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Composed in my head at the scene...
Tonight, I walked home.

Tonight, I stopped at Old City Park.

Tonight, I sat where we spoke our vows.

I sat in the dark, my pants, my shirt, my tattoos blending perfectly with the night-dark grass where we once stood.

I sat, seeing only a distant streetlight and my hands clasped before me.

And I felt...

Imagine the step-father whos discipline consisted only of tequila and a belt.

I could have felt that.

But I didn't...

Imagine the rednecks who raped you after the Sadie Hawkins kegger.

I could have felt that.

But I didn't...

Imagine your only child chasing her soccer ball into the street and getting hit by a drunk.

I could have felt that.

But I didn't...

I sat, my back against the rock we had stood before and felt...

Imagine a freshly washed vase.

Imagine a forgotten balloon sagging in the corner.

Imagine a crushed beer can.

Imagine a derelict vehicle on the roadside.

Tonight, I felt the early morning dew soaking through my pants, and nothing else.

Tonight, I was empty.

Tonight, I was more alone than I ever have been.

Tonight, I stood, lit a cigarette, and left that place behind.
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