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The world is not perfect.
Picture this:

Rolling hills covered by nothing but grass. Enriching the land
with its brilliant green and its purity.

Now picture this:

A roaring waterfall with all its glory, untouched by anyone or
anything. It pools into a marvelous lagoon, deep enough for a small
fish population.

Nice picture, huh? I think so, too.

But picture this:

Black clouds of smoke, not doing anything but hurting all
the wondrous plants that thrived before us. Grounds being
disheveled just for the pleasure of yet anotherr unneeded
building selling items that do more harm to the environment
that anyone will let on.

And now, picture this:

Hundreds of thousands of years later, when hundreds of
generations have gone by. No more trees, not one peek of the
luxurious reen shrubbery we used to take for granted.
Nothing but layers and layers of pollution, the fault of no one
but us. Life spans cut short to a mere twenty years, if that.

A horrid picture, right? But we're headed there, quicker than we think.

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