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What drama cannot be graphic?

          I write a story, God Fucked! and in one hour 20 of my
    previous 18+ story have been changed to GC: Graphic Content Rating.
    How bizarre ? It really is funny that words can have so much taboo attached
    to them. I guess the idea that slang like "fuck" is being used by minors
    is shocking, but 18+ should not offend anyone.

          Is there scripture to support a sexual God?
          Well, who was Jesus father?
          That's a very important doctrine in Christianity.
          How did Mary get pregnant without having sex?
    Oh well, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you just
    need a virgin. Sounds ridiculous? According to Christian doctrine
    Original Sin was sex. The Tree of Knowledge was Adam's dick.
    But, why would God command Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply?
    How could they be fruitful without getting some fruit?
    This all boils down to hysteria over teen pregnancy.
    Joseph was the father of Jesus, but Marry got pregnant before the
    marriage. Hence, the Angel story helped to make Jesus pure as
    a virgin.

    Just one opinion.


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