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This article describes some of the most powerful human resource development tools.
Human resource development

Importance of human resource management

Every organization has employees and the personnel of the organization can be called as its human resource. No matter if your organization is small scale or large scale, if the human resource of the organization has capabilities and skills then the organization will definitely be successful.

In order to survive in the corporate world, it is very important to make the human resource of your organization productive and profitable. In order to polish the skills and the capabilities of the human resource of an organization, the management conducts various activities in order to encourage or motivate the employees to perform better and enable them to learn all the skills and the capabilities which are required for their job.

The execution of such activities in an organization in order to give a boost to the performance of the employees is known as human resource development or human resource management.

The activities which are carried out to increase the output of the employees are dependent not only on the manager but on each employee of that organization directly or indirectly. The human resource development activities are carried out at each level of the organization.

The human resource development is very beneficial for each and every employee of the company even if the company is small and has only a limited number of resources.

Classification of the human resource of the organization

Talking about the human resources, they can be broadly classified into two groups which are profitable and non profitable. The employees who are giving their best to the organization and give a satisfactory performance are known as profitable and the employees who are not giving the output which is expected from them nor have a lack of knowledge regarding the task assigned to them are called as non profitable human resources.

Now, if the human resources are non profitable, two things can be done about them.

Factors leading to the non profitable Human resource

The first step is to making efforts for converting the non profitable employees of the company into profitable ones by providing them sufficient amount of training so that they are able to enhance their skills, capabilities, knowledge and talent. This can be done by several methods.

However the managers should converse with the employees of the organization which are non profitable for the organization and understand the needs and requirements of those employees.

The organization should fabricate ways to analyze the reason behind the low productivity of the employees.

These employees might not be satisfied with the work culture of the organization, their work might affected by various personal reasons or ill health, the employees might not be comfortable in working with several other employees of the same organization because of negative vibes shared between them , the employee might not be satisfied with the work or the job being assigned to the employee or the employees might be lacking in knowledge or the skills required to do a particular type of task assigned to them.

All the above factors might be degrading the performance of the employees in an organization and it is the duty of the managerial level to handle these employees and make efforts for making them productive.

Steps taken by the organization for increasing the productivity of the organization by transforming the non profitable human resources into profitable ones

Following efforts can be made by the organization in order to manage the human resource of the organization and transforming the non profitable work force into the profitable ones:

  Healthy work culture

•          If the employees aren’t satisfied with the work culture of the organization then such tasks should be assigned to these employees who interest them and no pressure of doing work must be applied on them. These employees shouldn’t work hard due to the fear developed in their minds by the managers because these employees will feel comfortable with the work culture of the job if and only if they work with interest, passion and determination.

Friendliness among employees

•          Secondly, if a particular employee of the organization is having dispute with another employee or group of the employees then it is the duty of the managers to resolve the disputes of these employees so that they feel comfortable in working with each other. In order to do this, the managers will have to understand the root cause of the dispute among the employees and then try to find out a solution on which all the employees of an organization agree.

Increasing the working ability of the employees

•          If the employee is not able to take the stress of the job and he is not comfortable with the working hours then it becomes the duty of the organization to reduce the stress by giving them simple tasks which can be completed by these employees easily and they are able to cope up with the stress of the work assigned to them. After these employees are comfortable with the working hours and are used to doing the simple tasks comfortable, the organization can slightly increase the work load and wait for his performance to improve with time. So instead of giving too much of the stress to the employees at once, the organization must increase the work load step by step.

Motivating the employees to keep their personal and professional lives distinct

•          If the employee is suffering from some family problems then the organization can’t solve his personal problems but at least the organization should encourage the employees and motivate them so that they don’t let their professional life affected by their personal life.

Providing funds for the health of the employees

•          If the output of the employees is decreasing because of illness or health problems, then it is important for the organization to provide the employees with funds so that they can go for a medical check up and get treatment. If the employee is facing from some serious disease or ailment then he or she should be asked to stop the work until he/she gets better.

Assign the tasks according to the interest of the employees

•          Many times the task or the work assigned to the employees might not interest the employees and they aren’t able to give their best to that particular job because they might find it boring. it is very important for the employees to work with passion and dedication to give the best results to the organization and if the employees are dissatisfied with their job they will not be able to do that job in an efficient manner so it is very important for the organization to assign the jobs to the employees of the company according to their interest and specialization.

Assign the tasks at which the employees are best

•          At times, the employees might find a particular type of task interesting but he or she has a little knowledge, skills and capabilities to be able to do that job because of which his or her performance will not be up to the mark. Thus, it is very important for an organization to give those tasks to the employees at which they will be able to give their level best so that better output can be achieved from all the employees of that organization


Provide sufficient training

•          If the employee is new to a particular type of skills or jobs and you want that employee to work in that field because the organization feels that the employee has a potential and interest to do a particular type of job then the organization must provide these employees with the training from experts so that they become capable of doing that job in an efficient manner.  Even if the employee who is a layman in a particular field is provided with the adequate amount of training, he will be able to perform as per requirement. So, the organization must concentrate on providing guidance and training to the employees for increasing the overall performance of the organization.

Personal development of employees and conducting recreational activities for healthy work environment

•          It is very rightly said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. This quotation can be very well applied to the organizations as well because if the employees are stressed out with the pressure of doing work they will get tired and eventually their performance will be decreased.

• Recreation and refreshment is a very important part of the organization if it wants its employees to give a world class performance.

• The organization must carry out various recreational as well as productive activities such as group discussion, jam sessions, indoor games, singing or dancing competitions, plays and even outdoor recreational trips in order to keep the employees happy and satisfied with their jobs.

• It will not only help the employees to de-stress them but will have numerous other benefits to offer. Firstly, this will create a positive spirit and friendly work culture within an organization instead of boring and dull work environment.

• Secondly, this will inculcate the feelings of love, happiness and friendliness among the employees and naturally resolve the enmity or any sort of disputes between the employees.

•This will increase the flow of communication between the employees and if the employees become more comfortable in interacting with each other then it will be a great idea for the employees because they’ll be able to work together as a team.

• It will keep the employees of the organization united despite of the walls of religion, cast, creed, color, sex, age or nationality which is a great thing for any organization because an organization can be successful if it is free from divisions and formation of groups .

•The formation of various groups and divisions on the basis of the nationalities, cast, creed, lifestyle and various other factors works like a pest for the organization and with the help of these activities an air of equality and peace is flown throughout the organization. Besides, the psychological factors, there are various physical benefits too of the outdoor games and recreational activities.

•These sports activities help in increasing the energy level of the body and help the employees to stay fit which will eventually reflect in their work. Moreover, the employees can learn a lot of values such as discipline, patience, passion, winning spirit, positive attitude, never say die attitude, logical thinking, desire to win, cooperating and coordinating with others and how to perform collectively as a team.

•There are several activities in which the employees are divided into various teams and tasks allocated to each team are further subdivided into smaller tasks which are to be completed by each member of the team.

•The success of the team depends upon each member of a team and even if a single member isn’t able to perform the task efficiently, the team is likely to be unsuccessful in the task unless other member of the team compensates for that member of the team.

•Each member of the team acts like one of the branches of a tree. These types of tasks will help the employees learn the importance of working together as a team and learn how to work collectively.

• The quotation “united we stand, divided we fall “can be very well applied over here because the more united the team is, the better results a team will get. Thus, the efficient execution of all the projects of a company can take place only if the employees work in collaboration with each other.


•          Motivation can work wonders for any organization. The performance of the organization will eventually degrade if there is no motivation among the employees. Some employees are self motivated and they don’t require any external factors for the motivation of the employees.

•However, most of the employees require one or other source of motivation for keep them going. Different employees of the companies are motivated by different types of motivation.

•For some of the employees, money is one of the most significant motivating factors and most of the employees perform better if they are getting an impressive salary for doing that work.

• If the employees feel that they aren’t getting enough salary for their work then it is very likely for the performance of the employees to degrade. So, the deserving amount of salary must be provided to the employees of the company, so that the employees feel happy to work in your organization.

• For some employees, it’s not about money, in fact they want to grow themselves and wish to attain expertise in the job they are doing. For these employees, self improvement is the major motivating factor.

• Some employees of the company crave for achieving respect and higher position in the organization so promotions should be provided to the deserving candidates for making your organization successful.

•There are some people who are encouraged to do more work if they are challenged or criticized.

•These employees wish to prove everyone one doesn’t have the faith on their capabilities wrong and they leave no stone unturned in doing so. On the other hand, some might even be discouraged by the criticism.

•There are certain employees who outperform each employee of the organization if they are applauded or appreciated for their work. So if the employees have improved their performance, you should let them know that so they don’t get discouraged again.

•The main task of the organization is to recognize and identify the motivation factor of each employee and handle each individual according to that.

Personal attention

•          It is very important for the organization to check if any of the employees are being neglected by the organization. Each employee of the organization has different needs and requirements and it is always beneficial for the organization if each employee is getting personal attention.

Availability of facilities

•          Various facilities such as comfortable work area in terms of proper ventilation, lightning and comfortable seats also boost up the performance of the employees. The employees will love their organization even more if it has excellent infrastructure and facilities such as excellent computer system, internet facilities, eating joints, gym, resting room and air conditioned cabins can work wonders for the company and this will definitely be a significant factor for the success of the company

Discipline and punishments for the defaulters

•          Discipline is the essence of every organization and each employee of the organization should have this fear in mind that they will have to pay hard if they don’t perform in a better way. This doesn’t mean that the organization has to be totally mean to the employees but at least the organization should be firm enough such that the employees don’t take their work for granted.

Hiring of the employees only if they fit the job

•          The organizations should hire the employees if they have the relevant and necessary qualifications for the job which is beneficial not only for the organization but also for the employees.

Use of several techniques to assess the performance of employees

•          Certain challenges should be provided to the employees which have to be achieved in a limited span of time in order to know where the employees of the organization stand. The feeling of competition must be encouraged among the employees in order to increase their performance.

Monitoring process

•          A monitoring process should be used to check the progress of each employee so that organization can devise further strategies for hr development

Feedback, complains and suggestions

•          The employees of the organization should be allowed to give feedback, complaints and suggestions which should be reviewed and considered by the organization in order to keep the employees satisfied.


•          Human resource is the backbone of a company and all the systems of the organization are directly or indirectly dependent on it so it is very important for the organization to try its level best to increase the performance or the hr and keep the employees happy with their job,.

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