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by nate
Rated: 13+ · Monologue · Relationship · #1874567
someone once said: if your age is on the clock, you dont need to be out finding love yet
As I sit here thinking, I find myself staring out the window at the trees and I thought...

Relationships are like trees. With the right nutrients and the right time they will sprout and get started in life :]

There are the ones, just sprouted, that are cut down right away, not meant to be in this world. Either consumed, burned, or crushed.

There are the ones trying to grow but can't get what they need to stay alive.

There are the ones that should be dead, but keep clinging on because they want to survive.

Some are full grown and doing just fine, yet have a few dead branches. Void of life yet still holding on to the tree. Not wanting to
be replaced by a new branch as soon as it lets go.

Once a tree is planted, that is us being born into our first relationship. We look to others to see what we need to do to keep going. We start to branch out, connect with other trees and trade advice.

But theres always one tree somewhere, planted alone, that can't branch out to other trees. Forced to grow on its own.

The only difference between relationships and trees that I see... Trees, don't try to steal each other's branches. In relationships, there is always a 3rd party person trying to take a branch from the relationship just so they can watch the tree fall and use the remnants to start their own tree.

Even our relationship with God has that 3rd party. The Devil. Always lurking, waiting for an opening, waiting to drag you down! Only he isn't trying to start his own tree. He is trying to tear souls from the presence of God so that once we die, he'll have that much more company, in that lonely, agonizing, pit of fire he calls home.

Its not hard to tell when a relationship is going bad. No, some trees are just too stubborn and proud to even acknowledge they're going to fall.

So if your tree is getting its nutrients, don't push them away just because you think you found something better.
If you have some dead branches, break them off. Let new limbs grow in their place.
If your tree is dying, let it. You can always grow another. Maybe even with the same seed you started with last time if you care that much.

There are alot of trees in this world. Supplying this world with the most important thing we need to survive... Love *Heart*
Oxygen is the love we get from mother nature.

Too many trees are being contaminated and producing bad air (love) and wont survive long.

A healthy tree, just like any relationship, should be tall and evergrowing, rooted firmly in the ground, letting nothing but time cut it down, covered in strong branches, protected from harm by an umbrella of leaves and thick bark (leaves being faithfulness and the bark being trust)

The best version of a dead tree still standing i can think of, is the dark tree that Hexus comes out of in the movie Ferngully. (google it if you don't know it)

Don't let your relationship end up like that tree...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1874567-relationships-and-trees