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A very strange dream I had.
(Written as if relating the dream to the person in question)

I was standing in a desert, naked, and a few feet in front of me, hovering a few inches off the ground, was this strange silvery orb.  Then, the next moment, the orb was gone, and you were standing there, also naked.  We walked toward each other, and grasped each other's hands, and started dancing.  Soon, I realized that we were floating up, off the ground.  It didn't bother either of us, and we kept dancing, only we weren't moving our feet, just floating around, higher and higher.  We held each other closer, and closer, until our bodies started merging, our flesh melting into each other, and before long, we ceased to be two people, and had become a mass of flesh, merged, face-to-face, like a brand new creature, with no front, only backs.  And we stayed like that, as we continued to float, off into space.

Then I woke up.
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