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Just something i felt i needed to write
Why can people never accept

Why must people hate

I've done nothing wrong

Must this always be my fate

A loner I've become

A shadow drifting

There's no rest for me

Through the cracks I'm sifting

This isn't fun

It never was to begin

Why am I so damned

What was my deciding sin

You think I wanted this

You think this is nice for me

Open your damning eyes

And maybe then you'll see

You're hating for no reason

What did I ever do

I want out of this

When will death be cued

I'm only sticking around for him

Otherwise I'd be out

Thinking what you want

Never caring to know what it's really all about

Please look unto me with pity

And have mercy dear sir

I'm down to the ground

For this sickness there is no cure

I've used up all my options

No more choices do I have

Please spare me the ridicule

I'm about to crash

Oh Lord am I far from heaven

I'm down to begging

I have no more pride

No time for regretting

Hated I am

And hated I will be

But maybe one day you'll open your eyes

And mercy mercy you'll have on me
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