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Small Stone: >90 degrees and a Beagle pants
His tongue hangs long,
pink, glistening.
Now, no wonder:
he wears a coat
of fur, in July!

My explanation of the source for this "small stone" poem.

We are sitting in a heat-wave in Chicago. My beagle, Toby, defies belief with the length of his tongue on this very hot day!

Evaluation of this piece.
This piece is unrhymed. The lines have 4 syllables each. alliteration is used in line 1 his, hangs, line 3 now, no. Assonance is used in line one tongue, long. Line two pink, glistening Line three now, no, wonder.

Though the poem is not going to evoke much philosophical debate, or wonder, it is descriptive of the blanketing heat and the effects on a dog.
Is it interesting? mildly. if you like to observe hot, sticky animals on a hot, sticky day. Ugh!
It is really just an observation of life. A snapshot.
I believe the punctuation is used effectively.
I think the word "glistening" is an interesting word to describe the moist tongue.

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