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Megan and Jennifer see ghosts?
One more week they would be in France. They had a quiet week. Megan visited baby Charles a lot. She wanted a baby of her own someday but not now. Megan and Jennifer enjoyed the ocean trip. They saw a lot of their boyfriends. Stolen kisses and hugs and walks around the ship. Megan and Jennifer enjoyed a supper of roast beef, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and chocolate cake. Bradley and Miles had another business meeting so the women had to bid their men good night and promised that they would see them in the morning at breakfast.

"I am so bored, Megan. We have no computers, cell phones and no TV. Sometimes I wished we were back in the present."

"If only I can bring Miles with me. I miss reading my books on my Nook. I miss writing stories but I can't live without Miles."

"I can't live without Bradley. Shall we go for a walk on the deck?"

Megan and Jennifer walked along the deck. The moon was out and it was big and bright. A full moon.

"Don't start with werewolf stories. You know it does feel spooky tonight."

"I won't. Jennifer, you are right. It does feel spooky."

Jennifer lit up a cigarette. No one was else around. Just then a young couple came along walking on the deck. The woman had long black hair and was wearing a lavender dress and carrying a parasol. The man by her side had dark hair and he was dressed like a gentleman. The couple seemed so in love. They reminded Megan of a couple all dressed up at a Victorian Tea that she went to once. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful.

The young woman spoke. "Darrell, it is such a nice night. I am so thankful for the night. We can be here on this ship every night. We get to be together forever." Her eyes sparkled.

"My thoughts exactly, Annabelle. Our tragic end on earth gives us all of eternity together." The man kissed the woman.

"Those two are strange. Why is she carrying a parasol at night?" Jennifer sounded scared.

"Do you suppose they are mentally ill? No, wait a minute. I bet they are ghosts!"

"Megan, everything is about the supernatural with you. They are spooky I have to admit."

The couple kissed so more. They slowly disappeared into a mist. It was just Jennifer and Megan on the deck. No one else was around.

"Crap! What the hell?" I am leaving!" Jennifer smashed out her cigarette and started to run to hers and Megan's room. She ran into Quentin.

"What's wrong? You women look like you saw a ghost!" Quentin exclaimed.

"We did. There was a young couple and they were talking about a tragedy and being on this ship for eternity. They disappeared into a fog or mist or something. It was eerie." Megan was scared but in awe at the same time.

"Ladies. You are talking about Darrell and Annabelle. They were on this ship six years ago. Darrell's twin brother Darwin murdered him because he wanted Annabelle for himself. Darwin shot Darrell when Annabelle refused his kisses and said she would never leave Darrell. Annabelle was so devastated that she threw herself into the ocean. They never found Annabelle's body. Darwin was arrested and is in prison in London. The couple meet every night on this ship.The other sailors and passengers have seen them. There is no reason to fear them. They just want to be together."

"It was scary. Sad, though. At least they are together now." Jennifer lit up another cigarette.

"It is like a love story. Darwin murdered his own brother? That is sad." Megan felt sorry for the couple.

"I would say it has a happy ending. They are together." Quentin smiled.

"What are you doing out this time of night?" Megan asked.

"I am on my way to the Crow's Nest. I like the view up there at night. I like to study the moon and stars. I really like working on this ship making a honest living. I am so thankful to Mr. Kentsworth and the captain. I never did like being a pirate."

"I am glad you are happy. Thanks for telling us the story of the tragic lovers." Megan couldn't believe that she had seen ghosts.

"I will see you ladies around. Maybe the ghosts will come back. I haven't seen them, yet. Have a good night."

Quentin left. Jennifer was still shaken up. "I hope you are happy. You got to see ghosts."

Just then they heard a wolf howl. "Oh, great! Now what? Manolito's father and the gypsies are here!"

"Jennifer get real. Gypsies don't travel on ships. I hate to admit it but I miss Manolito. Maybe I should invite him and his people to the Wedding."

"Megan, we just seen ghosts and heard a wolf howl. Maybe the gypsies are close by. Nothing is impossible. I am still scared over those ghosts.Make double sure the doors are all locked tonight."

"Like that would keep ghosts out? I always lock the door at night."

"As soon as I finish this cigarette out, I am going to our room."

"Me, too. Maybe Nessie will visit again. I hope she made it back to Scotland." Megan wasn't afraid of too many things. She worried more about illnesses then she did the supernatural. Supernatural events were an adventure and a good escape from reality for her.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. She was done with her cigarette and headed towards their room.

Megan and Jennifer got ready for bed.

"You know I miss Calin. I don't want to be with him but I do want to see him. Gypsies are fun to be around. Bradley and Miles would crap if we are around them. How are we going to see them again and keep it from Bradley and Miles? You can't invite Manolito your Wedding, silly. Why would you pick Leonardo over Johnny Depp?"

"Jennifer, Miles is Miles not Leonardo and Manolito isn't Johnny Depp. Miles and Manolito just look like them. I suppose a part of me loves Manolito but Miles is my Edward and Manolito is my Jacob."

Jennifer threw her pillow at Megan. "Don't start the Twilight thing again! You said if you were Bella, you would have taken Jacob. I love you but I will never understand your over active imagination. Miles is good for you. Bradley is my Edward and Calin is my Jacob. You know I won't sleep tonight. That ghost crap shattered my nerves."

"I love you, too. The ghosts didn't even notice we were there. Just think of them as a happy couple in the other world .Just think. One more week and we will be in France. You will meet Bradley's family. I wil be glad to get to France." Megan yawned.

"I can't wait to get to France. I just hope I behave like a lady with Bradley's family. I guess I won't be smoking around them, either."

"You are a beautiful person who will do anything for anybody. The only person who hasn't liked us is Mr. Austen. He defended us when we saved that Mr. Trumble's life. He told everyone at the ball that we were nice people. Unusual but we weren't into witchcraft. Mr. Austen knew that about us.I guess he has some respect for us. Poor Jane and Cassandra. I miss Jane. I really admire her."

"I adore Jane. She is the reason we are here. I am glad we are here in her era."

"Me, too. I can't help wish we could go back to the Medieval times. That would be cool."

"They would think we were witches and make a cook out of us."

Megan laughed. "I am getting used to this time period. I met Miles. He means everything to me."

"I love Bradley. I will see you in the morning."

Just then it thundered. This was going to be a calm storm. Megan looked out her port hole window. All she saw was lightning. She fell asleep.Jennifer slept, too but the ghostly couple entered her dreams. She wasn't afraid anymore. She knew that she would be happily married to Bradley some day soon.

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