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by Kotaro
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Quantum theory: physicists see the universe as a hologram.
New View

I found a photograph of my dog and me,
A day at the beach, ten years old I believe.
My Nikon snapped it for a memory.
It’s 3-D rendered flat, mocking reality.

But lo and behold, men of renown have found,
Columbus was wrong, the Earth’s not round.
Though boggling my mind, their math is sound.
Wonders fill my thoughts, where is this bound?

Depth and height imagined, they’re not really there.
The universe is 2-D, a hologram I hear.
Everything around us is distorted I fear.
It’s all in our minds, we’re crazy, oh dear!

I never lost that photograph of my dog and me.
The universe keeps everything forever you see.
Nothing disappears and there’s never a fee.
But toss this new view, I’m all dazed and woozy.

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