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Can't we all just get along ?

        NETWORK is a very accurate movie.
        I'm watching it on the Blaze/Glen Beck preaching about
        a bullying of a 68 year old bus monitor.
        Glen did you not say to your guest Penn Jillette you
        wanted to abolish public schools?
        Well, this is another example of public schools gone bad.
        Who would allow a 68 year old woman to be a monitor on a bus
        or anywhere in a high school?
        In my high school they had police monitoring the hallways.
        But, are we to believe that Glen Beck cares about medicare and
        social security for the elderly when he wants to abolish welfare?

        Please cut us a break Mr. Beck.
        Caring for the elderly is a liberal philosophy not conservative.
        "They should plan for their own future." Mitt Romney.
        How do you plan for a retirement when there are no pensions?
        Isn't that the big victory in the Wisconsin public schools?
        Every teacher is now responsible for their own pension, i.e.,
        a lottery ticket.
        Divide and conquer was the Roman motto along with crush the proud
        and lead the weak.
        How do poor people get benefits?

        Geeze! By the wiggling meadow plains!
        Those were the days!
        Glen wants us to send money to a poor old lady
        and cut off any state founded assistance,
        because big government is bad. That's banjo talk.
        My dad taught English grammar in a high school and he made
        more money as a part time mailman.
        The U.S. Post Office is a government bureaucracy too.
        Let's privatize everything including healthcare for the elderly
        and see how compassionate that is.
        What is a government for? Is it just a war machine or a tourist

        Glen your a meat head!
        But, I love yah! Yah big dope.

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