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The poem which is the intro to my short story collection entitled "winter solstice 2012"
Oh look tonight, we see the trails.
We see the streak, we see the light, and we see the cosmic tail.
Who lead the way? Who stole the light? For this is how we fail.
But look tonight, the stars are bright, as Venus rides out her stable.

We watched the moon, we saw it dance. We saw it cry, we saw its trance.
The music was so bittersweet, because we knew to whom it speaks.
We made our way across the sky, on a ship of gold we fly.
We left the earth to free the moon, but came up short ...and Venus played its tune..

The stars have cried a battle hymn.. The sun’s heat rays are blistering.
The waters warm, the ice once formed, is all but gone.
Beware of Venus, glistening.

The stars are out, the moon is low, the night is slowly settling.
A blanket of regret, takes affect, admits the mindless meddling.
As you dream tonight beneath the stars about the brighter days to come.
The rays in waves, they flood the earth, the moon is red the sun is burnt.
The streets are paved, with bricks of gold. The rulers bathe in baths of blood.
The days are flying, were getting old. But ancient is the God of love.

So let us sit, and let us dance, to an old Mayan tradition.
The planet is here in awe we fear, about this un-godly position.
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