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Bell rang, a long eerie noise, I stood up and headed out the door, running my hands through my long silky black hair. My backpack filled with homework and textbooks rested on my back. I made sure to remember to bring my purse with me. It felt good to know this weekend last three days instead of the normal two. I looked forward to having that extra day off. However, all my dad thinks of is that I should prepare for my sister's wedding, and bugs me about it every day all the time. This wedding was going to be on Monday, my extra day off and I hadn't even begin to pick out the clothes that I was going to wear for the wedding. I basically think that can wait until later since I just got out of school and didn't feel like picking out clothes for Monday right away. There is plenty of time to prepare in the morning. I bent down and picked up a few stones that stood out off the corner of the parking lot. Ever since band camp they had the teacher south parking lot torn apart, it is nothing but black dirt. I didn't like to park in the parking lot anyway since I drove. They were a few stones that stood out. I love stones that look different than everyday rocks and gravel. They were a pearly white and sparkled like crazy. It glowed brightly, then a sudden flash caused me to blackout. Quickly after I recovered, I saw some eagle like creatures flying in one direction. Looking around, I found a few pebbles that looked familiar. I picked them up. Pearly white and sparkly, they glowed and then the flash happened. I came home and took out a piece of paper. The picture on it I drew looked exactly like the place the stones took me, as if magnifying the picture to life. Off the shelf I took a spyglass and put it over the ground area. It looked as if someone was there...

"Dad, I'm home," I said when dad walked through the door.

"What did you draw today?" Dad asked when he came into the kitchen.

"Look at this drawing. It has some eagle like creatures flying high in the sky," I replied.

"Looks good to me," dad said.

I went over and put the picture onto my bed. Then I picked up the pearly white pebbles I had picked up from school. Again there was a flash and I ended up inside the picture. I noticed the footsteps were from my shoes. This time I didn't have a backpack on me. Then I looked up and watched as the eagle like creatures started flying in my direction, coming closer and closer with each flap of the wings. I turned over to the trees and ran behind a tree. These creatures soon landed and then started calling my name. Out of curiosity, I came out into the clearing from behind the tree.

"There is an important mission we need you to go onto. You will have to face Tigeras, the three headed purple dragon, and bring back with you five golden eggs. These five golden eggs is important to keep the world at bay and could endanger your world as well. We can fly you over the mountains from here as a head start. Will you accept this mission?" The bigger one asked as I overcame my fear.

"I have some spare time so I will accept," I said. I felt like I was missing my homework and reading to do for the day.

"Come on my back then," the bigger one said.

"What is your name by the way?" I asked.

"Cerrealia," Cerrealia replied.

"How did you know my name?"

"Prophecy. It involves you and the five golden eggs."

"What is the prophecy?"

"Since this is a long flight to the mountains I will tell you. It begins at night," Cerrealia began.

"One night, an owl laid five golden eggs. These were no ordinary eggs that an owl would usually lay. These eggs is said to bring good luck in the hands of the right person. An ordinary farmer saw the nest the owl had and then climbed up on the tree. Then this farmer took these eggs in his hands and put them in his pouch. Good luck was brought to the entire family as he kept these eggs safe.

"One day a thief came to the house and destroyed his family's home and took the eggs for himself. This thief had left behind a message. If the farmer wanted to have the five golden eggs back then he would have to search for Angelica Weatherby. Then the thief left with all of the eggs. So then the thief started to have good luck. The thief ran until he met Tigeras, the three headed dragon. The dragon took all five golden eggs for himself. Then he said, 'No one can stop me.'

"Then, one of the fortune tellers in a camp far away came up with a hopeful future, scary at the same time. She said, 'One by the name of Angelica Weatherby can stop this world from being destroyed by the fate of Tigeras. All she needs to do is to talk and convince him to hand over the five golden eggs and bring the eggs to the Empire. She will leave behind footsteps to be found.'

"Ever since then we have been waiting for the one who would leave footsteps in the clearing," Cerrealia finished.

"That's me," I gasped. 'How was I going to accomplish this mission? I am a poor talker.'

"That's right. We believe you are the one who left those footprints in the clearing. I see those rocks transport you from your world into our world. You won't be needing those rocks for a while. Time runs differently between both worlds," Cerrealia said confidently.

After flying over the mountains then they stopped down at the bottom. The ride over seemed pretty smooth. Suddenly the sand split apart just feet away from where Cerrealia landed and a giant cobra came out from beneath the sand. Its hood cast a shadow on me as it spread out. I gulped. Meeting a giant cobra would be the end if it was hungry and looking to eat. Cobras who spread out their hood isn't a good sign.

"Jacque, this is Angelica Weatherby. Angelica Weatherby, this is Jacque," Cerrealia said.

"Hello, you aren't going to eat me, are you?" I asked weakly.

"No, I am not. I am here to take you to see Tigeras. I see the prophecy is true then, isn't it?" Jacque said.

"Yes, indeed. And fortunately for you there is water to drink underneath all this sand. Would you like to have a drink?" Cerrealia had dug out a hole large enough to see water.

"I, sure. I am thirsty. Better drink up before I go on a ride on Jacque's back. This desert is hot," I said, riding on Cerrealia's tail to grab a drink of water.

When tomorrow came I woke up to seeing a large sand castle. Its walls stretched as far I could see. Then I entered the castle, wondering how all of this sand could stay in one place. Then I continued down the hall for a ways. Surely I would make it to the heart of the castle by going in this direction. After a while I came across the three headed dragon that they spoke about. Tigeras was just laying there, asleep. A little bit further I could see the entrance to the treasure room. I gulped. Tigeras was equally big, there seemed to be some kind of evil presence in the air. Suddenly, Tigeras woke up.

"Hi there, I am Angelica Weatherby. I am here on behalf of the empire to take five golden eggs," I said. I didn't know what kind of empire existed in this world but it was worth a try.

"No one has my permission to take my eggs," Tigeras said.

"I could make a deal. If I win the game of Tic-Tac-Toe, then I will take the eggs. But if I lose the game of Tic-Tac-Toe, then you can keep the eggs," I said. I knew a secret to winning this game.

"I will accept and I will win," Tigeras said.

The floor then became a Tic-Tac-Toe board. Since Tigeras insisted that I go first then I picked out a corner to put an X. Tigeras moved second with an O. After careful consideration, I made my next move. A trap was in place. Tigeras put an O. Then I put down a X, winning the game. Tigeras roared with disgust as I smiled.

"I win. Now hand me over the five golden eggs," I said bravely.

"I have no choice," Tigeras said. A servant came out of the treasure room with the five golden eggs. I carefully put them in a crate and went back to the entrance of the castle. Jacque was waiting for me.

"Ready to go to the Empire?" Jacque asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Let's go."

Quickly I returned to where Cerrealia and his friends were waiting for me. Then I changed from Jacque to Cerrealia with the eggs and rode back over the mountains. They continued to fly past the place I arrived into the world over to a real stone castle. There the people looked like elves. Cerrealia landed and I went over with one of the servants to the throne room. There I presented the five golden eggs. Then the king placed the eggs on the nest. The eggs began to hatch. One by one, a tiny, baby owl came out of the egg. The servants present immediately brought food for the baby owl. Each one of them was gold in color.

"Don't be afraid, they will bring you good luck," the king said.

"Thank you," I reached out and petted an owl.

After a feast the next day I decided it was time to head back home. I went out to where Cerrealia was waiting for me and got on. After saying goodbye Cerrealia took off into the air and headed over to where I appeared. There I noticed the pebbles remained in the same spot. After saying goodbye to Cerrealia I picked up the pebbles and waited for the flash to happen. Then the flash happened and I was back in my bedroom.

"Are you ready for your shower?" Dad called out.

"Yes, I am," I responded, grabbing my clothes and heading for a much needed shower.
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