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a dream of castle
It’s vivid and erotic
It’s sublime and hypnotic
I see you calling my name
With a million dollar smile
Running to catch me in your arms
Welcoming me to our surreal isle
It’s a world that surpasses the grandeur ever heard or said
It’s a dazzling luxuriously magnificent castle and beautifully widespread
Uncountable maids and horses with golden mane
The royal silk draperies and the most eye catching fountain
Everything was eye catching even the gorgeously mouth-watering man
Brown hair falling over eyes which hide blue green hue so divine
I was in love and I have to tell was all I could think
But before I could say there was a splash of water in a blink
And I woke up drowning in my own sweat on my very own bed
All I feel now is exhausted and half-dead
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