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a "fight" which happens quite often
I dreamt a dream the other night
that you and I got in a fight -
one that was like never before,
one that hurt me to my core.

You spoke of love and emotions so deep
that eventually you lulled me into sleep.
You got mad and started screaming
And woke me from my short-term dreaming.

I explained how love is not my need,
And common sense is better - indeed!
You rolled your eyes, sighed and said:
"Without love, we'd all be dead."

I countered that and tried once more
to explain that love is such a bore,
Love will hurt - but thinking will not,
only fools fall in love - since it's all they got.

Then you yelled, I got mad,
It turned into a fight so bad
that now I can't sleep at night,
wondering if you are right.

So my dear Heart, let's agree,
we won't make them choose between you and me.
I know that without you, I would go insane -
Sincerely yours, this human's Brain.

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