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by Drake
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These are the lyrics to a song.
Ignorance in all her forms
The cat that made bad decisions
The incision
Was so sweet
What was left behind
Made her cry
This is the end

She bounces around with a plan
That doesn’t include you
Like a stone you settle down
She picks you up and throws with all her might

Ignorance in all her forms
Is bliss
You missed
The point of it all
When do the rebels win?
When everyone plays dirty
and choose not to follow the rules

You can’t make a plan that includes the delusional
Let her fall to the whims of what’s seasonal

Making bad decisions
is paramount at this point
Marveling at the chemicals that anoint
I stand in the mist while smiling
As tears streak your confused cheeks
Beneath, all seems well
Until some upstart stands and yells
The underground boils

Move your ass up and down
ball in your hand eyes aloft
Go to work then drink some wine
While the ministers feast on the
bones of your time
you’ll go outside to see a red sky

I caught you letting a myth control your life
Then reminded you
what living was truly about
Once at the edge of reality
You stepped back
Then away

The cat that made bad decisions
The incision
Was so sweet
What was left behind
Made you cry
Ignorance in all her forms
I’ll lend a hand while
You put yourself together
Reeling from the deception
Then you’re off again
I’m done with you
Will you ever learn?

Stand there and shake your head
What would you do if you took the lead?
Play the same deck or chop them up?
The ideal form captured her attention
Then led her into the dark dimension
Reeling from deception
Cut me loose then see the world destroyed
Armageddon in a fortnight guaranteed
Memories float up from a damaged mind
The game she’s playing can’t be rewound
The mindscapes wiped clean then designed
With a purer landscape primed to undermine
The hard work that was done in the name of the lord

She’s gone forever
Never say never
Remind me to never
She’s gone again
on a form of steam
following the dream
from the magazine
remembering when she
stepped out into the hall
denying her the victory of the fall

at the top of my game
I can’t complain
When ignorance jumps in dressed like a clown
I just take the blame

Cause I live in the mist
While you see merely an image
Layers of a person adrift
gulping wisps of courage
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