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What is Love?
What is love? We all heard of love, seen it, felt it, or even smelled it. Though, do we really know what it is? Doing something that we don't understand, even myself, I was one of those fools. At this age, I shouldn't be knowing this, understanding this feeling, it makes me so different. We'll all different, and sometimes we're proud of it, but other times we're ashamed of who we are. I'm afraid to say i'm one of those people, and it weakens me, knowing i'm like this. Love... we have so many words for it, so much to describe the feeling. At my age, this isn't love, being with someone you have a crush on. That's not love, we believe it is, but it's not. The way we feel about them, it's not love. It's only feelings, the way you feel for them. The way you want them to feel about you, only a foolish crush. When love really comes, is when you been through the journey. Going through so many broken hearts, suffering the pain, and then falling in love again. Until, you truly found the one you really love. The one who won't leave you, the one who would die for you. Now, that's love. Why do I know this? I ask myself that everyday, but somehow it's a beautiful thing. That feeling, the fluttery feeling we get. It's a great thing. Love is life. Let's get through this together. :) cuz love is waiting on the other side. *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*
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