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A 235 word story about a man name William who was bitten. Created for the Writers Cramp.
I was receiving everything from flowers to chocolates. But I couldn’t bring myself to look at either. The food was almost gone and I was wearing dirty clothes that hadn’t been washed in weeks. I couldn’t believe my dog and husband were gone. It had all started that horrible day, the day of the bite.
One Monday morning William was going on his morning walk. He walked into the Admiral Starbucks and ordered his normal Chi tea latte with a chocolate muffin. He sat down to enjoy his breakfast when he heard a bark coming from his dog Sid. Immediately he sat up spilling his hot Chi all over his black running pants. But he barely noticed. Sid’s bark was not a normal bark it was a cry of fear, he could tell. Will rushed outside forgetting his muffin. When he got to the door Sid barked again, this time sounding like a warning. But Will hurried over to his yellow lab anyway. As he looked around he didn’t notice the gray blob making its way up the soft, stretchable fabric of his pants. When William finally looked down it was too late. He didn’t even have time to yell. The fat grey rat sunk its yellow teeth into will’s strong thigh. This time the bark was a bark of anger and concern, the dog was going to catch the rat that had killed his Will.
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