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A far-off vacation getaway.
The cliffs of Charon tower high,
and that is our spring getaway.
A grand vacation in the sky,
the moon of Pluto, cold and gray.

But oh, those cliffs, how they appear,
and cold is no deterring foe.
The gray is not a hue to fear,
nor gelid winds an undertow!

To climb the cliffs, to touch the night
with Pluto’s dim face looking on.
Yet even with the lack of light,
we love these cliffs we scale upon.

The stars speak out as if to plead,
“Reach out, and take our glimmering.”
As we ascend, they meet our need,
eternity’s grand shimmering!

They wonder why we venture to
the outer regions far from sun.
But we enjoy the cliff’s milieu
as our vacation spot for fun.

We pound our spike in crevice wall
as part of our intrepid climb.
In silver suits we have a ball
upon this moon entranced in time.

A geyser nearby spews about,
and briefly does our climb stay pat.
But after this succinct timeout,
we look to see a Charon bat.

He soars above the icy front
only to dive upon our group.
And as our helmets take the brunt,
as news, we have a Charon scoop!

But we enjoy our deep space reign,
and tip our caps to Pluto’s moon.
As long as Charon cliffs remain,
another trip won’t be too soon.

36 Lines

Charon (ker-en) is a moon of Pluto.

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