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My personal thoughts on being the Mayor of my City
I’ve always wanted to be the Mayor
For country and service I would swear
But oh the work and long hours I share
Now that I’ve been elected Mayor
With four other people who also seem to care

I do truly enjoy being the Mayor
Even though my hard work goes unaware
And oh the curses and criticism I frequently bear
Often time with smiles, concerns and food affairs
You have got to believe this work is truly hard on the Mayor

I often have to explain the job of the Mayor
To children, family, friends and enemies that often just stand around and glare
But believe me there really is some fun in being Mayor
If only I just don’t give up in total despair
And just concentrate on being a really good Mayor

Many citizens feel that they can always call on the Mayor
Providing ideas, problems and frequently their prayers
But most just want someone to listen to their woes and cares
Which is what a good Mayor promises during an election year

So you see I don’t know much about being a Mayor
And sometimes the work requirements catch me unaware
It seems that no matter what I do, I can never really prepare
For the job that is required of the Mayor
But hopefully by now my constituents know how much I care and like being their Mayor
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