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I love you but I cannot stay
Baby I see you staring at the wall.

Baby I hear crying as if you were no one at all.

Baby Do you not know that I have always loved you but it will not work out.

I wanted you from the start but you are not for me.

He cries "Don't leave me here!"

He says "Stay and protect me my dear!"

But he does not know that he cries out for the love of a killer.

I promised you that you would be safe if you were in my heart.

I did not lie to you.

You knew you were safe.

I would never hold you apart.

But you went too far because you knew you were dying.

From the day you were born you were mine.

He cries "Don't leave me here!"

He says "Stay and prtect me my dear!"

He cries out for the love of another.

But he doesn't know he cries out for the love of me.

I cry out Why did you leave me here!?

I said aloud Protect me from everything you have already done, so it can be clear.

You cried out for the love of all those people.

You cried out for me.

You cried out for all those people.

The killers we cannot see.

The killers of you and I mentally.

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