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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Horror/Scary · #1874439
They are always watching, waiting. Nightmares stem from these creatures of the night.

         They are always watching, waiting. Shadows in the distance,they are never seen coming. Nightmares stem from these creatures of the night. They are the reason all rational people fear the dark.

         Souls darker than a moonless night, minds more twisted than that of a serial killer. Feasting upon the fear and flesh of their victims. Shrieks of pain are their choice of song. Malicious black eyes will be your last sight.

         They appear out of nowhere.The glint of silver claws just before your skin is torn away. Your still beating heart ripped out of your chest, the last sensation ever felt. The soul is the last to go. Stolen from the body, then forced to wander aimlessly for eternity.

         The worst part is, they are impossible to avoid.

Chapter 1

         Raven hair shines in the moonlight, a white dress waving in the wind. Black eyes stare unblinkingly into the distance. A soft tune comes from red lips. She is watching, waiting.

         Perched upon a boulder, the young girl prepares to stalk her prey. Skeletal hands clutch a silver knife to her chest.

         A man walks home from work on this cold winter night. Suddenly aware of the darkness on the lampless street, he quickens his pace. The clock strikes midnight, its tolling bells echo through the darkness. He shivers and draws his coat closer to his body.

         On a hill close by, the man spots a figure on a boulder staring intently at a pale haired boy across the street. He wonders about this but fear makes him keep walking.

         The next days news shows a picture of a pale haired boy body, torn to shreds on a lampless street. A silver knife through his head. On an unrelated note, the reporters tell of a man who went missing on his way home from work. His jacket found just outside his home.


         A black eyed girl lies on an old, threadbare couch staring into the flames. Her bloodstained white dress drawn around her anorexic body. She is content after her large meal. This girl is one of them. Her real name has been forgotten over the centuries, Rose is what she goes by.

         Another creature walks in, her brother. He sits beside her. Neither say a word. After a few silent minutes, Rose leaves. The boy is left alone, staring into the flames.


         The creatures welcome two new to their ranks. A man without a coat and a pale haired boy. Both created by Rose. “Soon” a deep voice said “We will have enough to begin.”

chapter 2

The strange deaths and disappearances put the town into panic. The lakefront village had never seen anything like it. All over, citizens, Mostly males, had been found dead or just plain missing. Some believed it to be the work of a new gang, others insisted it was an old curse, finally put into play. No matter what they claimed, everyone was terrified.

          Many left to stay with friends or family members in other states. The ones who remained always stayed in large groups, kept their doors locked, and never went out after dark. Their lives became consumed in fear.


         Gathered in a dark room, candle light creating dancing shadows on their faces, they spoke. They spoke of the towns suspicions, how everyone was wrought with fear. Something must be done, humans could not become aware of their existence. Arguing loudly, each tried to state their opinions. Someone cleared his throat. Instantly all eyes turned to him, each black orb staring intently at the man. The leader of them.

         His deep voice filled the room, sending shivers down their spines. “For now we wait. No deaths or disappearances should occur until further notice.”



         Unbeknownst to the council, just outside the door, Rose and Ebony were watching, waiting. Spying on the council in want of knowing what was going on. Deep in the shadows they lurked, just beyond the large wooden door. As the man finished his speech, they glided away, feet floating above ground.


          The towns fear angered Hale. Due to the current horrors, his parents became excruciatingly strict. Get driven straight to school, then straight home, no leaving the house, always remain in large groups and so on. He never got to see his friends, and spent his days in boredom. Finally he decided to do something about it.

He filled a backpack with survival gear then waited for his parents to fall asleep. When he heard snores, Hale jumped out the window then sprinted towards the shadowy woods.


         A deers head shot up, hearing hushed whispers. Alarmed, it darted away. Ebony and Rose did not even look up at this unexpected movement. Sticking to the darkness, they walked through the woods, speaking in hushed voices that barely made a sound. Black eyes glinted slightly, reflecting the moonlight. Suddenly they heard a branch snap beneath a strangers foot. Claws unsheathed they turned to the sound.


         Hale was about to give up on his search, there was nothing among the trees. Just then he heard whisper rise up among the plants, creatures. Positive that these were what he was looking for, no human could have such chilling voices, he ducked behind a bush. Watching, Waiting.

         Just then they came into sight. The most beautiful yet terrifying beings he had ever seen. Their black eyes glittered with malice. A boy and a girl, twins Hale assumed due to their similar looks. They stopped, the boy turned toward Hales hiding spot, claws unsheathed. Hale turned and ran, aware that the two were just inches behind him, giving chase.


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