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by Shaara
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Spider on a bed

NaNO, 2012 WINNER!!!! (220,000 words)

(Finished. This now lies buried in the old files of my blog, waiting for me to edit. I ask myself, off and on, when I'll do that?????)

Spider Hopping

On a distant planet, fifteen-year-old Caralee has the responsibility for her little three-year-old sister, a very adventurous and mischievious scamp. The book opens with the pony-sized, planet-native spiders being freed from their pen -- little Lissie's action, of course.

Thankfully Danuel, the seventeen-year-old grocery delivery boy, who Caralee thinks is cute as an astronaut trainee, arrives in time to help, but that's just the start of the adventures of the three.

For the Bumbers, an alien species that resemble the herd spiders, except twice as big and far more dangerous, begin their invasion.

The young threesome, to avoid being captured, escape to safety.

But staying hidden, even in the thickness of the Tangy Woods, isn't easy, not when the aliens have a ship full of technology and the help of the local herd spiders.

This is for an article of the Fantasy Newsletter.

Spider Hopping

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TWO OTHER OLD BLOG NOVELS -- {first drafts)

My Problem -- My Family. Book 1.

Imagine a family that consists of a witch, a Midas-touched father, a teleporter, a sister who can read minds, twins with the ability to see into the future and find things, and . . . Morgan – a young boy with no special abilities at all.

Morgan Skye, the main character, has good reason to bemoan his existence. Especially when he wakes up one morning -- still in his pajamas -- and finds himself on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, staring up at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The oddness only gets increasingly more and more complex as the strains of magic wrap tendrils about young Morgan's life . . .

This is an illustration of the Golden Gate Bridge in California.


This is an illustration from my children's book of vehicles.

The Horse at Kookletown


Theopolis Thorntree, is recovering from an alien attack in which his beloved android lover perished.

Grieving and ill, he voyages to Kookletown, a Planet Earth Wild West restoration, which at first seems the ideal place to recuperate . . . except, Thorntree isn't recovering from his injuries, but getting worse.

In the town's saloon, Thorntree meets the famous Investigator Farraday who's visiting Kookletown to explore a surge of unexplained human deaths.

Farraday and his saucy daughter, Kim, nurse Thorntree back to health. But as the young man begins to feel himself again, he finds that he's been dragged into a dangerous mystery involving robotic androids, and along the way discovers that love can be thoroughly exasperating when it involves the investigator's own bright-eyed daughter.

But things are not as they seem in Kookletown, not when . . .

a sentient horse,

an alien with two heads,

evolving androids,

robots who yearn for human souls

romance that's sometimes a tease and other times deliciously intriguing --

all play a part in this tale.

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Did I forget to mention there are ghosts in the cemetery?

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