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by Softly
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1870288
A story of lust and passion.. Will the dream live up to the reality..
Denise knew that something was wrong, Tanya was uncannily glued to her phone, watching it as if she knew it would ring any second. “Shall I do dinner for now or later?” asked Denise, after all her sister had come round to see her to talk about her new boyfriend although it was clear she had a new man in her own life that was taking up all of her thoughts..

Tanyas phone sprang into life, ringing loudly, but she preyed it would stop after just 3 rings. It did, it was the signal she had been waiting for...  Grabbing it with her heart pounding in her chest she raced to the front window to see if she could see him knowing full well the agreement was to meet in the second street to the right of her sisters house.

Making her excuses Tanya grabbed her figure hugging jacket and departed, she knew she couldn’t tell her the truth where she was really going but she had to do it all the same. Racing to the agreed place Tanya can see the car she has longed to see for so long, composing herself she walks up and calmly opens the door.

Sliding onto the leather seat her eyes were locked to the new love of her life. David leaned across the car before kissing Tanya gently on the lips, his tongue fleetingly touching her bottom lip making the butterflies in her tummy seem all the more real for this was the first time Tanya and David had met in the flesh. Tanya knew David as an internet playmate, meeting randomly in a chat room she had fallen for his charm, she knew her sister would not approve but she had to find out if she loved the real person as much as his mind she knew from his writing.

Leaving behind her husband of 5 years Tanya knew this was a new beginning, she just hoped it was the right choice, only time would tell. David started the engine, the roar and vibration excited Tanya, no more fiesta driving for her, it was life in the fast lane and she intended to make the most of it.

David smiled nicely and leaning towards Tanya he said softly “I have a surprise for you, I think you will like it!”, Tanya couldn’t resist touching David and placed her hand on his firm thigh as he decisively drove quickly towards the motorway and headed north into the open countryside.

They drove for an hour but time passed so quickly in each others company, eventually they arrived at an old cottage, the tyres of the sports cars crunching on the immaculately laid gravel as they parked. “Who lives here?” Tanya asks, “For the next week, we do!” David replied with a kind gentle smile on his face. David got out of the car and went round to open Tanya’s door, opening it he says in his best butler voice “Would madam care to come inside?”, Tanya gets out of the car and immediately finds herself scooped up in David’s muscular arms and being carried.

Opening the door, David carries Tanya inside, the cottage is truly a romantic place. Gently standing Tanya in the living room she flings her arms around David’s neck and kisses him passionately, David has no hesitation in sliding his arms around her waist and holding her close as if they had been always together.

David takes Tanya by the hand and shows her around, “Over there is the bathroom, that way is to the sauna, this door Is the kitchen and that one is the bedroom..” Tanya could not believe it, as she walked even her heals on the oak floor sounded romantic. David continued “but of course the best bit is outside!” opening the patio doors onto the wooden decking Tanya could see their private hot tub, traces of warm air could be seen escaping from under the cover, kissing David, Tanya was so delightfully happy.

David picked Tanya up in his arms, he speaks softly and says he has another surprise for her. Walking over to the cream leather sofa with her still in his arms he sits placing her across his lap and holding her close. Opening the arm of the sofa David produces a chilled bottle of champagne and two fine cut crystal champagne flutes, with a cheeky grin on his face he says “well, what would a romantic week away be without champagne!” Tanya smiles, giggles and takes hold of the glasses, David expertly removes the cage from the bottle an pops out the cork before pouring two glasses.. Tanya snuggles against David, as she does he whispers in her ear, “I have one more surprise for you!”, “Another surprise!?” Tanya says excitedly, David just nodded and pretended to lock his mouth with an imaginary padlock. Tanya pretends to be cross at David not telling her but ends up giggling and leans over to place a gentle kiss on David’s Lips.

A knock at the door breaks the silence, a grin comes over Tanya’s face as she knows who it is but waits for David to find out. David opens the door to be greeted by Tammy, It seems Tanya had found out what David was planning and arranged a little surprise for him in return. Tammy was dressed in a full length silk coat, taking the three steps to David she undid the three buttons holding it closed. David's eyes almost popped out of his head as Tammy let her coat slide from her shoulders to reveal her lace Basque and suspender clad body. Hooking her right leg around David’s middle trapping his hand against her silk covered pussy, Tammy placed both of her hands on his face and kissed  him passionately. Tammy moved her right hand, placing it firmly David’s rapidly hardening cock, “hmmm.. I’m pleased to meet you too!” she said as she released the grip of the leg around David’s waist.

Tanya stands and swiftly walks towards Tammy, pausing for a second standing only inches apart. A beaming smile suddenly appears on Tanya's face as she folds Tammy’s hair over her shoulder before tracing a line with her right hand down between Tammy’s breasts and letting it rest on her side. With a sudden movement Tanya pulls Tammy towards her and the two women passionately embrace each other kissing and running their hands over each others bodies... The two women hold each other close and turn to David, he stands there mouth wide open not quite believing what he is seeing. Tanya speaks first breaking the silence, “Are you offended?”she asks, a trembling giggle in her voice but she continued, “I thought Tammy could join us for the evening, I didn’t think you would mind..”.

A nervous smile came over David’s face, his dry mouth moved but no words came out, but finally he spoke. “This is a test right?” he blurted out, “you are testing me to see if I will stay faithful to you?”. Both women looked at each other and giggled, “you were right, he really is sweet!” Tammy said to Tanya, “Shall we show him if this is a test?”. Tammy walks up to David and stands with her breasts pressed firmly against his chest and her hands on his hips, “David, you are right, this is a test.. A test to see how many orgasms you can give us both..” With that she uses both hands to outline his now very hard cock, leaning forward and gently kissing him whilst unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans allowing them to fall to the floor... Tanya moves around behind David and slides down his boxer shorts lifting his left leg and then his right to release them as Tammy continues to kiss him.

Tanya lifts up David’s t-shirt, pausing only for Tammy to briefly let go to allow it to pass.. Tammy can not resist running her hands over David’s defined chest before sliding them around his sides and both come to rest on his bottom.. pulling him close Tammy can feel the throb of David’s cock between them, but Tanya takes control. Kneeling behind Tammy, Tanya reaches between them and gently grasps David’s cock and bending it down so it is trapped between Tammy’s thighs, leaning forward Tanya teases the slippery end of David’s cock with her tongue before taking a mouthful and nibbling gently making David moan. David pauses, looks into Tammy’s eyes and then holds her close running his hands over her back but then onto Tanya’s head as she continues to suck and fondle his balls..

Tanya suddenly stops what she is doing and takes Tammy by the hand, sliding her arms around her middle she says in a quiet voice “its time for our fun!”. Much to David’s delight both women start to undress each other, slowly and deliberately taking turns to remove an item of each others clothing. David looks on as he sees two beautiful women standing facing each other, nipples touching, giggling as they turn to look at David.

Tanya leans forward and kisses Tammy’s left erect nipple, kneeling she places a kiss gently on her clitoris peeking through her smoothly shaven labia before standing and laying her down on the soft leather of the sofa.. Kneeling over Tammy’s face, Tanya kisses in a line down her body pausing only to place a kiss on her tummy button before using her tongue to outline Tammy’s labia. Tammy lets her thighs fall open as she feels Tanya’s soft touch, sliding her arms around Tanya’s middle Tammy guides her to lower her pussy onto her face, her lips parted allowing her to run her tongue over the warm moist skin pressing it deep into Tanya’s pussy releasing a trickle of sweet tasting juice. Both women delight in the horney mutual feeling they are giving each other but they want David to join in too..

Tammy looked up from what she was doing and beckoned David to come to her, she said “Join in!” looking up at Tanya’s pert bottom Tammy stroked her hands gently over the smooth skin letting her right index finger come to rest on the rose bud of her bottom. Gently pressing made Tanya moan and a shiver of delight ran up her spine.

David knelt behind Tanya and over Tammy’s face, his cock brushing the side of her face as he stroked his hands over Tanya’s bottom... turning her head to the side Tammy latched onto the end of David’s cock, sucking it into her mouth. Grasping the shaft with both hands she sucks hard, teasing around the head with her tongue making David shudder as he grabbed Tanya’s hips to steady himself. “You pass!” said Tammy as she let David’s cock slip from her lips, springing upwards and landing with a satisfyingly wet slap against Tanya’s Pussy. Tanya pressed back against David’s cock, sliding her pussy lips along it until she could feel the engorged throbbing of the end, not once lifting her head from Tammy’s pussy.
Tilting her pelvis up, Tanya swallowed the head of David’s cock with her pussy lips, letting out a groan as it stretched her walls to their limits, Tammy reaching up and running her tongue along David’s shaft as it was about to slide forward. Taking Tanya’s clitoris in her mouth, Tammy teased it with her tongue as David slowly but surely slid his full length into Tanya’s pussy.. her breathing quickening, Tanya gasped in delight as an orgasm took her by surprise and thundered through every fibre of her body gripping hard on David’s cock as he thrusts repeatedly into her. Tammy ran her tongue around Tanya’s stretched pussy, teasing David’s cock as it slid past..

Catching her breath Tanya said “That was amazing, you have to have a go!”, and moves forward sliding David’s still throbbing cock out of her pussy.. Turning around Tanya sucks David’s cock into her mouth all the way down to his balls, letting it slide out slowly with a satisfying slurp.. Smiling at Tammy Tanya says “Your go, he’s all clean for you now!” and holds out her hand to help Tammy up. Kissing Tammy as they pass, Tanya lays on the sofa where Tammy had been and the women swap places.. Eagerly Tammy buries her face in Tanya’s soaking wet pussy as she feels the throb of David’s cock against her pussy lips.

David pauses for a second as Tanya holds him with both hands and runs her tongue around the head of his cock one more time, “Well, just making sure its wet enough!” a cheeky grin on her face as she places it against Tammy’s clitoris, rubbing it from side to side making her thighs shudder. Tammy pushes back, the head of David’s cock slipping through her pussy lips as Tanya eagerly holds Tammy’s clitoris between her teeth. Gently biting, Tammy screams in delight as David simultaneously thrusts all the way into her pussy. Tanya sucks hard on Tammy’s clitoris, holding back the hood with both hands as she does, sucking and running her tongue from side to side over it as David thrust deeply in and out of her pussy. Tammy Yells out “Oh My GOD!!” as she too is thrown into a sudden and unexpectedly quick orgasm as the stimulation is so sudden and intense.

David does not slow down, Tammy is more vocal than Tanya as she squeaks out with each thrust as David quickens his pace. Tammy buries her face in Tanya’s pussy, her body quakes each time David’s thighs slapped against her own. David shudders, Tanya sucked both his balls into her mouth as he held his cock deep in Tammy’s pussy as come wells up and gushes from him deep squirting deep inside. With each gush of come David lets out a groan as he grinds his cock deep into Tammy’s pussy. Leaning forward, David places a kiss in the small of Tammy’s  back as he eventually slides out of her pussy, all three lay intertwined on the sofa as they catch their breath. All three know this is going to be an amazing week and can not wait to see what the next 6 days will bring...
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