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Porn isn't what it used to be.

                  Jennifer Aniston was a successful sic com actress.
        But, she could not be a sexy pin up. No matter how many sexy
        movies she did. Her arch nemesis Betty Boop had millions of fans
        drooling over her sexy body of work. Jenn was loved by soccer moms
        and guys who liked to wear pink sweaters. She was adamant.

                  "God damn! I want to be a porn star!" the pregnant middle aged
        comedian shouted to her producer .. over her jacuzzi intercom.
        "Hun your almost fifty and pregnant. Just be happy with millions in
        residuals from your hit show YUPPIES. "Listen to me! I want men
        masturbating to my posters! Like Betty Boop! And she's a cartoon!"
        Jennifer rubbed her bulging belly and let the jets from her jacuzzi
        sooth her aching back.

                    Hershey contracted Pixsal to create a cartoon of Mrs. Aniston.
        The drawings exaggerated her breasts and buttocks. It was porn.
        Before the end of the year Jennifer's cartoon was passing Betty Boop in
        ratings and comic book sales. Jennifer raced out of the hospital after a
        quick c-section and made an appearance at the National Erotic Film Convention
        in San Francisco. Her fans were all teenage boys. She was less than thrilled.
        "Ah did any of you come here with your dad?"  flop sweat poured down
        her face. She needed heavy pain killers for her stapled c-section.
        Slowly, the dads appeared in their pink sweaters. They all said their wives
        loved her in YUPPIES. Jennifer threw up.

        Reflections: What is erotica to one person is a breakfast show to another.

        BOOM LOL!
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