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This is a story I am working on about one of my fursonas that I roleplaying with.
Gosa is an anthropomorphic stegosaurus with yellow eyes, battle scars all over his body from many years of violent bloodshed between rival factions in the nation of Feila.

Gosa had been travelling though a part of Feila with a wolf who had washed up on a beach when they got attacked by a fire bolt. Gosa took the fire bolt to the back to protect his friend which caused him to lose consciousness. His friend went after the attacker and when the dust settled the stegosaurus was no where to be seen which baffled all the bystanders.

The inn in which the attack occurred was deemed to be a magical hot spot and it was turned into a witches and wizards training ground. Though every so often someone would go missing with no explanation be it through magic or science.

Gosa was awakening but he felt as though he was sedated. The last thing he could remember was the scorching burn of the fire attack that he took to his back to protect his wolf friend. His back felt fine now but he felt as though he was being watched and that he was restrained. He carefully sneaked a peak and then closed his eyes with haste. In his sneak peak he had seen many things which disturbed him the bright whiteness of the room he was in, the crystalline shackles that bound him to the table he was lying on or the hairless ape-like mammals that were also in the room with him staring at him with such a confused look on their face.

Gosa screamed out and then everything went blank.........

The year was 4573 the planet was Earth the location was a earth military and space travel research and development base on the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean sea the base covered the entire island which had been evacuated decades earlier when there had been an incident which killed everyone within a ten mile radius of the centre of the island.

The scientists had discovered that if you fire large quantities of fire in a confined bolt and were able to maintain the structural integrity of that bolt forever at the same time fire a bolt of chaos energy
(the scientific name for magic) at the bolt of fire in a room where the walls ate made of wood and iron then you could create a temporary bridge between two places in the universe allowing for instantaneous travel between two points. However there was at this moment no way to specify where you wanted to go or which way the travel would be.

The incident which caused the deaths of so many was a the first successful bridge recorded, however it was not initiated by anyone on Earth. A creature came through from the bridge which resembled a dragon but without its wings, the creature designated Alpha Fire One was reportedly observed to be confused and almost seemed to be sentient. The creature looked at all the Humans who came out into the street to see the monster first hand and it roared at them with such a force that all the windows and some buildings disintegrated the shockwave killed anyone within 600feet of the creature and sent everyone else running for their lives. The creature then set about attacking the civilian population on the island.

The creatures appearance had been spotted by a government military satellite which broadcasted the images straight to the military command bunker(MCB) under the Alps in Europe. The second that the call came in that Majorca was under attack the MCB started to analyse the situation and came up with a plan to stop the creature, they sent a squadron consisting of 10 advanced interstellar defence fighters, AID for short, to destroy the target. The fighters reached their target in under two minutes and immediately fired an array of different missile types directed at the creature from all side in an attempt to minimise collateral damage. The missiles where ineffective so much as they did not kill the creature just knock it down, but it got up again and breathed fire at the which melted 3 of the fighters instantly so a backup plan was initiated. The AID fighters fired upon each other a rope of sorts which connected the together, they then all fired simultaneously a clear sheet which was rapidly lowered over the creature with the fighters on the ground to keep the sheet down the the air inside the sheet was sucked out at speed creating a vacuum under the sheet. The creature was seen clutching at its throat trying to breathe but it collapsed. The vacuum was kept in place for 2 hours as it took that long for all neural and biological activity to cease.
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