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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Gay/Lesbian · #1870402
Another random short story. Not finished yet.
         Violet pulled her bag from above her head and stumbled sleepily off the plane into the cool airport. She rode the escalator down to her awaiting luggage. Her mind was still foggy from the long nap she just took but within an instant her entire body awoke, she ran with her duffle bag down the remaining moving stairs into Natalie’s arms. Natalie picked her up off her feet and spun her as others watched, some shaking their heads as the girls' lips pressed together. Violet tried to suppress a giggle but failed causing Natalie to smile wide. Natalie left Violet standing in the crowd as she went and retrieved Violet’s luggage from the moving belt. They left the airport hand in hand neither saying a word both content with each other presence.

         Natalie held open the passenger side door as Violet slide in and threw her things in the back. Natalie backed away but Violet was fast and pulled Natalie’s arm pushing back the seat as she did so. Natalie straddled Violet’s body, her lips moving closer to Violet’s lips. Violet tugged Natalie down closer as they kissed. Their lips roamed each other’s’ bodies, hitting necks and collar bones, Violets hands slipping under Natalie’s shirt and bra rubbing her nipples between her fingers. As soon as it started it was over and Natalie climbed over the gear shift and slipped into the driver’s seat and started the car.

         Natalie pulled on to the highway and within minutes Violet was asleep again. Natalie peered away from the road time to time to stare at Violet. How Violet’s body seemed so relaxed and peaceful, how her breath was fogging up the icy window. Occasionally Violet’s hair would slip from behind her ear Natalie would reach and place it back letting her hand linger on Violet’s soft skin. Violet’s eyes fluttered a little startled she sat up and brushed her hands through her hair, leaned over looking as though she was checking her reflection in the mirror but turned her head and pressed her lips into Natalie’s cheek.

         They arrived at Natalie’s and Violet quickly undressed. Her back turned Natalie watched, noting little scars and the bruises. She opened her mouth to ask about some when Violet quickly slipped on the oversized t-shirt and flopped onto Natalie’s bed and spread out. Natalie timidly got up and sat on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t she where she fit in Violet’s life or in tonight’s sleeping arrangements for that matter. Violet rolled over and with a sleepy grin pulled Natalie up next to her. Natalie curled into Violet’s side snuggling into her warm body. Natalie fell asleep as Violet stayed up and caressed Natalie’s cheek and ran her fingers through her hair.

         “Baby wake up … baby … Nat” Violets voice cut through Natalie’s dreams.

         “Mhm what’s the matter V,” Natalie answered her voice muffled by her pillow. Violet picked up Natalie’s arm and placed it around her moving closer to into Natalie’s body.

         “I just wanted to know you were here, I wanted to know this was real. Nat … I don’t think you know how completely in love with you I am, you mean the world to me,” Violet whispered her head buried into Natalie’s neck.

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