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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Psychology · #1870350
James hits rock bottom, can Alex help him
My first post! hope you enjoy

It had been 24 hours since James had his last hit, he could feel the sweat drip from his brow as he sat in the corner of the room, only a small slither of light illuminating one side of his pale face from the boarded up window.

He bit his lip trying to forget about his addiction, forget that he had no more money to satisfy the cravings, the gut wrenching brain aching cravings.

There was no way out, of the room, of the mind games the substance abuse had driven him to. The intervention was under way, his partner had trapped him in, cold turkey was his only way.

James had used for 2 years, beating his partner along the way, for money, to take out loans, all to keep him supplied.

But his partner Alex had decided it was time to fight back.

It was twenty past two in the morning, Alex lay in bed, still, silent, wide eyed, waiting for James' return. The door slammed shut. Alex slipped out of bed and slowly shuffled out the bedroom and down the hall.

"Alex, Where the fuck are you" slurred a drunken James. Alex stood, statuesque in the hallway, staring straight ahead, knowing James had locked eyes on his prey.

James started stumbling towards Alex screaming obscenities, getting louder, and louder until he came up close to Alex's face. His eyes manic, he placed his hand on Alex' cheek stroking the skin slowly before laying down the law. Smack. Alex's face steered right. The fury built up, it'd been too long coming but Alex fought back, pushing James down into the darkened room across the hallway screaming back at him "How dare you, how dare you treat me like I'm nothing, I was once your everything! Time's up James, you've ran out of options now". Click. Alex locked the door and walked away.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1870350-Addiction