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by Softly
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1870292
Jake gets the surprise of his life on a night out..
Jake often wondered why he went into town on a Friday night, the joke was that if you could not pull then then you were a failure and a joke. Almost giving up, all that changed one amazing evening.

He had made the usual effort, shower, shit and a shave, new shirt, new hair, fresh breath and a genuine smile.... but all of the slappers just laughed and ignored him. Yeh he'd managed a few snogs and gropes, he even managed to finger fuck a very horny blond, well, until her boyfriend came back and was not too happy at the scene so a very quick exit was made!

A takeaway seemed a fitting end to Jakes evening, something hot and spicy in the kebab shop was as hot and spicy as he knew he'd get. As he walked into the shop he smiled to himself, there was something satisfying about the smell of food cooked on a charcoal grill after a rank night out. He ordered his usual, king kebab with chilli sauce. The curvy hot blond behind the counter just took his breath away, she knew very well she had gorgeous tits and loved having them drooled over. Jake just stared, her nipples were very visible through the thin t-shirt, she was the butter wouldn't melt type who loved to wear sexy underwear over her very trimmed and well exercised pussy but loved to be fucked hard to her exact demands. She was a secret nymphomaniac, as a treat to herself she'd inserted her vibrating jiggle balls at the start of her shift, a great idea at the time but the 4th orgasm was approaching fast and she really needed a hard cock to satisfy her needs before she went crazy.

Izzabella, or Izzy as she was known to her friends, was not one for one night stands, but having made the mistake of attempting to do her pelvic floor exercises all day with a pair of solid steel jiggle balls and then working hard on her feet for 8 hours straight with her g-spot being tapped by the heavy balls had made her juices dribble down her thigh and soak a long way down her stockings. She was sure somebody must have noticed as she was convinced she could smell sex on herself. Whenever no cusomers were in the shop she slid her hands up the hem of her skirt and into her dripping wet knickers, sliding her hand over her silky pussy lips she loaded her fingers with juices and suck them dry, if only the customers knew!

When Jake couldn't take his eyes off of her she just lost it, he looked clean respectable and had huge feet, he'll do, was her only thought! Izzy prepared his food as soon as she could and brought it around the counter, she stood just behind Jake pressing her very erect nipples into his side which to say the least caught his attention.. here is your hot food, is there anything else you'd like to take away with it, Izzy asked. Jakes reaction was instant, she homed in on the very ample bulge growing in his trousers, Izzy smiled innocently as if she didn't know what reaction she was generating and brushed her hand over where she guessed the end of his cock would be. Jake didn't get much as time to answer before Izzy had found his now very throbbing cock rapidly rising above his belt. Izzy dropped the latch on the door and dropped to her knees in front of Jake removing his cock from his jeans without a word being said but total understanding between the two.

As she took him in her mouth jake thought all of his blessings had been answered at once, her pussy juices just began to explode down her thighs. Jake loved to lick juices, the more the better, he tried to concentrate on the thought that he'd be soon have his head between a pair of unbelievable thighs when he just lost it, screaming out his balls ached as he filled her mouth until it dribbled down her chin and over her tits. Izzy looked up and smiled, “now it is my turn, do exactly as i say” she said, jake just nodded but Izzy needed attention, she pushed Jake flat on his back and ordered him to peel away her very wet and firmly attached knickers, this he did and more than happily put the wet and warm gusset over his mouth and nose and sucked the fantastic juices. Wet knickers should be named as the worlds secret viagra had been Jakes long term motto, his cock sprang back to life knowing all to well its work was not done. Izzy knelt over Jakes face and squeezed her pelvic muscles, juices gushed from her pussy and ran all over his face, putting her hand between her thighs she collected a hand full of juices, she leaned back putting her hand behind her and using  them to begin wanking Jake. Izzy knew all too well that she was dripping juices straight into Jakes mouth, the more she dripped the harder he got. Quickly turning around so she was laid down Jakes body she eagerly licked the pre cum from the end of his cock as she stopped teasing him and pressed her pussy hard on his face. Jake was in heaven and Izzy knew she'd hit the mother load, he had a long tongue and he knew how to use it to great effect. He held the hood of her clit back as he expertly sucked on it, Izzy screamed in delight as wave after wave of excitement ran through her body, Jake almost choked on the amount of juices running over his face but the smell and taste made him harder than ever. Izzy bit down so hard on his cock that she left teeth marks but Jake was not put off by a bit of pain, it made the whole experience just a little more intense.

Jake finally decided it was time to put his 10 inches of throbbing manhood to good use, he lifted Izzy up in his arms until her perfect tits surrounded his face, slowly he let her slide down his body, her juices were flowing so fast  down him that they dripped onto his waiting cock in a constant stream. His aim was perfect, Izzy gasped as Jakes cock seemed to linger and throb against her clit before his bulbous head slid effortlessly in, Izzy felt her legs shudder as she dug her nails into his shoulder and bit Jakes neck in an attempt to make this never stop. But jake had only just begun, sitting Izzy on the counter of the shop he slid his cock out and then back in a little deeper, Izzy orgasmed as  Jake just seemed to know exactly what turned her on. She loved to start slow but get faster and faster and harder and harder. Jake was still no where near finished, taking a nipple in his mouth he rolled it between his teeth before lowering Izzy all the way onto his cock, he felt her muscles tighten around his cock in an attempt to delay the inevitable, but without fail another  after another orgasm ripped through Izzys body in a way that she never though possible she begged for mercy, but jake just expertly slid back and forth until she almost fainted from the extreme pounding of her cunt she had so longed for. Izzy managed to blurt out that she wanted his spunk over her tits so she could lick it off, being the pleasing type jake did as requested. He kneeled over her body but Izzy took control, she took him in her hands but could not resist the taste of her juices mixed with his pre cum. She sucked hard, determined to get her own back for him making her body ache so wonderfully much. She knew she was good so she went to work on him, stroking the full length of his twitching cock as she teased his engorged knob end with her tongue, Izzys jaw could only just open wide enough to take it in but she seemed to suck in an amazing amount of it. Jake suddenly let out a moan, spunk gushed into Izzys mouth with a speed that made  her gag and slurp with delight, she loved the taste and managed not to drip a single drop.

Izzy knew what turned Jake on, she sat over his face and wiped her silky smooth pussy all over it but not letting him taste her, she knew that teasing him like that meant an instant rock hard cock, Jake didn't disappoint, Izzy pushed him onto his back and crouched down until she could rub  the tip of his cock onto her very swollen clit, the feeling felt great as it sent shudders of thrills all through her body, but, they were not half as big as when she let her legs relax ramming his full length suddenly into her very wet and willing cunt. Jake thought he'd hurt Izzy but she screamed and grunted with every thrust before falling forward into his arms so he could roll them both over and give her the full on pounding she longed for. An hour and three  orgasms later they both just laid in each others arms, neither had the energy to move, and neither wanted to. Through the power of chance and primeval lust had come love, they both went back to Izzys flat to get cleaned up but she had a little surprise for Jake before the night was done, she had a twin with whom she shared everything...

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