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by Archie
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Sometimes the outcome of news stories is less than satisfactory.
In reading today’s news, I am disgusted over some of the things people do. Here is a short list of the things I’d like to happen as a result of the actions reported in the stories:

• The lady who only got two years for stealing food should get more. Her previous criminal record was atrocious, and she stole cans of oysters and a jar of horseradish sauce. Put her away for more than two years.

• The man who tried to kill a police officer was charged with attempted murder and a good number of related charges. The officer is still in bad shape. I hope the man, if found guilty, never sees freedom.

• Pakistan has sentenced the man who helped the CIA find bin Laden to 33 years for helping the U. S. Pakistan is not our friend. Let’s stop sending them weapons and money, and let’s stop all trade with them.

• Ex-Legislator Phil Hamilton believes he deserves to win an appeal on his corruption charges. Claims he thought his work computer deserved privacy from investigators because he was writing to his wife. He actually got off easier than he could have. Next strike and he should be wearing prison dungarees for a long time. There should be another trial, by the way, one for his wife because of her complicacy in his crime. There should also be a trial for the ODU staff members who were his accomplices.

I can see giving some criminals a second chance, only one, and then strike the hammer hard.

What are your thoughts on these stories? Are there others that disgusted you?
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