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An assignment in metaphor usage in telling of a story.
(Example of metaphor in story form)

Out of Control

On the shelf in the corner of the closet, there is an old wooden crate with a secure lid.
It once held oranges but it is now perfect for the task that it currently performs. It is the holding area for a family of puppets. One of them is a raggedy old clown that has been around the longest. Her hair is matted and resembles straw. Her vest is tattered and worn out. One of her cracked plastic shoes is missing. She spends time reflecting on her glory days when she was the master’s center attraction. However, occasionally the puppet-master has an unexpected need for her. It may be as support for one of the newer puppets in a story line or just to enhance a tale, which the master feels she can give definition to, based on her tattered appearance.

As pressure is applied, she may smile or she may frown. It is all up to the puppet master. She has no control over what she wants or does not want to do. It is all in his hands. It is all up to the master. When her job is complete, she is affectionately placed back into the old wooden crate and stored back up on the shelf to be ignored till she is needed once again; and once again she will perform her task as required.

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