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by Archie
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Honor the the men and women who obey criminals.
The United States has mourned somewhat over 100,000 combat deaths, and many times that number have been wounded in illegal wars since the end of our last Constitutionally legal war, World War II.

Today is a day to honor those who performed their duty and paid the ultimate price.  We should honor them every day, for our men and women in the armed forces have answered the President's call to war with bravery and honor, without question. Whenever the call goes out, our fighting men and women answer.  Presidents from Harry Truman to Barak Obama have been entangling our forces, our resources, and spending lives wastefully since Korea in the early Fifties.  It is non-partisan; Republicans and Democrats alike hasten to send our troops anywhere they deem it necessary.  Well, they deem incorrectly.  Our Constitution clearly states that only Congress can declare war.  The president may, in an emergency, commit troops temporarily, but 5, 10, and 60 years is far from temporary.  And involving ourselves in foreign politics and revolution is hardly emergency action.

Our current President, Barak Obama held out promises to bring our troops home.  He has not; he has shifted them around.  Obama got involved in yet another illegal war in Libya.  He speaks peace, but his actions scream war, illegal war.  On his agenda are Iran, and very possibly Pakistan.  Liar, Mire, Pants on Fire.  Dead, burnt bodies of our future keep coming home in flag-draped baskets. 

Yes, our war heroes should be honored.  Since the end of World War II, all our war heroes have actually been victims of criminal acts by our administrations, with the spineless Congress enabling each president.

So, as we honor the brave men and women, we need to increase our efforts to stop our criminal presidents, not just Obama; he is not the Lone Ranger here; he shares the criminal wars shame with every president since Truman.  We need to demand more care in the spending of American lives, in the entanglements in the affairs of other nations.

It's ironic.  We fight terrorism while our government kills thousands more than any terrorist ever did.

Honor the dead by stopping the senseless, illegal wars we keep getting into.

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