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Three friends decide to go camping one night. Unfortunately for them, they're not alone...
(This is a macro/micro story and contains crushing, vore, and a lot of violence. It's not for the light of heart. o_o)

Night had long since fallen; the moon hung overhead and cast its eerie glow down upon the ground. Crickets chirped throughout the dark woods and a gentle wind swayed the trees. Traversing one of the many paths in the forest was a lone teenager by the name of Dexter. He had short brown hair, gray eyes, and wore a brown sweater and light colored pants. It was obvious the boy was nervous; his face was covered in sweat and he would occasionally stop to wipe down the horn-rimmed glasses he wore. It was this habit that allowed him to fall so far behind his friends.

“Corey! Rhys! Can you guys hear me? Wait up!” Dexter called as he shined his flashlight into the darkness ahead. There was no sign of the other two high schoolers and he didn’t hear any response. The uneasy boy sighed to himself and examined his surroundings once more. “Let’s go camping in the middle of the night, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. We should have gone earlier!” Dexter wiped his glasses off with his sweater again and continued trekking on ahead; hoping to run into the others soon.

Dexter was worried that something could be watching him. He could only imagine what was lurking around this forest; bears, wolves, and maybe even mountain lions. What was actually watching him in the branches above was something much, much worse.

“Well, well. Look who’s all alone.” Malum whispered under his breath; his blood red eyes locked onto the troubled human. His mouth was curved into a smirk like it always was and he gave his lips a quick lick. The young demon had followed the group of friends into the forest and had been watching them ever since. He was waiting for a moment just like this; it was time to make his move. Without making a sound or disturbing the leaves that concealed him, Malum crouched down on the branch and readied his wings.

Dexter thought he heard something to his left and quickly pointed the flashlight in that direction. When he saw nothing he gulped to clear his throat and wiped some sweat off his forehead.

“I’m not cut out for this. Maybe it’s not too late to head back home, they’d understand.” Dexter glanced back the way he came, but kept on walking in the same direction. He didn’t want to just ditch his friends, but this creepy atmosphere was freaking him out. He enjoyed hanging out with Rhys and Corey…at the arcade or at one of their houses; not at midnight in the middle of the woods. He’d try calling out to them one more time and if they didn’t answer he was going back. “Hey! Guys! Can you hear me? I think I’m gonna-“

Midway through his shout Dexter heard a rustling come from above him. He glanced up just in time to see a glimpse of a figure before he hit: dark clothes, blond hair, and golden, bat-like wings. A second later he was being forced to the ground with a loud THWACK and his flashlight flew out of his hand. Dexter’s mouth flew open with a gasp as the air was pushed right out of his lungs. He swore he heard something crack in his back as well.

Malum, his hands buried into the pockets of his trench coat, stood upright and looked down at the weak human he was standing on. His bare feet pressured the teen’s back while his sharp toenails dug into his skin. Dexter writhed underneath him, but was hardly putting up a fight.

“HE-!” the glasses-wearing boy tried to scream, but Malum was quick to act and used one of his feet to stomp down on his head. Dexter’s face was pushed into the dirt and he was silenced before he could utter another syllable. Malum kept the younger male’s head pinned down while he glared at him in silence.

W-what’s going on? What is this guy?! Dexter thought as he tried to squirm away, but found it useless. Not only could he barely budge, but his back hurt like all hell and any attempt to move it resulted in more pain. Either his attacker was heavier than he looked or the impact had broken his back and paralyzed him. His arms were still working, however, and he helplessly flailed them around and clawed at the ground around him. All the while Malum watched the pitiful sight through unamused eyes.

“Look at you; you’re all dirty now.” Malum noted as he used his foot to grind the boy’s face into the mud; earning a yelp from him. The demonboy scoffed and spat at the human. “I can’t eat you now…guess I’m just gonna crush you.” Malum chuckled and uttered another word, but Dexter didn’t hear what it was. He was too busy squealing in terror at the blond demon’s words. He had no idea how he was planning to “crush him”, but it couldn’t be pleasant!

Dexter wasn’t kept in the dark for long. He soon noticed it when the ground he was laying on seemed to get closer and closer. The demon’s feet started covering more and more of his body; he was shrinking! Ignoring the pain, Dexter struggled more, but Malum wasn’t letting him move. He had soon shrunken to the size of a small child; it only took one foot on the back of his neck to keep him down. Still he shrunk and the rocks and leaves around him grew closer and closer to his size. The now giant demon watched with great pleasure as the frightened little teenager began disappearing underneath his foot. In seconds he was completely underneath his sole, utterly dwarfed by the towering demonboy, and yet he continued to diminish in size.

“No…no, this can’t happen!” Dexter managed to mumble even with his face partially smushed against the ground. The baked skin of the demon’s sole was beginning to overpower his form; slowly crushing it against the hard ground. Why was this happening? It was just supposed to be a fun camping trip with his friends, and now he was going to be crushed like some bug! “I-I don’t want to die! Please, someone h-help!!” Dexter desperately reached out with his hands in the direction his friends had gone. His fingers clawed at dirt, but slowly his arms were rendered immobile as they were covered in the warm flesh of Malum’s foot. Tears streamed down the teenager’s face as he started losing feeling in his limbs. Malum’s weight grew heavier and heavier the more Dexter shrank and soon he wouldn’t be able to take it. As blood started to fill his mouth and his eyeglasses cracked, the brown haired camper choked out his final words. “P-Please…s-someone…h-h-help…”
“Cruuuuunch.” Malum articulated in unison with Dexter’s death. The bug sized boy, his body finally surrendering to the demon’s overwhelming size, exploded like a grape underneath Malum’s foot. The evil demon took a moment to enjoy the slight wet sensation under his sole before he ceased giving the squashed teen any more of his acknowledgement. Instead his scarlet eyes looked ahead and his yellow tail flicked behind him in anticipation. There were still two more for him to prey upon and he was definitely not going to waste them.


“Hey, shouldn’t we go back for Dexter?” Rhys asked as he glanced down the dark path behind him. Rhys was a very fit young man with a buzz cut and hazel eyes. He wore a plain white, sleeveless shirt and dark blue jeans. The teenager was very muscular with two pumped arms (one of which was decorated with a black dragon tattoo) and a well-defined torso that could be seen through his tight shirt. To further emphasize his strength, Rhys was the only one of the group with a heavy backpack around his shoulders which he carried with ease.

“He’ll catch up,” Corey replied simply. “He always does.” Corey was a handsome guy with spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a dark blue, unzipped jacket over a white shirt patterned with the insignia of some band. His legs were covered in the same colored jeans as Rhys.

“I heard something, though.” Rhys, despite looking like the delinquent of the group, showed sincere worry for their missing buddy.

“You heard something…in the forest…where hundreds of animals live.” Corey chuckled and shook his head. “You know how much of a scaredy cat he is. We’re almost at the camping spot I mentioned; if he’s not back by the time we get everything set up we can go look for him.”

“If you say so…”

A little while later Corey and Rhys came upon an open, circular area in the woods. They immediately got to work setting up a simple camping site; three bedrolls placed around one large fire. Corey was laying out the last of the bedrolls when Rhys emerged from the surrounding trees carrying an armful of large sticks.

“Sure is a nice night.” said Rhys as he dropped the various sticks into a pile in the center where many other logs, branches, and other sources of fire wood lay. His eyes gazed up at the unclouded sky above; countless stars hanging over their heads.

“You can say that again.” Corey responded as he too looked at the heavens above. “Can you believe Dexter wanted to go to the woods near the city instead? This way there’s no one else around and we got a clear view of the stars.”

Rhys laughed as he started lighting the wood on fire with some matches. When the fire started going the two teens plopped down on opposite sides of it and watched it grow.

“Too bad your sis couldn’t come.” Rhys mentioned with disappointment in his voice and a blush on his cheeks.

“Wipe that look off your face. You know she has a boyfriend, right?”

“Yeah, I know I know.” Rhys sighed and poked at the burning wood with a stick; watching cinders fly up into the air. “What about you, dude? Anyone at school you’re interested in?”

“W-What?” Corey’s face turned red and he looked at his friend like he just asked what country they were in. “Where’d that come from? Y-You know I don’t have time for that kind of stuff right now…”

“Well, you better hurry up! Before you know it we’ll be going to college and you’ll have missed the magic of high school romance~” the jock grinned toothily as he poked fun at his friend, who was looking less than amused.

“You’ve been watching too many of those chick flicks,” the black haired teen accused as he stood up and made his way back toward the path they had come from. “I’m gonna go drag Dexter back here. Do you mind getting the kebabs ready?”

“No problem.” was Rhys’s reply as he watched Corey take out a flashlight and disappear into the darkness of the woods. Now alone, Rhys got up and walked over to the backpack he had been carrying. He removed a large bundle of tinfoil from the bag and unwrapped it to reveal several already prepared shish kebabs. Each one was several pieces of meat and vegetables pierced on a metal skewer with a wooden handle. He then took his time placing the shish kebabs around the campfire; sticking them into the ground so the flames would heat them up. Once finished, the jock returned to his original position and just watched the fire. “Ahhh…this feels so nice.”

Rhys closed his eyes and hugged his legs against his chest. He sat there and allowed the warmth of the fire to dance along his bare skin. It was such a relaxing moment and the teenager became lost in it; even the perspiration that started to drip down his face and arms felt nice. Several minutes went by and Rhys didn’t open his eyes once. He thought he was beginning to drift off a little; how else could he explain the odd sensation he had…like he was high off the ground. Rhys didn’t realize something was very wrong until some warm air starting brushing against his face. At first he thought it was the flames, but then he noticed the stale, slightly odorous smell that came along with it. Disturbed, Rhys finally opened his eyes.

His hazel orbs widened in complete terror. Instead of looking into the flames of their campfire, Rhys was looking into the face of a giant young man like himself. The giant had his fist wrapped around him and was holding him in front of his lips; partially parted so his stinky hot breath would gush out at the smaller male. Malum’s red irises stared at his second victim with amusement; the poor guy hadn’t notice a thing when Malum shrunk him and snatched him off the ground.

“W-Wha-?” Rhys tried to say something with his mouth, but trailed off when the huge demon’s tongue crept out of his mouth and glossed up his lips. A second later the lips parted more and the demonboy opened his mouth wide. The tiny teen’s own mouth gaped open as he stared into the saliva drenched cavern of the demon’s maw; countless strings of drool connecting the bottom of his mouth with the top. Rows of pointy teeth greeted him and Rhys knew he couldn’t be looking into the mouth for a normal human. Malum rolled his prey between his fingers and changed his grip on him; two of his sharp nails now pinching the back of Rhys’s white shirt. The boy just dangled there without moving; too shocked and frozen with fear. Only when the youthful demon mage suspended Rhys over his open and hungry mouth did the boy snap out of his trance.

“N-no! Stop!” Rhys cried as flailed his arms and legs in midair. No matter how strong the young camper was, there was absolutely nothing he could do at this point but plead. That didn’t stop him from wriggling around like a frightened little mouse, however. “D-Don’t do this! P-Put me down!!” A sinister chuckle emanated from Malum’s throat and Rhys whimpered like a little boy. At that precise moment he knew exactly what was going through the giant demon’s mind.

Sure thing.


“Dexter! Hey, Dexter! Where are you?” Corey shouted with one hand up to his mouth. His other hand directed the beam of light from his flashlight; expecting to see Dexter’s whimpering form any second now. No matter how much he retraced his steps, however, there was no sign of his brown haired friend. Corey was just starting to worry when his foot bumped into something. The blue-eyed boy watched another flashlight roll a few feet in front of him; light flickering out the top before going dim. Curious, Corey picked up the flashlight and examined it. It definitely belonged to Dexter, but the lens was busted.

“Dexter…?” Corey dropped the broken flashlight and searched a few more feet in front of him. Nothing seemed to jump out at him at first, but then something caught his eye. The ground before him looked like it had been disturbed; as if someone had lain down upon it. Closer inspection revealed a tiny splotch of red atop the dirt. For a moment Corey’s head filled with bad thoughts, but he dismissed them as quickly as they appeared. The amount of blood on the ground was too insignificant to be anything serious. Dexter had probably tripped, broke his flashlight, and either bumped his head or got a bloody nose. He had then proceeded to run on back home like a sniffling crybaby. That was the logical conclusion Corey had reached. “Man, I’m gonna give him an earful later.” The spiky haired high schooler turned himself around and headed back the way he came. As he spun around, one of his sneakers landed on the bloody stain and pressed it further into the dirt. It disappeared underneath the grime and mud; forgotten forevermore.

“Rhys better not of started eating…” the teenager grumbled as he checked his watch.


“NOOOO!!!” Rhys screamed at the top of his lungs as Malum’s fingers parted and he fell legs first toward the demonboy’s carnivorous maw. Just as his shrunken body passed between Malum’s lips, the malicious demon quickly clamped them down upon him. Rhys was sealed between the giant’s moist lips; his legs kicking feebly within Malum’s warm mouth and his upper torso and arms outside it.

“Mmmmmm…” Malum moaned as he slowly sucked on the boy; his thick tongue flicking against his jean-clad legs. Rhys gritted his teeth and grimaced at the weird feeling the demon’s tongue was giving him. He tried to push against his predator’s lips as if he was trying to escape quicksand, but it was pointless. Rhys’s muscled arms meant nothing when compared to Malum’s sheer size advantage.

“S-So…powerful.” the jock grunted, referring to the mighty suction as Malum drew his succulent body between his lips. In seconds his useless arms were pulled into the clammy wet embrace of the demonboy’s lips. Soon only his shaved head remained in the outside world; twisting and bobbing humorously as he desperately wanted to be free. Malum observed him with his cold, crimson eyes and a rumbling chuckle vibrated around the tiny morsel. One of the demon’s tree trunk sized fingers raised to his lips and tapped against Rhys’s head. On the fifth tap Malum pushed the struggling boy all the way into his mouth; his finger retracting with a little rope of drool on it.

How? Rhys thought as he landed on hungry giant’s slippery pink tongue. It twitched underneath him, but for the moment he just laid upon the muscle like a warm bed. How did this happen? T-this has to be a dream! I’m dreaming all this! As Malum started sucking on Rhys’s tiny form and tossing it around his mouth, the fit teen knew it couldn’t be a dream. He felt ever bruising blow as he was smashed into the demonboy’s cheeks and pearly white teeth. The pointed teeth tore through his clothes and cut him a little; allowing droplets of blood mix with Malum’s saliva. The taste of the fresh carmine and salty sweat that coated Rhys’s skin brought a sweet taste into the blond giant’s mouth. He moaned in delight; a trickle of drool dripping down his chin. Eventually, however, he had savored the human clean of any taste he could offer him. At this point Malum promptly swallowed his snack like any other piece of meat. Rhys’s tried to escape his fate and clawed at the bumps of Malum’s taste buds, but it was all for naught as his spit drenched bulk was pulled down into the tight, unforgiving squeeze of Malum’s throat.

“Heeelllppp!!” the boy-turned-food cried as he was pushed down via the cruel, ravenous demon’s inner throat muscles. Malum touched the bulge in his throat as his esophagus carried poor Rhys down, down, and down further until it disappeared into his black shirt. Malum’s mouth opened and he sighed with delight. He wiped off his mouth with the sleeve of his coat and then used the same hand to caress his stomach.

“Mmmm, you were a meaty one. I can’t wait to feel you struggle in there, bug. Make it long and enjoyable~” Malum spoke down to his abdomen. No sooner had he said these words that his pointed ears detected the sound of footsteps nearby. His red eyes peered in the direction of the noise and his signature smirk graced his face once more. “Looks like that’ll have to wait; the second course his here.”


“I couldn’t find Dexter,” Corey announced as he stepped out of the woods and into the campsite. “Found his busted flashlight, though. I think the chicken ditched us; it’s just you and me I guess.” The black haired teen gave his friend a warm smile.

“Heh, that sounds like him alright.” Rhys replied, still sitting in the same spot as before. He watched the other boy stroll over to the opposite side of the large fire and plop down on his jean-clad butt. Corey grabbed a nearby skewer by its wooden handle and smelled the delicious aroma that poured off the meats and veggies.

“Seems like they’re done! It’s all ours, so let’s eat!” the blue jacket wearing camper announced before blowing on the kebab and biting into one of the pieces of beef. Judging by his happy grin, the food was scrumptious.

“Yeah, let’s…” Rhys replied as he snatched up his own shish kebab, but his hazel eyes never left Corey. What the unsuspecting human across from him didn’t know was that he wasn’t eating with his dear best friend. The guy who sat across from him was Malum, disguised as Rhys with his Dissimulo spell. The real Rhys was currently experiencing firsthand what the digestion process was like.

“Get me the fuck out of here!!” the muscle-bound teen screamed as he banged his fists against the fleshy walls of the demonboy’s pulsing stomach. Growing tired from his ineffective efforts, Rhys looked back at his prison and shivered. He was waist deep in a pool of digestive acid; the clear, yellowish and greenish liquid churning around him and splashing his minimized form. He was breathing really hard, not just from punching the stomach wall, but also from the immense heat around him. “T-This isn’t real…I’m not food! People…people don’t just get eaten and digested like this!” Rhys cried as he watched through teary eyes as the acid pool bubbled ominously.

There were sounds coming from above him and the shrunken teenager looked up to watch chewed up pieces of beef and vegetable get squeezed into his prison with him. He recognized the lumps of beef, mushrooms, and onions…the giant demon was eating his shish kebabs. As Rhys watched the hot food sizzle in the acids he started to accept this really was happening. He really had been eaten and now he was nothing but another piece of food like the beef and mushrooms; to be digested and processed by the blond devil’s body.

“This is insane!!” the high school student barked as he went back to pounding against the fleshy wall of his prison. The acidic fumes that rose from the acid choked him and he could already feel his skin start to itch and burn. “LET ME OUT!!”

Malum couldn’t hear his snack’s pleas, but he sure could feel his struggling. His lips curled into a mischievous smirk as he chewed up another piece of beef. His free hand descended a bit and gave his abs a few pats (or, to be more precise, Rhys’s abs).

“Filling enough for you?” Corey asked his pal as he noticed him pat his gut.

“I’ve still got plenty of room left.” Rhys replied as his mouth watered at the thought of filling his gut with more meat. He wasn’t referring to the chopped up cow on a stick either…

“Haha, that doesn’t surprise me!” Corey joked back; chuckling as he dropped his bare skewer and picked up another one. He was just about to nab himself a juicy tomato when something unusual caught his eye. He watched as Rhys bit off the last piece of food on his kebab; a pepper. The black haired teen couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as his buddy chewed up the sweet, green veggie. “Hey, since when do you like bell peppers? I thought you loathed the things?”

Malum stopped mid-chew and stared at the human. For a moment the two males sat in silence; the stillness only broken as the disguised demon gulped down the green mush in his mouth. The demon glanced down at the skewer he held and idly flicked his wrist a few times.

“Well, that’s certainly a miracle! What are you gonna start liking next? Squa-?” Corey’s words ended prematurely when he felt a piercing, hot pain appear in his stomach. “H-Huh?” The teenager looked down at himself and saw half of a skewer protruding out of his gut. The white fabric around the metal spike quickly turned red as it soaked with his blood. Corey just stared down at it blankly for a moment; his own skewer pinging off a rock as he dropped it.

“AAUGH!” the young man cried as he fell back; just barely catching himself with his right arm. His face quickly turned damp with sweat and his quivering eyes looked beyond the fire. Rhys stood on the other side; one of his hands outstretched after throwing his skewer at Corey. His face was illuminated by the campfire; it sported a wicked smile. Corey had no idea his friend could even make such an expression. “W-Why?” Corey blurted out, a line of blood dripping down the corner of his mouth. His left hand went for the skewer, but as soon he touched the metal and tried to move it a terrible pain coursed through his body. He howled in agony and fell on one elbow; panting loudly and whimpering. His blue eyes returned to Rhys and he watched the other male start walking toward him. A word came out of the mouth of the concealed demon and the fire in his path suddenly parted. This supernatural sight made Corey yelp and he started crawling backwards. It hurt to move, but his mind screamed at him to get the hell away from here. Unfortunately, his progress was put to a stop as he backed himself right into a tree. “S-Shit…!” Corey looked back at the tree for just a second and looked forward again expecting to see Rhys still advancing toward him. Instead he was looking up at him just a couple feet away; his friend’s hazel eyes staring down at his wounded form.

“Are you done?” asked Rhys in a voice that wasn’t his own. “I really don’t feel like chasing you, though I doubt you’d get very far.” The panicking human’s mouth gaped open as he observed his friend turn into someone else entirely. His clothes were replaced with garbs as black as night, his shaved head turned into messy blond hair, but most unrespecting of all were the two large wings of gold and a thin, pointed tail of the same color that appeared on the figure. The flexible tail twitched behind him and occasionally pointed his way as if to strike. The gold skin of the appendages glimmered in the light of the orange fire behind the demon. Despite his dismal situation, Corey couldn’t help a certain thought from entering his mind as he gazed up at the creature before him: He was attractive as all hell.

“W-What are you?” Corey asked, though as soon as he asked the question his mind went to other thoughts. Dexter had vanished and now Rhys as well; Corey couldn’t help but assume this guy had murdered them. If the skewer that was sticking out his belly was any indication, he was next.

“Does that really matter?” Malum retorted as he knelt down in front of the boy. Corey inched backwards a little more as the demon got closer; his back pressing against the sharp bark of the tree. “What really matters is what you are.” The pointy eared demon leaned in closer and whispered in a soft voice. “Food.”

Corey involuntarily squealed in terror. What did THAT mean? Was this thing…going to eat him? As his eyes focused on those sharp fangs Malum was flashing as he grinned, he had no doubt it was possible. Without saying anything more, Malum raised his left hand and started reaching for Corey’s face. The frightened teenager instantly squeezed his eyes shut and turned his face away, as if refusing to look at Malum would somehow save him. The tears streamed down his cheeks nonstop as Corey waited for whatever Malum was planning on doing to him. The demon’s sharp nails were inches from the human’s face when he suddenly paused.

“What a sad sight,” noted Malum as he retracted his hand. “You looked like the bravest of your little group, and yet here you are bawling like a baby. What’s wrong?”

“What’s…wrong?” Corey repeated the question as his eyes reopened and he glanced back at the demon’s handsome young face. “What’s NOT wrong?! Y-You’re going to eat me…and there’s still so much I haven’t done with my life! It’s not fucking fair! That’s what’s wrong!” The spiky haired male stared Malum in the eye as if to show him he could be brave, though his body betrayed him as it shook with absolute terror.

“Oh?” the golden demonboy tilted his head as he feigned curiosity. “Like what?” Malum casually flicked the metal spike buried in Corey’s stomach, earning a pained gasp from the younger boy. As he recovered from the pain, Corey started at Malum with genuine curiously in his eyes. Why did the demon care? Did he feel pity on him? Would he spare him if he felt sorry for him? At this point Corey would try anything if there was a chance he could live.

“W-Well…I still haven’t finished school. I’ve yet to find a job to make my parents happy.” Corey sniffed back his tears as his mind raced to think up more things to say. “I-I’m practicing to be a musician…I…” The teenager looked down at the ground with regret before choking out his next words. “I…I never got the chance to kiss anyone before.”

“Aww, you poor thing.” Malum mumbled with a sly smile. Without warning the demonboy grabbed the collar of Corey’s white shirt with his left hand and pulled him closer. Before Corey knew what was happening his lips were locked with Malum’s. His blue eyes widened in astonishment and confusion. The demon’s cold red eyes just stared into his own as his tongue gently brushed against his lips, asking for entrance. Corey had every right to refuse; after all this was the guy who killed his best friends and probably him too! And yet, for some reason, he found himself complying and opening his mouth for the blond male.

Why…am I doing this? Corey asked himself as he made out with the demon. The evil hell spawn easily dominated his tongue with his own and explored every nook and granny of his mouth. Corey just sat there against the tree; his face flushed and unable to control the moans he was making. I…hate this guy. He killed Dexter…killed Rhys…he…god this is amazing. The pain in his gut seemed to vanish all together as the demon kissed him. His mouth was so warm and his tongue so skilled; this definitely wasn’t the first time he had done this. Corey hated himself for liking it, but he needed it. It was pure happiness to make him forget about his dire situation. However, like all good things, even one’s final joy must come to an end. Malum finally broke the kiss and with his mouth just an inch from the human’s he uttered a word: Reductio.

At first Corey just stared blankly at Malum with lust filled eyes; hoping the demon with an angelic face would kiss him again before the pain returned. But that didn’t happen; the pain did return and it returned in spades. Very slowly the teen, like his friends before him, started shrinking. Corey was only able to figure out the source of his agony before his entire world became a living Hell.

The skewer. The skewer inserted deep into his stomach. It wasn’t shrinking.


Malum sat next to the blazing campfire; a warm skewer between his lips. His trench coat was off and folded neatly nearby; leaving his torso covered only by his black muscle shirt. Malum noisily sucked on the skewer before slowly sliding it out of his mouth; the stainless steel polished clean by his saliva soaked tongue. The young demonboy gulped down his last chunk of meat for the night and tossed the skewer into the flames. Now satisfied, Malum laid down next to the campfire and let a quick belch echo throughout the forest. One of his hands lifted up his shirt a bit and rubbed his gurgling abdominals.

“Sure is a nice night.” said Malum as his blood red eyes gazed at the countless stars above.

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