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Published in the W.Com Anthology 2012.
For my poem (The Novelist)

The Novelist

The kettle boils, I make a drink,
I sit alone, that’s when I think.
I smooth the page, remove every kink,
Pen meets paper with a flow of ink.

The words come quickly, not always in order,
I sometimes have notes all over the border.
The story and plot are buzzing in my head,
I must write them down, before I go to bed!

I set the scene, decide the locations,
Nurture the characters, give them vocations.
The protagonist starts his impossible quest,
Twists and his choices, stand out from the rest.

A dastardly villain, hatches a despicable plan,
The hero steps in and saves all that he can.
The obstacles are relentless, sub plots thrive,
My work of fiction has now come alive.

Aristotle insisted on a beginning, middle and end,
For a story to work, on that we depend.
In chapter one, I used a ‘reader's hook’,
Now they are committed to reading my book.

At the end there’s resolution, I return the status quo,
It’s an unfinished adventure, as the sequel will show.
I slept well last night, then woke with a blink,
The kettle boils, I make a drink…

Freestyle poetry. Each stanza is a quatrain and I follow an AABB rhyme scheme.

Published in the writing.com Anthology 2012.
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