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How I learned to love schlock.
          What movies make money;
          comic book heroes and cartoons.

          I remember recruiting officers standing at the entrance of the theater.
          That's when they were drafting 18 year olds.
          Those were colorful days of protest.

          Here's a storyline:  Superman goes fascist.
                                      The Kryptonian finally realizes that humanity
                                      is too savage to allow them to destroy his
                                      adopted planet.
                                      Batman is contracted by the United Nations
                                      to kill Superman with kryptonite.

          Is it possible to make a Shazam movie?
          This is a story about an ordinary all American kid,
          who stumbles into a pagan Arab temple and is
          possessed by the ancient wizard Shazam.

          The demographics are negative: Muslims will be offended by pagan
                                                          Arab magic.
                                                          Post 9/11 patriots will take offense
                                                          to an Arab superhero.

          But, there are many DC story lines involving Superman and Shazam
          joining forces to fight some bad guy.

          Any story with a unhappy ending is not going to sell.

          Except for Titanic

                          and Million Dollar Baby

                          Grand Torino....

                          did the last two make money?

          Is it me or are there a lot of eye balls popping up and out in the flicks?

          I'd like to see more naked women. Back in my day 70-80's nudity was
          a PG. Violence got an R.
          Rent a copy of the DUELIST; that is bloody sabers and flint locks.
          I like the PROFESSIONAL it has a gritty perversity.
          Every Dirt Harry flick had a shot of naked breasts and it was PG.

          Can you make a movie about a despicable hero?
          Imagine a film about Stalin as a creative force for Russia?
          If Hitler had not risen to power the state of Israel would not have been
          Are Evil doers thinning the herd and making it stronger?

          ELECTRA GLIDE a story about interstate cops, who do questionable
          things, but are good family guys. I think it's still in print.

                      What if God was insane
                      and we're a nightmare?

                      What if the planet was God,
                      but we forgot how to talk to it?
                      And GIA flipped her poles
                      and erased us.

          Sigh. Disaster films have been done to death.
          Lets make a movie with clues in it and if you can figure it out
          you get to make a movie... sounds repetitive.

                                A GODZILLA MOVIE!

          I'm ready for it.

                                                        Just thinking..


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