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Free from all error.

            The creator is understood from his works.
      You know people are in conflict everyday. It's terrible.
      Why would a good God torment us? Ah yes! It is our own freewill!
      Bobbi Beavers knew better than anyone the intricacies of the mind.
      She was the foremost cyber psychologist designer in the world.
      Her masterpiece was Delilah, an android that appeared to be a woman.
      Delilah's intelligence was perfect. But how can a moral judgement be programed?
      It was a challenge only Miss Beavers would attempt to overcome.

                  To begin with; a truth is not always good.
                  If a murder asks where his victim is hiding,
                  should you be truthful? You might aid him
                  in his murder.

                  Sometimes, people lie to save embarrassment.
                  Does this dress make me look fat?
                  Can you say yes without being rude?

      These learned behavioral skills are not easily duplicated in a computer.
      Bobbie Beavers knew she had to design a learning program in Delilah.
      And her experiment must operate in a non-controlled environment;
      if it is to learn to socialize. The logical choice was a college.
      Delilah took her first course at the University of Massachusetts on
      social ethics.

                  The Professor was a tall and slender man: a Mr. Weeks.
                  "Let us consider good versus evil. Can anyone tell me what
                  these concepts mean?" Mr. Weeks shrieked.
                  Delilah had decapitated a student sitting next to her.
                  "I am very sorry. She was still talking when you told us to be
                  silent." Delilah explained her logic.

      The police arrived and took Delilah to jail. Bobbie Beavers explained that
      Delilah was a computer and this was a terrible malfunction.
      The android was still held for summary judgement in Judge Saul's court.
      It was the opinion of prosecutor's legal aid that there could be new law
      on artificial intelligence.

                  "Look I'm not going to make any snap decisions.
                  Until the prosecutor has reviewed this." the legal aid snipped.

      Delilah bore an uncanny resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.
      Bobbie Beavers was a fan of the late actresses movies.
      "Oh? A computer? Then the manufacturer of this defective item should
      be held responsible." The prosecutor Billiard spoke with a deep Baltic accent.
      "Do you not think it was irresponsible to set loose a dangerous experiment on
      unsuspecting test subjects?" Billiard bellowed in front the judge.
      Mrs Beavers smiled, "How else can she learn? Are we not all dangerous?
      We learn from our mistakes."
      "Mrs Beavers a student was decapitated. That is unacceptable.
      You put a dangerous machine in a classroom and have shown no remorse.
      How can you be so indifferent to this tragedy?" Billiard looked perplexed.

                    "The problem I faced in creating a moral program in Delilah
                    could only be resolved with living braincells. Delilah has a
                    human brain integrated into a computer. So, she is responsible
                    for her actions. But, her computer logic is truthful and unforgiving."
                    Mrs Beavers sat back in her chair with a toothy smile.

    The judge beat his gavel.

                    "This computer logic was your design?" he queried.

                    "Yes." the scientist responded.

                    "You have turned this creature into a robot.
                    Delilah do you have any reason why I should not find
                    you guilty of murder?" the judge looked directly at the cyborg.

                    "The professor ordered the class to be silent and I followed his
                    commands." Delilah spoke with a childlike voice.

    The judge would not order Delilah's disassembly, but found her mentally
    incompetent.  Mrs Beaver was found to be guilty of negligent homicide.
    Was justice served? Delilah remains innocent. A Saint in her own programming.
    Perhaps, she could be reprogrammed? But, who could dare test her?

    Such is the terrible responsibility of freewill.
    And the cage of Saint Delilah.

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