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Entertainer Richard Dawson passed on June 2nd, 2012.
I visited his web site a couple of months ago. It's dated now. Whatever shall his progeny do? How will his name live on? It'll be interesting to see what develops.

Richard Dawson was a regular on television in the sixties and seventies, and probably we're still watching reruns through the ninties. He was the original "Family Feud" kisser. This was in a time before AIDS, and kissing was always meant for good luck and in good fun.

Richard Dawson was always dressed to a tee, dashing in his "Hogan's Heroes" uniform as Newkirk, or gracing the stage in many fashionable (at the time) three piece suits, plaid sports jackets and bow ties. Dawson was an absolutely dashing dresser, on the cutting edge of men's fashions. He was always one to wear it well.

"Family Feud" originally aired between 1978 to 1985. Over the years, host Dawson's personality became familiar to new generations. He is said to have kissed over 20,000 women. In 1994 he gave up kissing female contestants on the show at the request of his second wife, Gretchen, whom he met as a contestant on "Family Feud".

Personally, I also loved his cockney accent. Most of my generation love things British, and Dawson was an American Brit.

Richard Dawson was always tanned--even before tanning beds were known as the norm for some.. He was usually a tan shade lighter than George Hamilton, who may be best know for his title role as Zorro. Dawson didn't wear makeup on some of his gigs because he didn't need it. Even pictures of Dawson in the mid 1990s show him tanned, and carrying just a few extra pounds as compared to his younger leaner self,. He had the stature of a teddy bear at that point in his life. Generally, he was a well preserved and good looking man in front of the televison camera..

Dawson said life was happy for him because he loved people. He had a charming way, with a twinkle of devilment in his eyes. He took innuendos all the way to the edge, without crossing the line of what was appropriate. He always had British propriety. He was a regular on "The Match Game" and other game shows over the years.

Visit his site. It was the perfect site for him. I don't know what 'they' will do now....

An "LA Times" news story reports that Dawson received a diagnosis of esophageal cancer only three weeks before his passing.. He had not been through many chemotherapy treatments, which some consider as bad as the cancer itself.

Dawson was taken from his home to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. He was known as a loyal husband and great father, and grandfather. As an entertainer, he will be missed. He was 79 years of age at his passing.

Richard Dawson will still be with us in reruns, with kisses for all. That's not a bad way to be remembered.

On the Monday after he died Saturday, the situation has been elegantly handled. I'm not sure the first link works, but this one should:

Dawson resided in California, and is survived by two sons, Gary and Mark, and one daughter Shannon, and their children.

If you are a game show fan, you might also want to note that Charles Nelson Riley, a game show contemporary of Dawon's on "The Match Game" and "Hollywood Squares," died on May 25, 2007.

More info is available on the careers of both at http://www.Wikipedia.org.
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