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I must say she's taller in person.

                Muzzy admires Lady Ga Ga. She is wearing many spiked silver
        jewelery. Perhaps, she wishes to ward off evil spirits.

                Muzzy~ Are you performing today?

                Lady Ga Ga~ I will be singing at the Music Hall in down town Portsmouth.

                Muzzy~ How do you feel about the Islamic protests of your show?

                Lady Ga Ga~ It saddens me. I don't want to make people angry.
                                    I want to have fun.

                Muzzy~ Women are considered the property of their father or husband,
                              according to Islamic Law.
                              Do you think of yourself as a Devil worshiper and prostitute?

                Lady Ga Ga~ I am an artist. I am a free bitch!
                                    If we cannot be free to express our creativity, then we
                                    are slaves. That is not what God wants.

                Muzzy~ Do you want women to marry and raise their children?

                Lady Ga Ga~ Of course. I want to have a family and I will always
                                      be an artist. Art is not evil. It is-it is life.

                Muzzy~ Thank you Lady Ga Ga. Your music has set many people
                              free. And I know you are a goddess of love.

        Muzzy kisses Lady Ga Ga on her left cheek.

        Reflection: In the second Heaven of Islam the kingdom is silver.
                        The men have 17 virgin girls.
                        But, there is no mention of what reward awaits the women.
                        Is it not possible the gift to women is their dance and singing?

        Peace out!
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