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Essay #4 of my first semester of college.
         Ask anyone on the street and most of them will tell you the same thing: it's hard to survive in this economy with so few jobs and an ever increasing cost of living. All of the politicians claim to have the answer, yet none have done a thing to improve our economy in any way. How, then, are we going to prevent the US from falling into another great depression? Perhaps if we had fewer mouths to feed. It is time for the US to adopt a child cap law.

         People would argue that it's cruel, inhumane and it goes against what we as a country define as "freedom." Look at the state of the country. There is no freedom unless you are the rich CEO of some energy-trading company taking advantage of the lower class. The poor struggle to survive each day, limited in where they can go and what they can do. They are held down by a hypocritical government claiming equal rights for all. With fewer mouths to feed, we would see more money circulating.

         People also argue that the Chinese, who have had this law in practice for a long time, are becoming a predominately male people. This is only because the Chinese view males as superior and often abort females before they are born. This only means that in the future China will find itself with a minimal population. This is a problem we would not have as we view women as equal to men.

         Passing a child cap law will ultimately prevent overpopulation. With a lighter population, the unemployment rate will drop as fewer and fewer Americans struggle to find work. They will all have jobs, and they will all be able to afford the cost of living, with potentially fewer occupants in the household.

         The cost of living will also be reduced, as the need for inflation will be void. With more people able to afford things on the market, prices can be lowered to a reasonable range. An affordable economy is surely a thriving economy.

         This is certainly not going to fix the US economy tomorrow or even for another generation or two, but ultimately it would be better for America in the long run. If the government would stop thinking about quick fixes, which ultimately fail, and see the big picture, they would certainly see how a child cap law would benefit America.
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