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Thinking of you all the time...
You ~ For my poem "You"


I awake in the morning; you are in my head
My thoughts are of you as I get out of bed
I brush my teeth; wash the sleep from my face
Your impending arrival makes my heart race

My obsession with you started when I was a teen
You’re more addictive to me than my hit of nicotine
Your complexion is light brown and you’re so sweet
We are made for each other; I think you’re so neat

I lie awake at night and that’s all your fault
Our relationship is strong, it will have to halt
I am your master; you will not take control
I will decide when to have you; you must learn your role

My views are old fashioned; I call you my honey
On you I find, I spend most of my money
I think of you; my stomach is aflutter
My friends must think I am some kind of nutter

I really don't care what the others might say
Because I need you more with each passing day
For my daily pleasure, only you hold the key
My splendiferous, delicious, cup of coffee!

Freestyle poetry. Each stanza is a quatrain and I follow an AABB rhyme scheme.

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