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The 1st language was intuitive !
      Benjamin Franklin~ The Republic is built on the family unit.
                                    God is the conscious of the people.
                                    We the people are united under God.

      Howard Crossland (social scientist)~ External authority is the unifying law.
                                    Objective views are based on scientific analysis.
                                    Society is a cultural experiment based on dialectical

      Sheila Larson (anthropologist)~ Authority is subjective.
                                      Communities are ordered by family tribes.
                                      People see authority symbolically: religious
                                      and tribal.

      Abraham Lincoln~ The Republic is the manifest destiny of United States.
                                  The Union of the Republic is paramount.

      Tocqueville~ Individualism creates isolationism.
                        The needs of the State are greater than the individual.

      John Winthrop (Puritan)~ The Bible is open to interpretation and transcription.
                                            1st century Gospels do not apply to democratic

                                            +Bible Superstions+

      Amos (Chapter 3;8) "Shall there be evil in a city, which the Lord hath not done?"

      Mathew (Chapter 18; 21-22) "Then came Peter unto him and said:
                  Lord, how often shall my brother offend against me, and I forgive him?
                  till seven times?
                      Jesus saith to him I say not to thee, till seven times;
                  but till seventy times seven times."

      Tobias (Chapter 3;7-8) "Now it happened on the same day, that Sara daughter
                of Raguel, in Rages a city of the Medes, received a reproach from
                one of her father's servant maids.
                      Because she had been given seven husbands, and a devil named
                Asmodeus had killed them, at their first going onto her."

                Tobias, burneth part of the fish liver, and the Angel Raphael bindeth
                the devil. Tobias and Sara wed. (Chapter 8;2-3)~

                "And Tobias remembering the angel's word took out his bag part
                of liver, and laid it upon burning coals.
                    Then the angel Raphael took the devil, and bound him in the
                dessert of upper Egypt."

      Can these superstitions be applied to modern law?


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