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A poem which is also the preface to my novella entitled "Last winter"
Last year we had no winter, just 74 in January.
You all called me nuts, until the ripened blueberries.
The sun was so low; you could reach out and touch it.
When it arose, you said “That sure is something!”

Instead of with snowman, the kids all played dodge ball.
Instead of old Rudolph, Santa rode on a dragon.
Christmas was still nice, though we hadn’t no ice,
Nor snow for the children to laugh in.

I bought a new shovel, cold beer, and some mittens.
Co-co, candy canes, and cat nip for the kittens.
They reached out and purred, to take what was given.
“My, oh my, oh my. What a backwards world that we live in.”

So remember last winter, when jackets weren’t needed.
When Jack Frost, the Grinch and St. Nick, barely impeded.
The thrill is long gone; there are no leaves on our lawns.
Who in there life ever witnessed a winter so warm?
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