopped thinking.  We no longer participate in critical thinking on the issues of the day.  We join personality cults, believing our candidate can do no wrong, and the opposing candidate can do no right.

Inane slogans have replaced rational thinking

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1868744